View Full Version : 500pts of Beard for Campaign

Lord Tzeentch
29-09-2007, 17:07
Hello I'v just started Dwarfs and my Warhammer club is having a small campaign next week so I'v decided to give my beardy friends a go.

This is my list

Thane = 65pts
shield = 2pts
Great Weapon = 4pts
Rune of stone = 5pts

19 Warriors with shields and Full command = 196pts

10 Thunderers = 140pts

Bolt Thrower = 45pts
Rune of Renetrating = 25pts
Engineer = 15pts

Total = 497pts

This is my first Dwarf army so any help would be more than welcome.

29-09-2007, 20:12
Nice,though in no way optimized or overly effective.

You really should at lest free some points for a rune of challenge. If list is good or not reaaly depends on the atomsphere in which you play, is it competetive or friendly. In effective 500p army consists of 2 thunderer/quarreler regiments, 1 BT with engineer/RoUnbreakable with a master engineer w RoChallenge, but that is quite boring..

Lord Tzeentch
30-09-2007, 02:33
I think Rune of Challenge is alittle costly for 500pts. Everyone at my club is very friendly so it's just for fun and a good fight.

30-09-2007, 19:18
To nesure that your BT doesnt get charged, or that in fat your proud dwarves get to bring down their vengeful hammers xxpts is a bargain!! (Can I post points values here?). Id still definitly drop 2 warriors to afford it..

Lord Tzeentch
30-09-2007, 19:52
yep you can post points. Hmmm you make a good arguement but still seem alot of points for such a small game.