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Brother Gabriel
30-09-2007, 20:45
Hi since i get no answer in the FW section of the Forum i try it here.

Is it possible to play traitor guard with the rules from IA Volume 5 or isnt a complete armylist in there?
Since i would like to convert my guard army to a more traitorous looking troop... i would like to know if there are rules i can use for them (except the normal guard codex).

30-09-2007, 20:47
Yep, it has complete Traitor guard army list.

Brother Gabriel
30-09-2007, 20:49
May i know whats different to normal guard and is it fun to play? Since when it is im going to buy the book :).

Thanks for the answer so far

30-09-2007, 20:55
Here is a collection of sample pages + contents of the book: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/ia51.htm

30-09-2007, 20:56
I haven't played it, but essentially it differs in that there are different/new units (such as rogue psykers and ogryn beserkers) and different units available than to Guard (although it's largely the same with a few extra tagged on - you can still get Leman Russes, infantry platoons etc.) There are also a few rules that aren't in the guard codex, such as one that covers all the units' morale and the psychic powers for rogue psykers (which are quite funky).

Essentially though, it's a modified guard list with a few extras.

Brother Gabriel
30-09-2007, 21:00
Ok thanks sounds cool, i guess i will get that book then :). Guard with extras and conversion fun sounds good to me.

30-09-2007, 21:02
Besides anything else, the campaign narrative and pictures in it are pretty cool, albeit told from an Imperial perspective.