View Full Version : 2500 Dark Elf Mobility Madness to beat Orcs

29-09-2007, 00:47
The list itself:

High Born
Repeater Crossbow, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak
Draich of Power
Heartstone of Darkness
443 pts

Great Weapon, Repeater Crossbow
The Cloak of Dark Souls
Armour of Darkness
134 pts

Sorceress (Dark Magic)
Level 2
Dark Steed
Wand of Kharaidon
182 pts

Sorceress (Lore of Death)
Level 2
Darkstar Cloak
Dispel Scroll
175 pts

5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbows
127 pts

5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbows
127 pts

5 Dark Riders
Repeater Crossbows
127 pts

10 Warriors
Repeater Crossbows
115 pts

7 Cold One Knights
Dread Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer
Standard of Slaugther
283 pts

9 Harpies
117 pts

10 Shades
Blood Shade
Light Armours
162 pts

7 Mengil Manhide's Manflayers
306 pts

2 Reapter Bolt Throwers
200 pts

2498 pts total

So... This is the first time ill try a dark elf army without infantry blocks...

The basic idear is to play on both flanks, 1 flank with the manflayers, dark riders and harpies, the other with shades + noble, lord on manticore, some more dark riders... 1 sorceress with a unit of dark riders, 1 with the warriors...
The cold ones form up a sole center, hoping to force him to deal with them, or let them charge though his ranks... Dark riders rider around and annoys while trying to flank or rear... So basicly, use scout with flyer for combined charge and pick my fights...
I have no idear what to expect, other than he will probably have a rock lobber and definatly some fast cavalry...

What do you think?

warlord hack'a
17-10-2007, 13:43
I think my O&G list would close ranks, protect their flanks and let you try to dent that formation. seriously, having only 10 deployment choices (including characters) in 2500 points will not give you the upper hand against O&G..

Holy Crap! Manticores!
17-10-2007, 16:13
Against all-Orc armies, you may run into the T4 problem, but there are a few things I like about this army.

The Lord is more or less perfect, although i think that the RxB and shield are wasted on him (seeing as how he has a 2-handed magic weapon)... Also, Armor of Darkness on Noble includes a shield so no uising GW...

The Sorcs are fine as are.

Mengil's FTW! Although i'd prefer you make this unit bigger.

The Shades are fine, but drop the LA and Bloodshade... their usefulness will be minima; compared to simply increasing the size of the unit.

The COK's are good, but I'd suggest the Banner of Murder as opposed to the Standard of Slaughter. Unless you rubber-lance on the charge, you should crush anyhing without "Knight" in its unit name, and even then the SoS won't help much. The Banner will give you +d6" charge range, which may help you chase down a fleeing unit. Oh, and keep them near the highborn to use Ld 10.

A neat trick, if you can pull it off, is to use the Death spell Walking Death to make your COK's cause Terror. And remember those Fear and Terror tests when using the COK's and Mantilord. Greenies have poor Ld and Psych tests can be a real thorn in their sode. Also, make sure to read up on O&G army rules, especially if your oppomnet brings a lot of non-Orc stuff.

18-10-2007, 20:33
A bit late for the replies but thanks anyways... I got beaten, made some mistakes and T4 is just too much fro that lousy S 3... didn't kill anything with my shooting... a couple of rank and file orcs...
Nothing prevents me for taking a GW and a sheild... I am not sure if I can keep the 2+ save in CC and use the GW thou... never came up, as no one tried to hit him...
The shield on the lord helps versus shooting/magic, and I would like to protect him, large target and pretty easy to spot on that manticore...
Mengril's did fine... Terrain didn't allow optimal use for 2 units of scouts thou... So the Shades with Noble was deployed in my zone, and di minimal damage...
The 10 warriors was a waste, more rider and the other sorc on steed would have did wonders...
The Lords X-bow did kill 2 orcs so it cashed itself in ;)...
Definatly an intressting army to play, but to many head pains...

18-10-2007, 21:35
just curious what were you facing? O&G have so many variants..

Col. Dash
19-10-2007, 02:18
I play an almost all cav DE army and tend to do well with it. Never tried against orks though and can see how it would be rough. I bring a full unit of menghils and no warriors at all. One thing I do differently is the spell schools. I use two sorceresses equipped I think identically to yours, but I use lore of shadow instead and pray I dont get a one. This puts them in much more of a supporting role and acts as a combat multiplier. I think if he did turtle up I would concentrate on the commanders unit. If he moved forward concentrate on getting multiflank charges. It sucks you lost but it is a sound list.

19-10-2007, 10:58
He had a Wyvren, 2 unit Black Orcs, 1 noraml boyz, 1 big uns, 3 units of wolf riders and some other crap... his waargh was mean, and the warriors was killed in turn 2... the lord had a hard time, since I couldn't get a decent charge on the black orks before manflayers arrived... He had the Spirit Totem and a caster with the staff of sneaky stealing... so his magic defense was hard, but shooting the unit with the spiriti totem a little down and killing the shaman helped :D...