View Full Version : starting a chaos army any help??

03-10-2007, 20:15
i am thinking of getting a 1000 point chaos army my budget is a small 150 any help would be apretiated i will probably collect nurgel or shall i collect a diffrent one?

03-10-2007, 20:17
the boxed army deal then add another 10 man squad, and youll be on your way

03-10-2007, 20:21
mmmm maybe but i always had a thing about buying the big boxes dont really like to bundle the stuff in i like to have a good 1000 pt army thats planed out

03-10-2007, 20:42
As all chaos armies have all option now you can make them look like anything you want. If you like Death Gaurd go for it.

The "good" units seem to be.

HQ-Deamon Prince, Sorcerer might also be good. Greater Deamon is mean and cheap in points but not cheap to buy. Kharn and Typhus for larger games.

Troops-just about all. Regular Chaos Marines are quite good. Plauge Marines, Zerkers, Thosand Sons and even maybe noise marines can fill a roll pretty good. I'd stay away from lesser deamons unless you have a roll for them to fill. Rhinos are good buys for your troops.

Heavy - I'm still a big fan of the Obliterators. Havocs would be an easy choice too. Preditors are ok. I'm not sold on the defiler yet, it just seems to easy to kill for the points you spend on it. Vindicators might be good if you can back them up.

Fast Attack-this is a no brainer option. Cheap Raptors rule the sky. Pricey metal models but some people use the plastic models from regular space marines and chaosify them.

Elite-Terminators and chosen are your most effective units for the cost.

If you want to keep to a death guard theme on a budget I'd get a Deamon Prince, 2 squads of Plague marines, 1 or 2 rhinos, a havoc squard or 3 Obliterators. That would be $35+40+40+30+30+45+40=$260=130 pounds+tax. Point wise it should be around 900 points. Of course you can get some really good deals on Ebay too.

This is all just my opinion of course.

03-10-2007, 21:06
[QUOTE=Vedar;1972379] Of course you can get some really good deals on Ebay too. QUOTE]

i will never ever use e bay not after the stuff i ordered and just to say i have 2 vindicators that i can chaoify so that should bring me up to 1000 i think

03-10-2007, 21:17
The box set is nice you can make 22 marines then get a box set. Turn 1 marine into a chaos lord, and you have 31 marines(or 30 with 6 possessed) and a rhino thats a good 100 points if you gear them right. AC with power fist and use glory icons or what ever chaos god you want. Buddle boxes not always what you want but I rather like the chaos set because the khorn can convert to marines with ease, and the rhino is free. They give you 2 troops and 1 Hg and 1 elite, and transport then buy a box of marines and you can kick ass. Tip save all your special weapons later on when you get more troops you want to have them. (mistake I made)