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the brewer
29-09-2007, 02:32
so i'm soon getting to boxes of night runners, and a blister, soo i was thinking about this

eshin sorcerer, level two

2X 10 night runners with extra handweapon
10 night runners with throwing stars

5 gutter runners with poisoned hand weapons
5 gutter runners with poisoned throwing stars

that leaves me with 50 points which i don't know what to do with.
what do you think?

29-09-2007, 04:56
How will you win combat? I would say you need some clanrats or storm verming or plaugemonks or anything with ranks... your troops aren't elite enough to deal with other people ranks bonus, and you can't cancle out rank bonus with skrimishers...
Add 1 unit of rank and filers, and use your skrimishers as support for that unit...

29-09-2007, 16:57
Hvidponi: Clan Eshin is always a difficult list to play, but if played more in a stick-and-move fashion he still has a chance to win because his entire list is skirmishers. If he adds the rank and file troops he'll lose the 'under cover of darkness" bonus which makes shooting clan eshin a pain.

the brewer: Personally, I'd try to add an assassin with bands of power, warpstone throwing stars or some other nifty item and use the sorceror to skitterleap off to the side of a larger unit and pepper them with stars, when they turn to face him, have him move to stay off to their side or rear so they can't charge him. Also, I'd replace the throwing stars on your night runners with slings, once you're in range with throwing stars you've set yourself up to take a charge the next turn, which isn't good with toughness 3, no armor and leadership 6. Plus, the multiple shots at 9" can add firepower to your shooting phase. In addition, field your night runners in groups of 5-6, that way if one panics you only lose fewer guys instead, and it's also better for you to have more units when you play a skirmisher list as it makes it easier for you to get multiple charges. For the gutter runners, I'd go with poisoned extra hand weapons and make one or both of them tunneler units. Use these to take on warmachines and once the warmachine crews are gone, you'll have troops in front and behind your opponent's troops.
This will leave him open to multiple charges. That's how you're going to have to win in combat. By hitting one unit with two or more of your own and with movement 6 skirmishers, you'll have the maneoveurability to do so. All those changes should put you closer to 750.. but you'll have a much more effective skirmisher force. Mind you, it will still be hard to win, but IMO Clan Eshin has always been more about annoying your opponent because if you're playing the list right, you're NEVER fighting them unless you WANT to fight them.

the brewer
06-10-2007, 02:26
well the thing is i don't have that much money so i was thinking of a small army that i could buy fast. so what would you recomend for a smaller army?
i think an assassin and gutter runners might be to much on 500 points so i don't know what to get.

the brewer
06-10-2007, 19:38
how about new list with four assassins

eshin sorcerer
assassin with bands of power
3 groups of 5 night runners one with throwing stars and another with extra hand weapons
eshin triad

07-10-2007, 12:48
Thats nasty mr. brewer.
Eshin is a very elite list so multiple characters/triads are needed for punch.
You can also use jezzails whitout loosing cover of darkness, but they cost some so converting some might be a better way to go...

Dasqueek-Master Assassin
07-10-2007, 22:54
I have played eshin ever since the SoC, and I kind of like your list.
You have two paths you ould go down.
1) Tons of night runners and gutter runners, with stars and poison.
2) Minimal runners, sorcorer, assassin with weeping blades(the best choice for a general assassin, then warpstone stars, then BoP), and triad.

I actually perfer a mix. I go for a sorcorer(level one with a warpstone scroll, and one token) Assassin with weeping blades. and 3 squads of 9 nightrunners with stars and 2 hand weapons.
The runners are a tad expensive, but they can multi task, which is nice. Stars are there to get in behind the unit and cause a few casualties before you charge next turn.
always hit units with at least 2 units of Nr of 1 unit of NR and an assassin. The assassin will rack up some serious overkill, and the NR will get some kills just through sheer number of attacks.

never pick a fight you KNOW you cant win.
and remember, Your skaven, your a coward and you never have to fight even:evilgrin:

the brewer
09-10-2007, 03:37
i played against my brother's orcs, and it was sweet.!!!
his list was two units of ten black orcs, one with black boss and magic banner, and a unit of normal orcs.
my sorcerer was able to teleport my assassin in the first turn, and it started fighting the orcs. on the next turns my triad and the units of runners with out stars charged the simple unit of orcs and eventually beat them. the other unit of black orcs tryed to charge and i fled in reaction, i fled of the table(the sorcerer and unit of runners w/stars.) triad helped destroy orc unit and lastly i charged the last unit of black orcs with the four assassins and some left over runners. the only survivors were the assassins and one had suffered a wound. :)

\it was like butter and my brother got so mad:)