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30-09-2007, 12:56
Ok. I want to decide if i should collect ( i only need few things as i already have more then 3k of Chaos ) Tzeensh or Slannesh.

My idea of Slannesh army is fast and mobile cc force that can run circles around opponent - choose their fights and be quite capable of killing armoured and unarmoured opponents alike.

With this in mind i present to you what I have come up with

DP of Slannesh
( Master of Mortals , Diabolic Splendour , Blade of Ether , Saporific Musk )

Can open cans with easy and is highly mobile which gives him the ability to choose his fights and support ongoing combats.

Exalted of Slannesh
Steed of Slannesh , Enchanted Shield , Berserker Sword

Get lots of S5 attacks from wide frontage of stead and thous can decimate low as infantry with easy - also good on toughter things with multiple wounds and US 3 ( if he manages to get in contact with 3 ogres or something like that he gets 5 attacks ) - with his high AS and good movement he can be in places that don't put him in danger.

Bray Shaman - 2x Scrolls , additional hand wapon
Simple Caddie - the army is to fast for opponent to be able to put out lods of shots.


Chosen of Slanesh ( 7 of them ) - supraisingly cheep if you dont give them command group etc.

One of two combat units - goes after enemy elites

2x 6 Marouders Horsman
flails and musiacans

Screens and flankers

2x 6 Chaos Warhounds

Screens and flankers


6x Furies

Crew Harrasing unit - concentrates on going after enemy warmachines or just denaying march movement.

6x Mounted Demontes

Light Infantry grinders - with high I and ASF for their mounts , they can speed of - target the flank and hit it very hard if something has T3 and low as it usually will mean its dead on charge ( besides their 5+ ward is better then equvalent of 3+ save aginst things like handguns and such )

2x Beast Heards ( 2x 6 )

Meat Screens and support units - target venerable enemy units such as archers and handgunners - or just provide something to do flee with ...


3x Spawn of Slannesh
The Vital Part of my plan ( with the reales of plastic ones i can rely have 3 spawns that don't look the same )

Their role is to hold up enemy units while my main fighting force deals with their designated targets - one or two turns is well enought and when i know this is going to be a tought fight i send 2 spawns together to be more sure that overrun for example will take enemy units in to my next beloved cravler.

Plan is simple - army devides in 3 contingents -

one with 1x MM , 1x Demonetes , 1x Warhounds - Usually supported by Exalted Champion - the trick is to get him in combat in such way that he wont touch the chamipon so no chalange can be made - then Demonetes or MM or Dogs hit the flank - stripping enemy of rank bonus and giving me +1 to CC thous negating the effect of a standard. - It can work wanders on low T low as infantry of all kinds - even orks can fall to this combo.

second is the armys finest 1x MM , 1x Dogs , Knights and DP - thay together open bigger and bader things like enemy elite units - with soporific musk my DP can boger the unit down and kill anything in CC and Chosen just mop up the rest ( hitting form front - i don't need to remove ranks with this one ) dogs and marouders fend of support units

third instalment is so called foot slogging force - but with fast units - spawn avarge is 10" and so is Beastman - so their are going to be there if my army needs them - or will guard the rear and catch enything that tries to ruin my battle plan - with 5 units capable of charging in any given direction i can be quite sure that i have the time needed to finish with one unit untill i get to the next.

Overall i want you to comment on the army as well as the battle plan - i dont want anyone saying - LAME take this or that because it RoXXX - i want you to adress my strategy and find weak spots in it - remember this is a tournament setting list it has to competable so no cheese cries will be listened to :)

The Old Scholar
01-10-2007, 23:04
I'm not very skilled at reading a list and disecting it to give criticism.
However, I like what I've read.
It looks very fast.
Interesting pick in the Bray Shaman. Is this a cheaper choice than a standard Chaos Sorceror?
I presume it is.
Does the Exalted ride with the Daemonettes? This is something i wish to one day do if I can ever complete my own Slaaneshi army.
So I have to ask, have you played it and does it work?

09-10-2007, 21:35
Exactly Bray Shaman is cheaper and in addition he serves well with the beast part of the army...

Well i only played 3 times with it but i had 3 major wins and all 3 ageinst very tought opponents. Aginst the Skaven it was the hardest but i managed to pull it throught - to be honest mostly thanks to DP and his demonetes - it is one of the most underestimated units in the whole game .... thats all im going to say about that. Brett flying circus had especially hard time aginst me as his whole flying thingy was totally unusable and i won that easly , empire fell for the sheer speed of this army 2 turns of screening and i was on top of them - picking my fights.

All in all i recomend this list to all whoe are feed up with traditional chaos.