View Full Version : How long will it last?

02-10-2007, 15:22
Just a quick question here,

with apocalypse n all, there seems to be huge savings coming up. Boxed sets which can save you 50 or more, are very tempting.
However, Im not sure if its worth saving up my cash for the bigger sets, or if they will be taken off the shelf before i get the chance.

So simply, is there a 'lifespan' on apocalypse sets, or will they be a permanent offer from the stores?

Just wondering if i should spend all my cash on a baneblade before it goes out of production, or if its worth getting that inderdiction set while i have the chance.

Thanks for any replies

02-10-2007, 15:25
Id imagine some will be splash releases and some will be here for good (the Baneblade for certain)

Brother Loki
02-10-2007, 16:09
The baneblade is definitely here to stay - it will take a long time to make its money beck. The boxed sets are splash releases so you're definitely better going for them first.

02-10-2007, 16:28
I can see most of the box sets lasting as long as Christmas time in order to take advantage of holiday buying, then again I can see them disappearing right before Christmas for the same reason. :eyebrows:

02-10-2007, 16:31
"In-store deals" are the ones with fancy boxes and they are limited in quantity and some are disappearing fast, like the Emperor's Fist Tank Company. Direct Only deals are not limited in quantity. Both deals are limited time offers. Take advantage of these savings ASAP or you may find you have missed them. These offers will likely only be around through the end of this calendar year.