View Full Version : Pittsburgh Area Gaming Store *10% off*

Cadian 122nd
29-09-2007, 23:00
Any of you fellow warseers who are looking for a sweet deal on ANY GW/FW products then look no further. "Legions Hobbies and Games" offers 10% off all GW merchandise EVERY DAY. Ive been an irregular gamer there for about a year or so, and have consigned myself to purchasing all future products there. About 25 Min north of downtown Pittsburgh.


-Just a helpful hint for every one, I dont work there or anything but I just had to reveal this deal to any other fellow Pittsburgers who are straped for cash and addicted to plastic like me.

29-09-2007, 23:56
Just an FYI for valley people in Cali, a store in Modesto called Kriers games and comic's, across the street from cosco, has about 15-17% discounts all day on 40k/fantasy.

P.S. Maybe you should change the title and we could have this thread as a place for people to get great local deals! =P

30-09-2007, 04:17
Heh, since this seems a place to do it-


15% off ALL MAIL ORDER (ALL includes GW products, as well as any others they carry or can get you).