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29-09-2007, 16:54

Just wandering, is the Dark Angels Command Squad box set still available? The link on the online store for DA has the generic SM Command Squad set. But, if you go to the DA section of the UK main site, go to the Miniture Gallery, it has the DA Command Squad there, and a link to the online store. However, when you get to the online store, no picture appears...?

Anyone know if they're been discontinued?


29-09-2007, 17:10
Yeah I had the same question a few weeks ago, and after a quick investigation I found that the Dark Angels command squad box set was a splash release, only available during the army release. If you want it now youve got to buy the generic command squad box and then mail order the Dark angels veteran sprues seperately.


29-09-2007, 17:30
Which is really unfortunate given the neat little bitz that you could garnish the rest of your army with.

29-09-2007, 17:57
I don't mind the idea of the splash release but I whish they would remove the links to any models they have discontinued.

29-09-2007, 17:58
Try Ebay and see if there is still some available and also the Battle Force has it in

29-09-2007, 18:06
It was simply the Space Marine Command Sprue packaged with the veterans box. Really, that was it. But it's only 2 more expensive to mail order them separately, so it's all good. :)



Hope that helps!