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29-09-2007, 00:45

Just Starting a Chaos force, and am wondering a few things:

Did the "Berserker Sword" get Nerfed anywhere? I looked at the errata and there was no mention, but it seems like a easy choice to make as part of my character's kit.

Can a Beast Character take it? I am uncertain how the magic items go back and forth between the books.

Thank You for all polite replies :)

29-09-2007, 00:50
Did not get nerfed.

I like to give it to a wizard on a chariot. If you get in combat against knights your wizard will have 5 At. Kinda nice.

29-09-2007, 00:58
yes a beast character can take it, beast characters can take any magic items from the HoC book (barring enchanted items) mortals can take any magic items from the BoC book, barring those items which specifically say 'beasts of chaos only' in the description

I give it to my exalted champion of slaanesh riding his boobworm, with an enchanted shield, he can batter almost any light/fast cavalry, and he will eat skirmishers for breakfast!

Holy Crap! Manticores!
29-09-2007, 21:43
Yes, bring it on a large base model. Doombull probably not a bad option if you can pull it off. A chancy option is to move your mounted characters to the side if you're expecting a flank charge. This will put you in b2b with 3-4 infantyr models, or 2-3 ogre-sized models... of course, you have to survive to use them, so pick your fights wisely.