View Full Version : 500 Point Dwarf

28-09-2007, 18:47
Ive just started to get back into Warhammer after stopping for about 3-4 years, and am having a bash at dwarfs, so heres my army list (none is bought yet)

Great Weapon

12 Warriors
Great Weapons

12 Warriors

10 Quallerers

8 Slayers

500 Point Total

28-09-2007, 19:25
Hmmm.... I personally like my dwarfs to have static combat res so I'd dropped the slayers and give your warriors some extra bodies.
You could give both of your warrior units and extra three men (well dwarfs) as well as a musician and standard bearer.
Personally the seems odd to me at such low points but hey it's your army.

Lord Tzeentch
29-09-2007, 16:33
In a small game like 500pts don't worry about a Runesmith as you already have 4 dispell dice. I also agree with Frep drop the slayer unit and gat a few more warriors.

01-10-2007, 11:05
ty for both your replies, Im taking your advice and dropping the slayers for more warriors and cmd unit. Im going to keep the Runesmith for magical insurance, cant have to many dispell dice. And if im against a non magic army i can use a thane with 5 points of magic instead.