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02-10-2007, 17:46
I played a demo Apocalypse game the other day and it inspired me to create a special scenario for my game group's big apoc game that we'll be doing soon. It will be around 10000 pts per side 4-5 players on each team. I will be GMing just to keep score and also playing on whichever side comes up short on points. Anyway, just wondering what ya'll might think...?


Inquisitor Weyland and his retinue arrived upon the world of Ionis IV. Lead to this planet as he has tracked a vast Chaos fleet to this system and tasking himself with discovering their objective and, if possible, thwarting their plans. For now, At first. his mission was simply reconnoissance.

Lifeform scanners indicated most activity was in a desolate sector, uninhabited for centuries. A land of twisted forests and ancient ruins. Melinda, an assassin in his retinue, had infiltrated the enemy forces posing as one of their own. In her last report, she stated the ruined temple that is the object of the traitors' desire holds a dark and terrible secret. A ancient relic of supposed immeasurable power. Her daily reports stopped coming a week ago.

The chaos forces are pressing hard for the temple. The Inquisitor's patience as run out, his Astropath has sent word for reinforcements. The time to act is now. The forces of the Imperium shall decend upon the ruins of Ionis IV and thwart the plans the traitorous legions and secure this power for the Inquisition, or destroy it.


The table will contain 5 objectives that must be captured and held.

1 ruined temple, preferably in the center of the board. Should be on a cliff of some sort so that access to it is limited to 1 or 2 directions, other than flying/deep striking. This could look like any old generic ruins looking piece of terrain.

4 Pylons of Power, 1 in each starting area and 2 in no-man's land (the area between armies in the beginning of the game). If it's a square-ish board, they should form a square with the temple in the center. As far as terrain goes these should be something kind of tall and obelisk looking.

Capturing an objective is done by having a "scoring unit" or independent character within 3 inches. If an enemy scoring unit or independent character is within 3 inches as well, it counts as contested. To be able to capture an objective you also have to be on the same level as it, so if the temple is on a cliff and you're at the bottom, that doesn't count.

Each turn that a team holds an objective earns them points. Contested pylons earn no points for either team for that pylon. Each pylon is worth 2 points. The temple is worth 5, or 2 each if contested.

The ruined temple, being a place of pure evil, may react to the carnage around it. If close combat occurs within 6 inches of the temple (on any level!) roll 1 D6 for each unit and/or independent character in the battle (so a character in a unit means 2 dice!). If doubles are rolled at all, the pylons will light up and chaotic energy will crackle around them. Someone else roll a D6.

1-5 = White hot energy surrounds 1 pylon and lightning shoots from the top into the ground below. Determine a pylon randomly with a d6, or d4 if you're nerdy enough to have one. Roll a scatter dice and 2d6 and place the small round template there. Anything touched by the template (like a flamer) are hit with a Str4 AP4 hit. Anything under the hole gets 1 Str8 AP2 hit. Place a crater looking piece of terrain here and count it as difficult ground for the rest of the game. No partials will count, it works like a flamer so all it has to do is touch something.

6 = Energy surrounds 1 pylon and a warp rift opens, bending space and time, sucking all who are near into the warp! Randomly determine a pylon and roll 2d6 and a scatter dice. Place a vortex grenade template here. This remains in play and continues to drift as a normal vortex grenade would (um, they do remain in play and drift around, right?).

As the ruins and pylons are super evil and magical, any new Apocalypse thingamajig that would have the power to destroy a terrain feature will have no effect on these pieces, but everything else can get blown up as normal.

Objective points are calculated at the very end of each team's turn but only for that team.

Other Rules:

For setup, the usual apocalypse mission of just rolling a scatter dice and you can end up with big uneven setup areas. Instead we will divide the board in half with the temple in the center if possible. We will then roll the scatter dice to determine the direction no man's land is going and it will always go through the center so that each side gets an equal amt of setup space. No man's land is just 12 inches wide, but in addition nothing can set up within 12" of the temple as well. It should take at least a turn for anyone to get there I think.

Plan for 2000 pts for your army. Try to keep your army at a standard codex format for the first 1000 pts. Feel free to pack extra stuff and have the extra units worked out ahead of time, if your side is lower on points you can then add more units to build up your team's points.

The game will begin around 2pm. It ends at 8 PM, or after 6 turns, or if a team reaches 20 objective points first. If not, at 8 or turn 6, whoever has the most points wins!