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03-10-2007, 08:47
I have several questions about the Lizardmen Red Host list.

1) Can Saurus heroes ride a Cold One or a Carnosaur, like in the normal list?
2) Are Chameleon Skinks limited to 0-1 in this list?
3) Can a Saurus Scar-Veteran be the Battle Standard Bearer?
4) Can the Arcanodon fire the Engine while in close combat?
5) Tehenhauin's Tide of Serpent rule says that the Lesser Swarms can make "Look Out Sir!" rolls. However, Tehenhauin can't join units of Lesser Swarms, only Jungle Swarms. Is it a typo and should be "The Jungle Swarms can make..."?

11-10-2007, 01:55
= / IMO the Red host would be AWESOME!!! if it didn't force you to take the prophet.\

I would assume that a Saurus could Ride a cold one or a Carnosaur, with the right spawning.
Again I would figure Chameleons to be 0-1
Not sure about the others.

Autobot HQ
11-10-2007, 08:32
1) yes
2) it doesn't say 0-1 in the army list, so I'd say you can max out on the hyper skinks of death as every other book that has an alternate list in that doesn't have 0-1 in front of it means the restriction is lifted (ex. being black orcs in the old grimgor list).
4) no
5) i'd assume so but thats not definitive really.

Gabacho Mk.II
12-10-2007, 05:17
Not to sound rude, but I believe the answers to all of these questions (bar the last one concerning swarms) is actually in the Lustria book.

I intend to game with the Red Host armylist next campaign, and due to it being 1,999pt armylists, I am quite happy that we (in the campaign) will all have only 3 heroes that we can choose up to... which will thankfully get rid of the named characters.

I wasnt much help, sorry.

[but I did have good intentions!] ;)

12-10-2007, 07:13
Although tenenhauin is a pretty good character, his only weakness being unable to join anything but Jungle Swarms. Lol, Red Host made a fantastic army in 6th before swarms crumbled. THere was no limit to the amount of lesser swarms you could take.