View Full Version : Would this be fair?

01-10-2007, 16:45
This is my character stats so far, she is a Chaos Lord keep that in mind for stats but yea jus want to make sure its fair

Just want to hear how fair you think it is, or what some good ideas to add or remove.

240 Points
all the defaults +
Demon weapon no marks (A whip) +
Combi Melta

special rules
Cypher rule

01-10-2007, 16:51
My first instinct would be no as it's not an official character. Characters in their books are made with balance in mind (though this is not always the case). I probably wouldn't play against this. You can probably still make the character you want, or a decent proxy, using current rules.

(I don't want to hear crap about "Hey, it's supposed to be about fun! I'd take a book and slap him across the head!" Movie Marines are supposed to be about "fun" as well, but only for the side who is tearing through an army with stunt doubles and rending attacks.)

01-10-2007, 17:10
I would drop the special rules.... It is getting hard to find Cypher's rules anyway.

01-10-2007, 20:26
Cypher rule is easy, if DA kills the model they get more Victory points