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30-09-2007, 22:30
this is a list im using, it seems to be a good list, but cant hold up against a magic heavy army!!

Tomb king
*Spear of Antarhak
*Scorpion Armour
*chariot of Fire

i use the king to charge against a block unit without a lord or hero or take out support units/flyers/etc, and challenge the unit champion. if i lose combat, then the scorpion armour will stop the king from dying, and then the spear will regain the lost wounds!!!

Liche Priest (hierophant)
*Cloak of the Dunes
*Collar of Shapesh

(Hierophants joins this unit)
Skeliton Warriors x20
Hand Weapon
Light Armour
Full Command

Skeliton Warriors x20
Hand Weapon
Light Armour
Full Command

these two units will be close together, and try to charge the same unit together, flank charge and front charge, using magic to get the secound unit around the flank. when they do get close to combat, the hierophant will fly off to safty and cast into the unit from afar. the skelitons will sometimes charge a block unit in the front to tie up units ready for the chariots to charge the flanks.

Tomb Prince
Light Armour
Great weapon
*Brooch of the Great Desert

(Tomb Prince joins this unit)
Chariots x3

Bone Giant

the above two units will be on the left flank. the idea here is that the bone giant will slogg forward, but in range of the Heirophant, just in case i need to regain some wounds. whilst the above chariot unit with the prince runs along side him so that when the giant charges the chariots will get the flank (as they move faster than the giant) if all goes well i will break the unit and over run with the chariots and hopefully assist the skeliton unit. the giant will hold and go off chasing support units

Tomb Prince
Light Armour
Great weapon
*Death Mask of Kharnut

(tomb Prince joins this unit)
Chariots x3

Carrion x5

the above two units will be on theright flank. the idea here is to deploy the carrion behind the chariots, the chariot will charge forward whilst the carrion will position them selves behind the chariots targetso if the target fails its terrer test the enemy will run into the carrion (unit strengh 5) and destroy them, but if the pass the test, but break from combat, the enemy will run into the carrion (unit strengh 5) and destroy them. if they dont break, then next turn the carrion will charge to assist the chariots.

NOTE: if you look, you will notice that the are terrer caursing units on both flanks, to cause some problems.

Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion

i Always use 'it Came from below...'. my main use here is either to take out war machines, archers and flyers. and then go Mage hunting. if there are no war machines i will charge a block whith a loard or hero and target all my attacks on them. hoping for killing blow or just try to kill them. if they servive combat then they will go Mage hunting

well thats my general plan. you'll notice that the list is broken into four groups, that would then help the other groups, etc. i play High Elves ALOT and my mate usually goes for the all combat list, which, recently, i usually win. but if he goes magic heavy i strugle just to get a draw, but usually lose. if he uses a ballanced list we tend to be quite close either way. This list sometimes work against wood elves, but the games always end in a masecer, to me or to him!

well what do you guys think??

Lord Tzeentch
30-09-2007, 22:34
Thats alot of stuff for 200pts:D might be afew points over

01-10-2007, 05:35
spot on 2000pts! it does seem alot tho!

01-10-2007, 08:46
So its a nice fast list with lots of chariots, I for one will not challenge the point totals, which looks okay. Infantry units are often lots of points, but you hardly have any.
I think your princes would be better off with flails than with great weapons. In the first round you get +2 strength and if you don't break your opponent on round 1, your chariots will probably disintegrate. Great weapons only give you +1 strength, since being on a chariots counts as being mounted.
I wouldn't count on helping the bone giant with your limited amount of magic, but he could work well in conjunction with the chariots (charging from in front, for example, while the chariots come in from the flank). Also don't expect much from 20 skeletons. From my experience to have any hope of winning combat with skeletons you need to outnumber and have a hard hitter (prince, kings, scorpion, giant, et) also int the combat. With 20 you can expect to lose your last rank in the first round of battle and won't do much more than hold an opponent for a few rounds. I would honestly drop one unit, make the other 30 and either buy 10 archers, or a swarm. Another option would be to find more points and raise both up to 25 models.
I like the speed and hitting power of the list, but don't expect too much from your magic, you don't have enough power dice or enough flexability with the two bound spells of your princes being very limited.

He Who Is Him
02-10-2007, 00:09
Not enough magic. You are going to be casting 5 spells a turn, and 4 of them will only have one power die. If you run against anything that has even a small amount of dispell, you're screwed. If they have one lvl 2 mage, you're gonna get about 2 or 3 spells off per turn, and when TK have a charging list, they need to get off a LOT of spells (especially in the first few rounds). You have 2 units of chariots, 2 of rank-and-file, and a bone giant and your king to get across the board. With the 3 or so spells you're getting off a turn, you'll only be moving at about 8" per turn. They are going to shoot you to hell before you reach them.

Commands in skele warrior units are pointless. 10 pts for an extra WS2 S3 attack? A waste. 5 pts to save 1 wound IF you tie combat and your opponent has a musician? A waste. You should only take standard bearers for CR. Skele warriors are there for numbers and tying up units, not much else.

Chariot/carrion combo - a good idea, but if your chariots don't break your enemy on the charge, they'll fall apart. Remember, CC happens in both player's turns, so your chariots will have to last through 2 rounds of CC before they would get backup from the carrion. I'd cut the carrion down to 3 or 4 and hunt war machines/mages with them.

Scorpion Armor - a waste. Why not armor of the ages? It cost 5 pts less, and adds a wound. If you king is dying because of CR, you have bigger problems to worry about (like how did my massively tooled out king not do **** on the charge?)

Spear of Antarhak - take it if you want, but it's a big points sink and your king really won't be losing wounds that quickly (WS6 T5 W4 with a 3+ AS is a pretty hard nut to crack)

Death mask - I find it as a point sink. It's nice to have terror on both sides of your army, but when the entire army causes fear, I look at it as a waste

Mount the Skele Warriors - I know TK calv sucks, but in this kind of list the 8" movement it needed. Try running 16 heavy calv with the Banner of the Undying Legion. They'll soak up most of the missile fire (hopefully) and still be able to help out number anything (calv model = US2, 16 calv models = US32)

And Lord Tzeentch was pointing out that you put 200pts as the list size, not 2000pts (those placeholders will always get you)

02-10-2007, 02:20
Some great ideas here.

To bad I'm selling my TK army.

I just don't have time for a third army.

Oh well, some one's gonna get a great deal.


02-10-2007, 08:02
I have actually found the scorpion armor very useful on a chariot, it makes your king almost unbreakable. I for one like the combo with the spear.

pronto the 2nd
02-10-2007, 11:25
Hey, Ive, jest started TK and your thread gives some good material to think about.
now, why skel cavalery sucks? does light cavalery suck too?

He Who Is Him
02-10-2007, 21:26
TK calv sucks because they get torn apart by misssile fire (not to mention in CC). The "heavy calv" is really more like medium calv (maybe even light calv) and I would call their light calv next-to-naked calv. Light armor and shield while mounted is only giving the heavy calv a 4+ AS (not very good for calv) and the light calv only has a 6+ AS. You also lose some of the benefits of fast calv because they never break, just crumble. They don't work like normal calv, you have to think of them as skele warriors that have double movement and unit strength per model. So they really are there for their numbers, or to hold up units. All that said, they can be useful if you're running a chariot based, charge-down-the-field army. Also, I've seen the light calv used in some shootey lists affectively.

03-10-2007, 14:43
I think you would be better served by replacing the second prince with another liche. Put him on horseback and let him run around behind the lines, casting raise and charge spells; like a little mobile buffer. Then you can take some of those extra points from the second unit of 3 chariots and buff the first princes unit, maybe up to 4 or 5 chariots as well.

He Who Is Him
03-10-2007, 22:03
5 Chariots gets a bit unwieldy in combat. The most I ever run is usually 4

04-10-2007, 16:24
5 is unwieldy in combat, but I expect to take some shooting casualties enroute, so I usually pack 5 instead. As a Tyranid player, I understand all too well that in order to get some of your troops into combat, some are going to get killed on the trip. Bring enough troops to fight, then bring more to pad them up.

As an addition, I think the Skeleton Heavy and Light Cav are excellent units, so long as you don't start thinking they're Dragon Princes or Bretonnian Knights...they're 16 points for crap'ssake.

He Who Is Him
04-10-2007, 21:34
They serve their purpose (movement and numbers) but only a certain type of list really makes use of them in this role. I say they suck because they do if you try to run them like most calv (fast or regular) or in most contexts other than those said earlier. They are an other great example of the specificity and finesse TK require to play well. And I like how you're thinking with padding the chariot unit by making it 5, but you could also give the unit the banner of the undying legion (I didn't see it in your list) and get the same affect with less points. Obviously this won't work for all your chariot units, but it will save some points on one of them

13-10-2007, 09:23
I might start a TK army, I'm getting a bit sick of my Bretonains...

I was looking through the army book at GW, at the special rules. Is it possible to play TK in small battles? The army book says that you need both a tomb king/prince and a heirophant (something like that), a mage every battle.

Their basic costs with no upgrades is 215pts though (combined). And lets face it you have to upgrade them for them to work. So once upgraded with some cool weapons/armour/items then your heroes new cost combined is about 250-300pts? That doesn't leave much for troops.

I can see how you guys get the army list to work in larger games 2000+pts but can you still play TK in under 1500 or even 1000 effectivly?

He Who Is Him
14-10-2007, 21:22
TK are hard to run at less than 2000 pts, because of what you just said and the fact that TK are really magic based and you really need to run your max characters allowed. In 1000 pt games, you usually end up with 2 priests, a prince, a couple blocks of skele warrior archers, a SSC and a unit or two from the special (TG or 2 scorps works best). It's not a very fun list, but it can work. It just doesn't use the finesse a TK list usually has (it's kinda like a dwarf pill box)

15-10-2007, 17:08
I for one don't really like the bone giant - it's just too big and isn't worth the points it takes up. Wouldn't you rather have two catapults any day of the week?