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30-09-2007, 11:48
Ok so I wanted to play HE but with the lack of new plastic special choices i will probably just wait this one out ...

So I'm Stuck with Chaos - and I want to brush up my list a bit - this is what i Usually field. ( My gaming area is composed of PG and very competative players so no cries of :cheese: please ;) )

Lord of Tzeensh -
Disk , Shild , Halebard , Eye of Tzeensh , Staff of Change

Exalted of Tzeensh
Gw , Warrior Familar

Bray Shaman -
2x Diss Scroll , Bray Staff ( 2 lvl )

6x Chosen Knights of Tzeensh

14x Warriors Of Tzeensh
Full command , shilds , banner of wrath

6x Mounted Marouders -
fliels , musican

6x Chaos Furies

3x Chaos Screemers

14 Chaos Horrors

Ok now my tactics used to be like that ...

I generate 10 PD from mages + 2 from units of Tzeensh - that gives me 12 dice to cast my magic missiles with.

I also have 1 bound item banner and one unit that does exactly the same

If my opponent must come to me because he isnt a shooty army i wait and set up a countercharge and drown him in the ungodly amount om magic missile spells - or i steadly advance doing the same - at least this is how it looks on paper ... but sadly it never worked out

So i Turn to you Tzeensh generals with PG tournament experience - what would you change in my army OR what army would you build if you ware to face :cheese: gods of neighberhood ??? ( the best army posted here gets a cookie ;) )

30-09-2007, 13:31
Well After some brainstorming i came up with such list

disk , halabard , Shild , Eye , Staff of Tzeensh

Throws Magic missiles and leads magical assault on my enemy army.

Exalted Champion of Tzeensh
disk , shild , great fang

Same as above but great fang gives him great tool to open up armored foes

Exalted Deamon
Blade of Ether , 2lvl

Same as above - has generic mark so he can get access to the lore of fire

5x Chosen of Tzeensh

Overall good unit and tend to attract missiles and that is much needed in this army.

2x Chariot of Tzeensh

Cheep and effective ageinst infantry

6x Mounted Maruders
flail , musican

Flees and buys time

6x Warhounds

Screen and sacrifice units

6x Furies

Hunt Warmachines and Shooters

4x Screamers

Same as above


Ok this is slight variation of flying circus. 1343 of pts flys and is hard to catch - rest is designed to get thair points back at least and help to support heroes in combat - nice combo is charging with either Exalted Deamon or Champion and a chariot - knights can do it too ...

Overall i plan to get the shooters first - then go for enemys most priced possesions like units of high cost or week characters. If i can eliminate shooting units i can rest assured that nothing will be a threat to my flying portion of army.

With 13 PD i can be sure that few opponents will be able to block this much magic missiles and MM are best aginst shooters of all kinds.

Mind that this army is supposed to be played sneeky and go after things thay want - it wont score any masaccers BUT I think its much better then last one AND it would win more times then it will lose...

What do you tink ???

01-10-2007, 11:08
Anyone ? pleeese ???

01-10-2007, 12:51
If you want to have a tournament army, you should really consider dropping the Exalted Daemon, there is no use in taking one over a third disc-mounted, or chariot mounted, or even knight-mounted Exalted if you want the list to go to tournaments. The only reason I could see here would be the Blade, but he is generally too vulnerable for tournament use if you ask me. Other than that, looks good enough I'd say

02-10-2007, 05:29
Playing a Tzeentch mortal army is something a little hazardous and complicated. Your strength is magic but you lack reliable magic missile D6 strength is sort of random and your character are overwhelmingly costly so oyu don't have a lot of mage and you need to use the most out of those.

The loT with the staff of change is very nice and I would use a spell familiar to be sure to have enough damage spell(red, green, indigo and blue fire). Also, I'd give him a gw. At strength 7, he can kill anything with a little help from orange fire;)(reroll to-hit, to-wound and saves).

You absolutly need another sorcerer but a deamon cost to much point so stick with the exalted champion. You can get more power dice by adding more unit with Tzeentch mark. Or to make your loT more terible with a Wargor of Tzeentch with the goretooth which replace one spell by Bear anger(+2 str, +1 tgh, +3 att:evilgrin:)

Chosen knight are nice too but cost a whooping 45 pts each + command, mark, magic banner it's a lot of point for a small unit. Chariot of Tzeentch have almost the same destructive power at a much lesser cost(140 pts)

Personnaly, I don't like fury because of their low ld so they won' t stay long if they get caught anything else than warmachine crew or lone character. It'd be best to take more screamer.

This army has a lot of power dice so if you have 7 spell you should be able to cast them all. The only question is which one will your opponent try to stop. Having bound spell is even better because it will force your opponent to use his dispel dice letting more of the other spell unchecked. Basicaly you should have at least 12 to 14 power dice in order to do so. But don't forget that your wizard are still Tzeench champion which means that they can still fight and kill almost anything in their path::skull:.

Last, the best thing to do is try your army on the field to find your way and what Tzeentch spell can really do.