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02-10-2007, 00:15
Just finished a game against Wolflord Havoc. He took a Guard Army he doesn't remember ever making (grabbed a random list) and I had already decided to use my Terminators I had painted over the summer and never got round to taking. Not caring for army balance or thoughts for a game plan I ended up with 40 models and a command squad totalling 628 points in a game of 1500.

I decided to Deep Strike my temie squad and my command squad. However, having spent so much on these two, my remaining troop choices were so pitifull that their small numbers could not survive the IG firing line and proceeded to die to a man before the anyone else turned up...

... which was turn 3. The termie squad arrived and took well over 50 wounds in the next two turns of firing and only failed one save!

My command squad though proceeded to roll ones to arrive until turn five when all was pretty much lost and I decided to bugger it and DS into the middle of the IG lines. Only a large deviation was going to stuff me. I roll 10" towards the mortar teams lurking near the back edge and over 2000 years of collective service in the name of the Emperor teleported into a bloody pulp as they appeared smack on top of the closest IG models. Classic.

Needless to say I lost the game but much merriment was had by all.

And so my terminators still haven’t all made it to the table and fired a shot in anger... but they are getting closer! I think I might not bother DSing for a while :)

So who else has terrible DSing rolls, reserve roll or funny in-game stories?

Tanith Ghost
02-10-2007, 00:25
The time I sent an Emperor's champ against two guard officers with power weapons. "I'll go for the powerfist two hand strike. For laughs." Says I.
The guard officers both score a wound. I roll for my halo save. And two ones come up like the eyes of death. The Emperor's champion stabbed to death mid swing. :cry: :p

02-10-2007, 00:28
Yep, lost over half my Elysians to bad Deep Striking roles (Trees, Squads, off the table, you name it it happened), including losing 2 Sentinels that decided landing in a building was going to be safe!!!

02-10-2007, 01:01
Vanquisher Anti Tank rounds- you know, the super duper knock holes straight through a Titan armour piecing ones- bouncing off a Marine dreadnought for a couple of turns running...

And then killing it with the coaxial storm bolter, when the main gun missed!

02-10-2007, 01:05
Oh yes, I've seen similar when an IC takes everything the opposing army can throw at him with las-cannons, plasma shots and krak missiles bouncing harmlessly off and then his last wound goes to the final shot with a flash-light...er I mean a lasgun.

I've seen a 5 man marine assault squad jump into difficult terrain and roll 5 ones too... :D

killa kan kaus
02-10-2007, 01:13
100 shoota shots 50 hits 26 wounds 16 failed armoursaves 16 passed wbb

02-10-2007, 01:14
I had a demon prince fitted for CC from the old 'dex square square off with a marginally equiped Guard officer for like 3 turns.

I rolled only like one's and two's. The Guard officer basically could not harm me in anyway. I killed the whole squad in one turn and that one officer took forever.

02-10-2007, 01:20
Okay, I think I've got you beat.
Shortly after the release of the first 3rd edition chaos codex.
Third turn and both of my terminator squads become available. One scatters right in front of my two dreadnoughts, the other doesn't show up at all.
Same turn and both dreads go nuts, succumbing to fire frenzy. The first one proceeds to vaporize three of the terminators that did show up. The second one blasts his partner in the back with a combi-bolter (six to hit, six to penetrate, six to destroy) and wipes out the rest of my terminators with his heavy bolter.
It wasn't until the fourth turn that my opponent actually inflicted any casualties himself:D

02-10-2007, 01:29
I was playing with a pure GK army tailored against chaos against a WH list tailored against me that had St-Celestine and Karamazov in it. I was pretty sure I would be dead by turn 2. There wasn't a lot of terrain on the board so I knew that eventually I would be cought into the open facing tons of angry SOBs with divine guidance (if anything worse than that can happen to GKs LMK). So there it goes, the guy makes his 4 divine guidance tests... and failed them all! Not one of my termies and 2 PAGK squads died on that shooting phase. Then St-Celestine charged with a squad of seraphims and managed to kill only one PAGK before dying. I won that game and it was funny because the other guy wouldn't stop screaming that even if he bought every unit for his army he kept loosing.

P.S. St-Celestine shouldn't be allowed to come back 4 times, she puts necrons to shame.

02-10-2007, 01:30
This is more of a series of bad luck, than just one incident.

So I was playing against an Ultramarines army with my Ravenwing army a few nights ago. The first stroke of bad luck for me was my Predator Destructer shooting at a Tornado that I really needed to kill. I hit with 3 shots and failed to even glance the vehicle.

The next stroke of bad luck was my opponent's. He had assaulted the side armour of my other predator destructer with Assault Squad with PF and failed to do anything. On the next turn, I shot with the Predator and killed 3 assault marines, and then finished him off with biker bolters.

The next turn was one of his last, so he tried to move the Pred through terrain to the objective, but immobilised it. He made up for it by killing my MotRW jetbike with that Pred, thanks to me failing all 3 saves. On the same turn, he killed one of my Preds with a lone scout with missile launcher.

I ended up pulling out the victory, but it was close until the end.

02-10-2007, 02:19
Back in the days of the 3rd ed DA codex, I had a squadron of three Ravenwing speeders facing the wrong end of some IG autocannons, which scored an impressive five penetrating hits.

Even more unlikely, a rolled five sixes for their jink saves!

02-10-2007, 02:23
Years ago when I played 3rd Chaos, my 5-man termie squad got torched by a wolf guard's heavy flamer. After rolling saves, one guy was left. I don't think I'll ever live that down.

02-10-2007, 02:30
I just played a game yesterday, my SM versus Eldar, that contained the worst luck I've ever seen.

First turn, first action, his jetbike Farseer Guides a unit. Rolls a 2 for the psychic test, 6 to wound, a 1 on his Ghosthelm. Dead.

First turn, second action, his jetbike Farseer #2 Dooms a unit. Rolls a 12. 2 to wound, MAKES THE GHOSTHELM!

Second turn(after my Whirlwinds killed all but one of his Dire Avengers due to solid Hits), Farseer #2 rolls a 2 for a Guide. Wound, fail Ghosthelm, dead.

What makes this even funnier is that this was the first time the guy had ever played with Farseers, after swearing by Autarchs for over 20 games until I finally convinced him to try them out. Crazy bad luck.

02-10-2007, 03:54
I have a squad of harlies that have yet to pass a leadership check over the course of 4 games in use.

02-10-2007, 05:09
I had a Space Marine lascannon gunner in one game who through six turns of play (3 of them in close combat) NEVER rolled a single hit, despite needing just a 3 or better to manage one. My opponent and I were joking that I should convert a little "Lascannons for Dummies" book and a dunce cap onto him. Most amusing to me was that my opponent (who was playing Tyranids) got him with a Forgeworld Malanthrope that in fluff selects biological traits for the race to emulate; couldn't help but imagine the Tyranid army missing every shot after they grabbed this guy's DNA :D.

02-10-2007, 06:10
On a campaign game I had last Saturday, this involves a slaanesh sorcerer. One the third turn, I was going quite splendidly. Rolled for Lash, rolled a 6 and a 5, but the 5 was very skewed, so it was re-rolled. It rolled a 6. One wound down.

Next turn, I said to myself, that was a fluke, will never happen again. Rolled yet another double 6.

This turn, I was quite confident at this point, as I was wiping the table clean of all Tau adversaries, and was to pull out a battlesuit from hiding. I rolled... a double 1. He died without anyone firing a shot at him screaming into the warp.

That just shows just how much the Gods hate cheese :D

02-10-2007, 06:29
This goes back to original Epic (back in the days of Adeptus Titanicus/Space Marine). I have a company of 10 Land Raiders, who gets shot at by 20 squads of orcs with bolters. They hit with I think 12 shots...all I need to save are 10 numbers greater than one. I lost the whole company that round.

Note my sig.

02-10-2007, 08:47
Good stories all :D I forgot to add to my first post that the termie squad which actually arrived and managed 4 turns of shooting with 2 Assault cannons didn't roll any 6's to hit in 32 shots. Stupid rending broken ancient weaponry!

02-10-2007, 09:05
When playing my nids vs. a friend's guard, I had a genestealer brood reduced to one man by his shooting. I can't remember exactly what he fired, but he got 4 hits, all needing 3's to wound. He rolls the dice, and there sit 4 2's. That one genestealer made it into combat the next turn, and tore his way through an entire squad with captain, then a heavy weapons squad. Flesh hooks are awesome.

02-10-2007, 09:35
a recent game with my DH/IG against a friend's marines....
my leman russ has been sitting at the back of the table dropping plates on his models for not much damage

his landraider with 5 assault termies inside rolls onto the table from reserve, and fires on the leman with his lascannon, manages to do nothing more than shake it.

I take a risk and roll the leman forward to a better line of fire, in his turn he zooms the landraider forward 12 inches and pops smoke.

my turn, the leman russ decides to risk a shot at the landraider, hits, penetrates and destroys the landraider, his 5 termies inside all have to take wounds from the vehicle wreck.... he rolls 3 1s! the remaining two termies are entangled and a unit of seraphim happen to be close enough to shoot with their bolt pistols - two more failed saves and his entire termi squad and landraider transport are toast all in one round.

that was a game with some funny dice rolls indeed. I had a LR crusader open fire with assault cannon and melta and fail to do anything to his pred, only for the machine spirit-launched HK missile to hit and knock it about.

02-10-2007, 09:43
Let's see....

One of our Eldar players refuses to play an IG player since EVERY game they play, the guard take down EVERY skimmer with grenade launchers. It got so bad that the Eldar was gunning more for the grenade launcher squads than anything else.
I had a lone hormagaunt go on a suicide run for a Dark Eldar Archon in a building. I didn't have hooks, so the DE swung and.... whiffed bad! Yeah like the Hormie could do anything.... but he hit 3 times, and then proceeded to wound 3 times! Well, the DE has a 2+ save right? He dropped his shadowfield on the first roll, and then failed both 5+'s he had for normal armor (we used to play this wrong). We were both so amazed, that the DE lord got demoted and is currently actually serving as a slave on a raider. My Hormy was dismembered and reevolved into a warrior. He's been confidently mediocre ever since.

My GK Grandmaster was fighting a SOB =I=, and charged into HTH. "HAHA!" I exclaimed, "I can instant kill you two different ways with just one hit!" "HAHA!" my opponent exclaimed, "I have a digital weapon!" "What crap" I replied, "I'd never use that!" "Well, I hit, I wound, You failed your save...." *sigh* It was also the mission were your HQ has only two weeks until retirement, and to get killed by a digital weapon.... No nice tombstone in Titan for him...

My favorite was when I was playing against orks with my bugs. I was almost done with just a 1 wound Carnifex left against several good sized ork mobs around a Battlewagon filled with orks. What the heck, I thought, so I charged at the battlewagon and shot it when I was about 5" away with my barbed strangler. One Pen 6 later with a 6" explosion... Most of the orks AND my carnifex all died in that explosion. It was great since I kept rolling all the 4+ for wounds, and orks just kept dying...

02-10-2007, 10:23
I managed to pin myself once :angel:
A battlesuit 'vre with an ABFP shoots at a dire avenger squad that is aprox 13-14" away. Rolls for scatter, 12" towards me, I get the battlesuit undre the edge of the template. He loses a wound AND fails his ld test :cries:... I was then shot to pieces by said avenger unit...


02-10-2007, 10:27
Good stories all :D I forgot to add to my first post that the termie squad which actually arrived and managed 4 turns of shooting with 2 Assault cannons didn't roll any 6's to hit in 32 shots. Stupid rending broken ancient weaponry!

Blooming heck... that's pretty close to impossible! (statistics lovers, the chance is 1 in 8*10^24).

I think that will be pretty hard to beat - I certainly can't think of anything anywhere near that unlucky (or even lucky to a similar degree).

02-10-2007, 10:34
The worst case of bad luck IŽve seen was back in 2nd Ed. My Slaanesh Marines and a friends Nurgle army against Dark Angels with Ordo allies. Things were looking very bleak for the Chaos side and we were shure weŽd lose. In definance I cast the Slaanesh power that could turn any model into a spawn on a failed Ld test on his Inquisitor Lord. Who promtly turned into a slimy beast. In the Imperial turn the Spawn moved randomly and touched all 5 Grey Knight Termies inflicting a S4 hit no SaveMod. 5 Wounds. And he rolled snake eyes for all saves. Then on the other saide of the battlefield his Command Unit (Veteran combat Squad with attached apotecary, BSB, Chaplain, Chapter Master and Librarian) disembarked from their Rhino and one of the Characters chucked a Vortex grenade at a Great Unclean One. 2 to hit. Or course he rolled a 1, and the Grenade scattered hitting the track of the Rhino. Which proceeded to flip over and land on top of said commanding unit killing all of them except one Veteran Marine. Which he blew to bits when his Devastators Missile Launcher scattered... Of course that turned the game...

Blooming heck... that's pretty close to impossible! (statistics lovers, the chance is 1 in 8*10^24).

Huh? (5/6)^32 is 0.29%
Or roughly 1 to 342

02-10-2007, 11:19
I managed to pin myself once :angel:
(Un?)fortunately, pinning tests are only taken when the unit suffers casualties - it's impossible to pin a one-model unit. ;)

Blooming heck... that's pretty close to impossible! (statistics lovers, the chance is 1 in 8*10^24).
Nope, it's around 1 in 340. You're thinking of the chance of rolling 32 sixes...

I've seen worse - a game of Space Hulk where a Terminator on Overwatch took down 13 'Stealers without jamming*. We worked out the odds and it was pretty much a one-in-a-million chance. :)

*You rolled two d6 each time a 'Stealer in LoS moved - a 6 on either die was a kill, a double was a jam and stopped Overwatch.

Wolflord Havoc
02-10-2007, 11:35
Ha ha yes the funniest thing happened to my opponent last night...oh er yeah sorry Matt. :angel:

To be fair apart from his saving throws which were above avarage (I must have put about 50 or more wounds on the 6 man Terminator Squad from 2 Mortar teams, a Hellhound, a Heavy Bolter Squad and an LR Exterminator - resulting in just 3 Terminators falling) Matts dice were pretty dire.

However a Deep striking Terminator Command Squad casting FOTD on my Guard probably would have won him the game I think even in turn 5.

02-10-2007, 12:39
Ok, this is from BFG, but still a fun story to tell.

My Chaos was taking on a friend's Eldar. Like always, I took it up the pooper in the game, losing plenty of ships. So, in the end I only had a single crippled cruiser in Brace for Impact against about 80% of his fleet. The cruiser poured a whopping 2 shots from gun batteries, scoring two hits and taking down two Eldar escorts.

My friend did like this and proceeded to pour a good deal of fire at my cruiser. After few hits she went down, blowing her warp core and taking out a good deal of Eldar ships. The blast knocked the last hit points of an Eldar cruiser that managed to breach its plasma reactor and once again the battlefield was rocked by a massive blast. More Eldar ships went down and one of my cruiser turned hulk took a hit. It also scored a warp core implosion and took out more Eldar ships.

In the end there was only the crippled Eldar command cruiser on the board and so many blast markers we ran out of them and had to use asteroid markers.

02-10-2007, 12:49
my marines must be realey defekted first my melta guner mises his shot aginst the necron monolith that was 5 iches awy and he mises how do you miss a flying pyramid whit a huge shiny green rock on it, and the a veteran sgt asaluts the same dang monolith whit a power fist and he also mises how in hades dose a super soldier miss something the size of a house when hes standing rhigt next to it.

02-10-2007, 13:33
Playing against my friends Ulthwe with my Berzerkers, I Tank Shocked his D-Cannon platform with my Rhino. He decides to Death or Glory with the D-Cannon, and proceeds to detonate the Rhino with a 4 inch radius, wiping out the platforms crew instantly.

Oh, in the following game my lord took a wound from a Guardian.


02-10-2007, 14:12
I'll always treasure the following story.

Last member of a guard infantry squad, hefting his grenade launcher takes a pot shot against a marine dreadnaught. Six to hit, penetrate and damage. Another dread then decides to hide behind the wreckage of his brother and tries to snipe him, all to no avail. Next turn "lonely" passes his man alone test and tries two for two. However he failed his target priority test and instead went for a razorback the ogryns were going for. Again six to hit, penetrate and damage. Leaving the ogryns out in the open and 4" away from the enemy deployment zone. Had they been able to charge the transport the guard would have won.

Didn't know whether to promote or flog the little trooper.:rolleyes:

More recently with Ravenwing, three speeders tried to take out a falcon. 12 shots resulted in 10 hits, 8 of them sixes. Not one deigned to grace me for the penetration rolls. Bah! Snide dice, they mock me.

31-12-2009, 23:57
I ask this because today my Land raider was shot from a Twinlinked lascannon with the following sequence:

rolls 2
rerolls 3 hit
I roll 2 missed cover save
he rolls 6 pen
he rolls 6 explodes.

5 termies and Pedro inside
With strength 4 he kills 3 of the 5 and puts a wound on pedro. Ugh.

this ended the game there. It was very upsetting cause I was a turn away from assaulting his dread with my termies! so upsetting.
What was your worst expierience.

01-01-2010, 00:03
Using the previoius Imperial Guard Codex IG vs IG 3,500 point game. He deepstrikes a Veteran squad right beside my shadowsword in the second turn and meltaguns it to death. The resulting explosion destroys two chimeras with ogryns and a command squad in them, a Leman russ tank, and a sentinel. The explosions from those tanks also kill some more infantry.

01-01-2010, 00:05
during an apocalypse game I dropped a large (full strenght armed to the teeth chaos terminator unit, packing pretty much every option available to them)

packing enough champs and chainfists to almost guarantee any armour they touch dies, easily a good 500pts on 1 squad and what happens? deep strike mishap

01-01-2010, 00:09
First turn, IG vs Necrons 4th ed(I was playing the crons)
First shot of the game iirc
IG lascannon fires at Monolith, 6, 6, 6

01-01-2010, 00:15
Back in the days of 4th Ed(how I miss thee), and the old CSM codex, I was running my 'Demonbomb' World Eaters list. Unit of 8 Termies, 5 units of 8 Bloodletters, and a Bloodthirster. Basically, anything within a 20" radius of the deepstriking terminators gets obliterated on the 3rd or 4th turn, when everything comes in. Well, after everything deepstrikes in, I had a bit of bad luck.

My termies got obliterated. This was normal, and typically expected. An expensive sacrificial unit, but necessary. My Bloodthirster comes out under the forced summoning, so it has to make a Ld test on 3d6 and take a wound with no save allowed for every point failed. He dies on the second turn. There was one unit of Devastators that I needed to reach with one unit of Bloodletters, as all the other units were out of range, and would get mowed down if the Devs stayed around.

The one hero unit had to weather one round of shooting. He shoots me with his heavy bolters, and only causes eight wounds. YES! I have a 3+ armor save, I can save most of them, and then the Devs will be obliterated by S5 power weapons. I roll my eight armor saves, the saves against the last shooting unit he had.


Every single bloodletter failed its one save. Every single frickin one. I lost that game.

I did have an opponent suffer horrendous luck when my Khorne DP survived all the shots from ten Fire Dragons without taking a wound, and then melted them with his Berserker Glaive.

big squig
01-01-2010, 00:18
My friend phased out because he walked his necron warriors through dangerous terrain and lost a ton of them...like 13.

01-01-2010, 01:01
Lets just say plasma cannons are not my friend. When ever i use my brothers DA army its like his models know its me, and decide to melt their own faces 9 out of 10 times i shoot. I think it was like four games in a row i lost all but one of the four plasma cannons turn one. I stopped borrowing my brothers DA, i'll stick to my Eldar, our plasma doesn't over heat.

01-01-2010, 02:16
I once assaulted with 10 DA company veterans and a Interrogator Chaplain. I managed to miss all my attacks, rerolled and still missed them all. I was pretty gutted until my opponent rolled to attack, hit a few times and the nfailed to wound resulting in a draw, lol.

Back in the days of 2nd edition I was playing as Nids in a Turanid attack (kill or chase off all the enemy or lose). Marnues Calgar was the last enemy model left on the table and I'd assaulted and lost more Genestealers than I cared to mention, even ost a Lictor and Tyrant to the chap. In the last turn only a lone Termagant was in assault range and went for it. The result was Manreus rolling all 1's to hit and me rolling a 6. Final tally had me scoring 3 hits, i wounded on all 3 and he failed all 3 armour saves meaning he died. A lone Termagant took out the true CC powerhouse and won me the game, hahaha.

Okay, not so much bad luck for me on the 2nd one, but it was awful luck for y opponent!

01-01-2010, 02:23
My best friend who plays Chaos, charges into my other best friend's BA tac squad and Captain with raptors and a Chaos Lord with Jump Pack and Daemon Weapon. The Lord proceeds to roll a one, loses a wound and the rest of the squad didn't kill anything. The Tac Squad and Captain attack and wipeout the Raptors.

Super Ninja
01-01-2010, 03:14
I remember once I had a SM captain with a power fist assault a 10 man Tac Squad. Once it was his turn to attack he rolled all 1's on 5 attacks. Needles to say, he got swamped and died.

Another time I had my Inquisitor Lord cast scourging on a unit of Necron Wraiths. he rolls double 6's for the Psychic test, gets wounded on a 6 and rolls a 1 for his 4+ save. He needed allot of cranial surgery and physical therapy after that mishap.

01-01-2010, 04:53
I have two. First, this is bad luck for me.

I had a godfex charge a stationary land raider. I had 7 attacks (crushing claws+tusks+scything talons) and they all auto-hit. 5 of them failed to do anything by rolling 4 or under. Two of them penned. For damage I proceeded to roll snake eyes. :D I ended up losing that game (my sole loss with my nids since I managed to get my army into decent fighting condition).

The other things is great luck on my part. I was against a marine player with my SW. Turn 2, I shoot my long fangs at his devs using 3 MLs. 21 hits, plenty of wounds, and he lost 3 MLs, the sarge, and 3 ablative wound marines to failed saves leaving only a single ML and two ablative wound marines. His turn 2 comes along and he's out for revenge so he targets my GH footslogging unit with my cheap WGBL in it. He fires his entire army at them and deals them well over 30 wounds and they manage to save all of them. It was crazy, especially since I generally roll badly.

01-01-2010, 05:07
i ran a broken/stupid list last month. it had five land raiders at 1750. by turn two i had one blown up, two destroyed, one immoblizied and the final with no weapons. the enemy was packing a grand total of two melta guns on bikes and 5 lascannons and my raider all had popped smoke. it was scary how fast they died.

01-01-2010, 05:33
I was playing Tau vs Orks, when a mob of somewhere around 16-18 boyz and a PK nob assault my Hammerhead. Having learned the hard way in earlier battles, my HHs now carry flechette dischargers. Orks attack, flechette goes off, and end result is 14 dead boyz. Still lost the tank to the Nob, but It managed to be a pretty even fight for a stationary tank.

01-01-2010, 05:45
watched a friend roll 5 saves on that dark eldar character with the 2+ invul save...
'its not a big deal he has a 2+ save anyway...'

how many 1s did he roll?


The Ginger Ninja
01-01-2010, 06:29
First turn, IG vs Necrons 4th ed(I was playing the crons)
First shot of the game iirc
IG lascannon fires at Monolith, 6, 6, 6

I get that a lot with my monolith, cept its generally the only lascannon in the whole ### #### freaking SM army

My friend phased out because he walked his necron warriors through dangerous terrain and lost a ton of them...like 13.

Lol fail.

My opponents amusing bad luck is a dark reaper squad fired a tempest launcher at my warriors, 1 hits, not killing any crons, the other scatters and kills several howling banshees that were 7 inches away

EDIT: hey just noticed the G in front of the range for tempest launcher, opponent never mentioned that, he just treated it like it range was 36, not G36, ah well thats karma

01-01-2010, 06:32
My blood angels vs my friends black templar, I had a army which was inferior to his in alot of ways, I outsmarted him for a long time but in the end we did the close combat and he won every single roll off (I4 vs I4, marines eh!) and my men started dropping like flies, with his emperors champion killing my jetpack chaplain (attached to jetpack death company) in one single turn)

When he shot at my terminators he failed to hit with any of the plasma weapons but manage to cause 2 wounds with the plain old bolters, I ended up rolling snake eyes.

Only luck was that the game ended in a draw and not a big fat loss!

01-01-2010, 06:45
I remembered some bad luck my opponent once had. In 3rd edition it was my Necron vs his Space wolves. On the first turn I used Veil of Darkness to teleport two Lords and some immortals directly behind some of his squads. Due to 3rd edition's funky "deepstrike onto a template" rules I was able to split the lords from the Immortals during teleportation by being 2 inches away from them while still being on the same template. So, the Immortals fire at a maxed-out Bloodclaw unit, killing them all. The Lords each target a separate unit of Grey hunters, each causing three wounds. The Grey hunter squads BOTH fail moral tests and fall back.... strait into the Immortals and Lords killing them all in a crossfire.

The rest of my first turn went so-so, but after that first round of shooting he had lost 40% of his army.

01-01-2010, 07:19
My now/soon to be repainted as Red Scorpions routinely go with plasma pistol apothecrary, plasma gun, plasma cannon tactical squads and seem to have mastered the fine art of killing three of their own on the overheat, failing the subsequent morale check and exiting stage right on turn 1. I think they learned it from my Jetbike Sammy who is best known for being incapable of using a plasma cannon without inflicting three wounds on himself in as many turns. Yet I think it's been close to a year since I lost a Guardsman to an overheat, although scatter is a different story...

There was also this Apocalypse game where I was given a special rule to allow me to deep strike one unit on table like Viel of Darkness and so took my best eligible unit, an IG command squad loaded with meltaguns, an thought to drop them behind a Tempest-looking Scorpion, thinking to get some measure of revenge for the Eldar mauling my team's center (I had done well in smashing the enemy's right with my Russes but was unable to really do more than prevent my opposte from turning her Russes against the doomed center). Instead, the would-be avenging angels scattered right into a vortex template.

01-01-2010, 08:23
This was great luck.

Like so many templates landed right on target.

Third turn, TANK SHOCK with Rhino, TANK SHOCK with Rhino, TANK SHOCK with Rhino. Lash of Submission. Vindicator, rolls a Scatter of 4", so Hit and bam and entire Tactical squad is gone. My ally, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Cannon (Disentergrator). Hit and Hit. Terminator squad gone. Vindicator, Scatter of 2", so Hit and a Veteran Squad and a Captain is gone, and a significant part of a Tactical Squad.

My Berzerkers charges two Tac squad (40 attacks w00t!), all threes and above, except like 5 misses. Rolls to wound, 3 fails. Armor saves? Promptly fails the majority of them.

Pretty much GG in one turn.

Space Cossack
01-01-2010, 09:36
Here is my share of bad lack.

My merged 30 guardsman squad led by a commissar receives a marine charge. Guardsmen predictably lose, but I expect them to bog down the marines with rerollable stubborn leadership 9. So, I roll morale test, fail it, commissar shoots a guy, reroll - fail...

Not an outstanding bad luck by itself, but.. this situation happened in three games in a row with the same outcome!

01-01-2010, 09:41
Had a Herald of Tzeentch fire a sing Bolt of Tzeentch (S8 ap1) at a land raider and rolled 6s for all 3 rolls wrecking it

it and a dreadnaut were the only things i destroyed that game (he was mech GK and had another Land Raider)

01-01-2010, 10:08
Charged a unit of Howling Banshees into a solitary Broadside battlesuit. They whiffed all their rolls and did absolutely nothing. The Broadside rolled better and pulped one of them, and the Banshees promptly ran away screaming like girls (funnily enough). I actually shouted at the models for being incompetent - "You lost to a *******' ARTILLERY PIECE!" - which caused no end of hilarity.

Playing with my Orks vs Alpha Legion - he had 3 guys with plasma pistols in the army. Every single time he fired one of them, it Got Hot and the wielder failed his save and died. Every single time. I don't think they even managed to do any damage with them. I felt sorry for the AL player...

Third story from a game of Babylon 5: A Call To Arms (spaceship combat). A Brakiri fighter, all by himself, is bearing down on my Vorchan attack cruiser. OK, I think, well he has one die's worth of attacks, I'm sure I can weather that OK.
He rolled:
6 - one hit.
6 - caused one point of damage.
6 - critical hit.
6 - vital systems.
6 - catastrophic explosion, roll 4D6 damage points.
4D6 = 19. The Vorchan only has (iirc) 16 points of damage. Kaboom.
Both of us were left going :eek::wtf: but we laughed about it all day afterwards.

01-01-2010, 11:07
My lictor charges 4 Chaos Chosen Space Marines in power armour, but fully tooled up for the rest.
6,6,6,6, four Rending wounds, bye bye chosen.

I charge 6 striking scorpions with exarch into a tactical squad, no wounds, not one

01-01-2010, 11:47
2 vs 2 Tournament game, 2 objectives on the board, end of the last turn.

We have one objective claimed each, with no possibility whatsoever of getting across to the other. We've fired everything we had (I played Guard, so quite a lot) at the enemy unit that claimed his objective, but he still had one guy left (CSM). So we'd basically decided the game was a draw, and began shaking hands... When I realize that the vox operator in my command squad hasn't fired his lasgun.

I asked if it was ok if I fired my last lasgun, and yeah, no worries. At the full 24" range, through a wood and a field of rocks, the vox operator takes aim, hits (4+), wounds (5+), and the foul Chaos marine fails his armour save.

Madness ensued. Last shot of the game, lasgun, wins us the whole thing! Needless to say, the vox-operator is marked for promotion :D



01-01-2010, 11:57
In a tournament, I was playing Guard against a demon army. The opponent deep striked 2 deamonette units, one of which landed on a guard squad, killing all but one deamonette, the other squad landed on terrain, leaving 4. He was... suspicious :shifty:

01-01-2010, 13:51
I was playing Tau vs Orks, when a mob of somewhere around 16-18 boyz and a PK nob assault my Hammerhead. Having learned the hard way in earlier battles, my HHs now carry flechette dischargers. Orks attack, flechette goes off, and end result is 14 dead boyz. Still lost the tank to the Nob, but It managed to be a pretty even fight for a stationary tank.

Hah, I'd forgotten about that, I've had something similar, though it was a combined charge which resulted in 22 dead Orks, more then the Hammerhead had actually inflicted with its guns all battle

01-01-2010, 19:21
In 3rd edition it was my Necron vs. Tau. Let's just say the mission favored the Tau to the extreme. Anyway, he gets first turn and my monolith survived unscathed after being fired on by three broadsides and a hammerhead. His firewarriors also forgot how to shoot, as they only killed four Destroyers and a single warrior.

In my turn all my downed guys exept one destoyer got back up. I then rolled well, killing all his vehicles, all the broadsides, a unit of firewarriors, and his commander.

Let's just say this post could also go in the "Worste opponent" category as this guy immediately packed up his stuff and left muttering that I only won because of "cheesey Necron".

01-01-2010, 23:06
I was playing a 2v2, IG and Marines Vs Marines and Marines (Me)

My IG opponent sent forward a wave of conscripts, 50 of them, so I sent in my Terminator Chaplain & Lightning Claw Terminators, in two turns managed to wipe it out and they ran for it, but hoho my opponent had Chenkov, so he removed his Conscripst when they were down to about 8, then as I was heading for the SM players command squad (who annoyed me my killing my beloved Sgt) on turn 5, who should reappear and manage to get between me and them, resulting in me having to deal with them? The Conscripts. My Terminators took 78 heads that day, although only one kill point :(

Bad luck on my opponents part.

2v2 again, this time Marines & Orks against two marine teams, Tankbustas shot at and wiped out all of one of my tactical squads, except for the Sgt, they then assaulted him, 8 hits they landed on him and I (Though I attribute it to the Sgt) passes all wounds, then not only wins the combat but destroys the entire ork unit in a sweeping advance, after that a 5 Man Combat Squad shot at him, failed to do anything and assaulted him, passed all his wounds again, he killed one of them and the 5 man squad fleed, he was only taken down by Stormtrooper Meltas.

My Sergeant has since had a Shoulderpad Painted Gold. My Army is Ultramarines 5th Company who have Silver Aquilas etc to go with the Black Shoulderpad lining. Only my Captain and Terminator Sgt have gold on them, in small amoutns though, nowhere near a full shoulderpad.

My opponent (Who was the Enemy marines) seems to have bad luck though, his Deepstriking Grey Knights always seem to land in front of my LRC, which, without fail, wipes them out in 1-2 turns.

Free Spirit
01-01-2010, 23:07
Well... I have a funny story about good luck (amusing bad luck for my opponent i figure). At the last 40K GT i was up against an Eldar army including Eldrad, Wraithguard unit, 3 fire prisms, etc. I had an all terminator Space Wolf army with no transport at all! (made and painted in a month before the GT so i was including as little work as possible. Hello Logan Grimnar and Arjac Rockfist! :P) I figured i had to strike very hard and very fast to stand a chance...

My turn 1... it was Jaws of the World Wolf crossing Eldrad and 4 wraithguard. He rolled a 6 for Eldrad's initiative test and took down 3 of the wraithguard with him. It was a gamble on my part but it played out beautifully. I then proceded to score a massacre, but we both had a good laugh about it and it was a fun, albeit weird, game.

Last battle of the same GT against Chaos Marines. I had the first turn. I only had 3 lascannons but all were hits, all were wounds, all saves failed. 3 obliterators dead in 1 turn. And then Jaws of the World Wolf on a summoned Greater Deamon (-1 to his roll due to it being a monstrous creature). You guessed it... he rolled a 6.

Gotta add something 'bout bad luck i guess... It was while playing War of the Ring with goblins. For those of you who don't know. In War you have a charge phase like in 40K. You have to roll a single dice and thats the amount of inches you can charge. A roll of a 1 however means the charge has failed, even if 1'' would have gotten you in base contact with the enemy. My goblins were 1'' away from the flank of the enemy, and yeah i rolled a 1. At that moment my opponent bumped into the table and the first row of that exact unit of goblins fell forward flat on their faces. Funniest wargaming thing i had seen in a while!

02-01-2010, 00:18
I've cost myself a game at a tournie once....well probably more then once, but this one stands out.

I had 30 CSM in rhino's with two of each special wepaons and a powerfist, 12 raptors, 1 DP, 12 havocs with 3 autocannons and 5 missile launchers and a shooty dread with heavy bolter and missile launcher.

The game was against a infrantry tanith army with two tanks and two sentinals, game started okay for both of us, the demolisher couldn't hurt my dread, but he did tie up my melta squad in combat with some vets and a sentinal. Once my raptors, flamer unit and daemon prince got into his lines, it was all over for him. Turn 5 rolls around, I hold 1 objective, and had three marines near his objective, all he had was ten outflanking guardsmen with the movable heavy bolter guy, they were all bunched up. One frag missile and I can win the game, so I launch the missile, covering 8 of the squad, roll the scatter, it lands on two of mine, I kill two of mine, I fail my leadership test, game goes from a win to a draw.......:D

One instant of bad luck happened to a friend when he played me, I shot a rhino with kharne and 8 CSM in it, blow it up and he losses 4, then kharne gets into combat with 2 raptors, 6 lesser daemons and one of his dreads, raptors kill the marines, kharne kills the dread. Kharne is tied up for 4 combat phases with those daemons, and he is reduced to 1 wound. Last turn of the game, Lucius charges kharne and kills him.

02-01-2010, 01:03
I played a game against guard once, and my opponent actually took more wounds from his plasma gun overheats than from my shooting.

02-01-2010, 02:02
Read my post last page. That is how I score KPs for my foe with Marines. With my Worldeaters, I still think those kills by Kharne, including self inflicted no retreat wipes, should go to me and not my foe. Same with the Dread hosing my own Berserkers with bolters.

02-01-2010, 07:45
Some epic threadlichery going on here. T'is three years old...

To not be a total nag, I had pedro+sternguard pod down right into my tau battleline turn 1. They foolishly try to melta a nearby devilfish and succeeded only in blowing off the smart missile system. Next turn, the Tau open up and tear the squad to pieces. Pedro is left alone on one wound, and rolls an 11 for his morale test. While fleeing he takes a railgun to the back of the head and shrugs it off. Rallies next turn, takes another railgun to the face unscathed. Charges the devilfish his squad failed to destroy and...

Gets killed by the flechette dischargers. Poor bastard got run over by a devilfish.

02-01-2010, 14:19
I had one of my characters lob a vortex grenade in a Apoc game and while it worked well and took out a recently teleported chaos lord and retinue of termies, it then went on to scatter onto 3 super heavies on our own side in following turns and blow them all up.

I also fired a vindicator at short rane onto a mob of ork boyz, it scattered back onto itself and blew itself up.

Last week my GK were dismal (even more so than usual) in me rolling nothing but 1s and 2s for the entire game for armour saves. I also managed 1 good round of shooting where everything hit and killed a fair few chaos marines, but after that out of 14 storm bolter shots and 6 psycannons I was averaging 4 or 5 hits and about 2 wounds scored, which were naturally saved...

Some bad luck for an opponent of mine in a fairly recent DA vs CF game had 1 sternguard unit and 2 tactical squads fail morale checks after being tank shocked by rhinos and being chased off the table. We both had to laugh at the fact one flank of his army was now gone and were humming Benny Hill music each time we took turns in moving our models in the chases, hahaha.

A friend of mine was rying to DS Zagstruk and his stormboys onto the table and kept rolling high for scatter, having them either land off the table or in impassable terrain. Every turn he would roll on the mishap and have them delayed a turn. they never made it onto the board! We were playing KP and I joked about at least I couldn't shoot them to pieces and that the ork technology was working even worse than usual and they likely landed on the far side of the planet and were sacking some settlement across there instead.

I didn;t play this game but I did observe it. A guy in GW Shrewsbury rolled snake eyes for every slow and purposeful movement for at least 1 unit each turn (Nurgle Daemons). He thought it was pretty funny, but I really felt bad for him as he kept failing alot of FNP rolls.

Tanith Ghost
05-01-2010, 05:21
One of the first games I saw down here- A necron lord and immortals escaped from a scrum with veil of darkness- right in front on a baneblade. Oops....:p

05-01-2010, 07:54
My 5 Dire Avengers assault my opponents 5 Dire Avengers, I have extra charging attacks and his squad is doomed. I still lose combat and get run down :__:

05-01-2010, 08:47
not going to resurrect this thread, but it had some doozies also:

gotta love epic fails - especially when it happens to the other guy. Three examples:
1. My Rhino got assaulted by daemonettes of slaanesh. 40 attacks with rending - not a single one even glanced the armor.

2. On the last turn of a tournament, Tank Shocked a pariah with a land raider. he gave ground then I killed the pariah with the heavy bolter and popped his monolith with one of its lascannons to tie the game.

3. Rhino rushed 2 land raiders through a line of orcs to contest his objective FTW!!! gotta say too - I love GKs - they went through the flank of his line like a buzzsaw. I got close enough to his objective with the land raiders that I didn't have to kill his lootas to consolidate onto the objective with the GKs.

Actually in that last game there was a funny time too - he waaghed to get closer to my LRs and pop them with his powerklaws, but when he rolled for fleet - ones and twos. I responded by disembarking my GKs and assault marines and tore his orcs apart.

Biomass Denial
05-01-2010, 09:55
Hmm well one day I was playing a game my nids versus my mates grey knights. Now you see I had at this time a rather expensive 200 or so point carnifex designed for close combat. While not a very reliable or even deadly unit i used to take it for the fun and imagery of a fex beating stuff to death. My friend however over reacts and assaults the fex with a squad of 5 grey knight teminators I assumed this was the end.

However after resolving the combat it was miracously in favour of my fex 5 to 2. So i have five dead termies and a fex with two wounds so this was a rather large bonus. My friends next turn he decideds to assault my fex with two left over storm troopers from a squad that got shot half to death by various gribblys. So the result of the ensuing combat was one dead fex and two dancing gaurdsmen. I suppose this demonstrates balance if nothing else does :P

05-01-2010, 10:02
Very, very nearly incredible bad luck came for my opponent in a 40k game, when his seventeen Bloodletters charged what was left of my Scout squad that consisted of a single missile-launcher armed Scout.

Scores of Chaotic dice rolls later and my scout had six armour saves (4+) to make. I made five of them.

So near, yet so far. I even got a handshake for how awesome that Scout nearly was.