View Full Version : Howler Wind and Chariots

02-09-2005, 22:00
Does Howler Wind count as difficult terrain for chariots? So chariots cannot voluntarily enter it. Or does it just halve speed?

Major Defense
02-09-2005, 22:58
Howler Wind also "counts" as difficult ground for skirmishers. Basically, all enemy models move at half speed. No, it would not hurt a chariot aside from the slowness.

03-09-2005, 13:05
The spell description is somewhat unclear unless the section "enemy treat the entire zone as if it were difficult ground" is ignored.

The primary movement effect is that affected units move at half speed. This does not in itself prohibit marching, nor does it imply that the unit is moving in difficult terrain.

Difficult terrain halves the movement of most units and prohibits them from marching (in addition to causing damage to chariots moving through it).

It seems most appropriate to assume that the "difficult ground" reference merely indicates that the whole unit suffers the spell effects while it is wholly or partially within the zone, and that the effects on movement cease once it leaves the zone.

E.g. a unit moves 2 inches to enter the zone. It's remaning move is halved while moving inside the zone.


04-09-2005, 23:12
I generally play that it is straight difficult terrain area, so everything half moved and chariots cannot move into the area of their own accord. I let skirmishers move full still generally but think that it actually does both if you follow the rules clearly. As it says enemies move at half speed and treat it as difficult terrain. But I think this bad wording and you should just agree either half move skirmisher effected, or difficult terrain skirmishers not effected but chariots are.

In a tournment we played that chariots in the area already when cast couldn't move but didn't take damage. However we let flyers and skirmisher move as normal. But I this is a player agreement rather then the potential best solution but those generally cause least arguements til a clarification is published