View Full Version : 500 pts dwarf list for VC nudge

28-09-2007, 14:33

In not long I'm going to have a fight against my friends newly bought VC's. I was thinking of going with not much shooty to be able to handle things he might raise (although quite unlikley he wil be able to raise anything):evilgrin:).
So my list will be something like this: (don't have the book so writing from memories)

- great weapon

10 warriors
- shields

19 longbeards
- shields
- standard bearer
- veteran


All together 497 pts

28-09-2007, 18:40
Against a proberble heavy magic army like VC, id take a runesmith for the extra dispell dice, and proberly take some kind of shooty people, proberly instead of the cannon. Thats my opinion.

He Who Is Him
29-09-2007, 02:32
Don't listen to Dragonics at all, in a 500pt game, magic isn't a factor (especially if you play some race where they, oh i don't know, get an extra 2 dispell dice). I'd like to see someone field a 500pt army with a spellcaster getting spells off against 4 dispell dice (maybe a lone persona from one of the army books, maybe)