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Comrade JC
02-09-2005, 05:36
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I knelt before one Lord Chatignow, well Lord some French name that begins with "Ch." Yes, I am a knight. But my knighthood was bestowed on the field of battle, my knees sinking into a bloody mire of grass and guts. I knew the blade and the battle, not the nuances of the nobility that I was now a part of. The Lord rattled on:

"Sir Joao, the situation in the Holy Lands is not as the Pope, or as I would have it. The Muslim forces grow strong, the common people turn against us."

My by-the-book banal reply: "That is unfortunated my Lord."

"Yes, yes. I know you came to heed the word of the Pope and do your duty to God. But retaking Jerusalem is not to be your task, at least not yet. For now there is a peasant uprising in the north of this blasted wasteland. You are to crush it, kill as much as you have to, peasants cost nothing.

"You will have a command, your own followers plus the Welshman Callahan's longbowmen, Richter's Ruffians, a more professional eastern force under the command of one Ruben, an Englishman. Oh yes, the peasants have also gained control of one or two small walled towns and an Irish siege specialist by the name of Steven de Burka will also accompany your force. The towns under the peasant's control our called...um well it doesn't matter just cal them Poulay and Aron, Arabic is a doomed language anyway. Good luck Joao, and may God go with you."

I had little choice but to utter "Thank you my Lord, I shall not fail," and leave. Great, I had been given a force with a large number of peasants in it. Peasants often fight better thnan puffed up nobles, but not against those they sympathize with, like other peasants. In addition, I had to deal with artillery. They wouldn't be in position for God knows how long.

Even as I left the tapestry draped chamber, one more thorn was added by my Lord, "Oh yes, none of the men in your command speak Latin as we do or Portuguese. You will have to communicate in English." Just great, I got to trade the language of nobility which had been rammed down my throat for one I had not spoken in a long time a was a wonder that I had ever learned.

I opened a great, European styled wood door and stepped God knows how many miles, intaantly transported from a mock up Paris to the dust bowl of the Middle East. Vasco was waiting, and sweating. I told him to find the commanders the Frenchmen mentioned and get them ready to move out at dawn. I had my own men to see to.

As Vasco started trudging towards the stables I had one last order, relishing the taste of the Portuguese tongue, "Oh yes, and get that bloody Irishman moving, we'll need him before the onset of winter." I looked of at the horizon, into the sinking spring sun.

02-09-2005, 20:26
Ruben stood atop a sand dune. The burning sun stung the back of his neck and heated his armour. His deep blue eyes reflected a plain of baking death liitered with the corpses of man and beast alike. behindd him crouched fifteen eastern comandoes, all highly trained warriors attuned to this deadly terrain. The 16 men embarked across the hellish terrain.

The circular tents burned and their occupants ran from them screaming as arrows littered their corpses. Ruben ran into the cenetr and engaged one of he muslim soldiers. The man weilded a large sabre, he bought it upon Rubens head. Ruben brung his blade up, he saved the blow but its force knocked him to one knee. The man stricked again, the man was strong but had no skill, Ruben parred the blow and went for a kill. The man kicked him in the chest knocking him back, agian Ruben parried his blow and delivered a punch to the mans nose. he fell back and ruben swung, he tryed to dodge but his sword hand was chopped off.

The man howled and dived at ruben, grabbing his neck and biting his ear. Ruben yelped before shoving the man off and dilevering his sword into the chest. Ruben pulled it out, splattering his face in blood. He ran to a Muslim soldier atempting to pull his burning comrade from a tent. he slashed across the mans back who promptly fell into the blazing inferno. Ruben looked around, they had anhalated the enemies who were close to his secret camp, they had won.


3 months later.

ruben dismounted from his desert horse, a beatifull sand-skinned beast, A mix of two local breeds. He was ordered to meet his new commander- a christian knight, this would be intresting.

05-09-2005, 22:07
"Ah. A bold move, my friend," Harold commented in Arabic to the elderly man as the rook was pushed forward by Muslim's weathered hands. Age had taken hold and there was a slight shake to his motion butHarold knew the old man's senses were still sharp. Su'ad simply smiled in reply and took a sip of his coffee. He looked off into the distance as Harold contemplated the chess board. Camped just over the hills was the Norman's small army. Small but hungry. Money was not an issue at this time as there was plenty of business to be had in the region. Gaining the tust of the locals who were constantly terrorised by Muslim and Christian alike was a bit of a task and there was only so much that could be purchased. "Have you considered my counter offer?," inquired the Su'ad.

Harold stopped a moment in thought, a pawn in his hand. "Yes. A generous offer but we only have need of supplies, so I am certain we can come to an agreement we both would be pleased with. I assure you the bandits will be an easy task." Harold placed the pawn back where he had picked it up. "My apologies, I think I something requires my attention," he said spying a Flemish sergeant rushing up to speak with Davide. With a nod from Su'ad, Harold stood and strode towards his companions.

The weather was quite warm but the light breeze kept things comfortable in the mid day heat. "What news?" Harold asked, coming to a stop by his fellow mercenaries standing by the well. "Reports of northward movement, Sir," came the Flemish sergeant's reply as he shooed an inquisitive goat away with a foot.

Davide nodded. "Siege engines, perhaps five or six hundred men. There are reports of other forces as well. We suspect the "good bishop" has given orders to deal with the unrest there."

"We have a day and a half. Perhaps two days considering the siege machines if we are to catch up. It will also take time to prepare them," came the voice of Farid. He walked up to the well and began drawing water from it.

"Well then. What say you all, we move northward and hold in the valley at Kaffa. We will leave sixty men here to deal with the bandits, and send a group to speak with the gathering force in the north."

Davide nodded thoughtfully. "That will give us less than half a day's march if they hire."

"I will oversee the sixty men here and rejoin you as soon as I am finished," Farid chimed in.

"Done. I will inform Su'ad of the situation myself. Farid, start selecting the men you wish to take with you. Davide, make preparations for the supplies. Gillis, spread the word to begin packing."

Two days later...

The area past Kaffa had opened up into rockier terrain but foliage was still common and widespread enough to not qualify it as a complete wasteland. The Byzantine scouts reported spotting forces camped out around the bend past the rocky outcropping not too far ahead. Harold and his escorts approached slowly on horseback and came to a halt outside the camp, out of arrowshot range, and waited.


06-09-2005, 21:09
Callahan got off his horse and looked out seeing a massive army comeing this way. It looked like some of the English folk had once again come back they where to large do the the common raiding that Callahan and his small asorrtment of raiders to be able to handle but it would be a good idea to wacth them for a few days. And if they wacth him fine if they had to figth they would realize the mistake they had made

Heinrich Jäger
07-09-2005, 02:40
"Hold that line... Steady! Steady! Alright, Pull!" Burka yelled, and they all pulled at once, the Throwing arm raised into the air, being held by a crain. "Ok now team 2 pull!"

The Crain turned and swung the throwing arm to just in between the A-frame, "Slide the baring in." Burka commanded, the baring slid inbetween the A-frames , through a hole in the throwing arm, "Good, were done!"

"Sir!" A page yelled running up the dirt road. " We have got orders!"

"Give me those papers!" De Burka ordered, and was handed papers from the Page. What is this he thought to himself, we are heading out to the middle east!