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M1A2 Commander
04-10-2007, 00:41
OK, not sure if this is the section for this but here goes. Forge World. Great items but lousy customer service. I ordered a Vanquisher turret from THE WAR STORE .com and Neal the owner emailed me stating that FW had the item on backorder. Hmmm, are they not the MAKERS of these things????? This was August 10th!:eyebrows: Between then and now, Neal has repeatedly tried to get the turret for me with no responses to his emails about it. I emailed FW several times about the situation and got no responses either. I even tried calling them direct from the U.S. and they could not connect the call. WTF??? It's a common item and no one can answer the question as to why I must wait almost two months for a common FW part. I can not fault Neal at The War Store because he has been outstanding in the past. Talk about the worst customer service on the planet.

04-10-2007, 00:48
I totally sympathise with you M1A2, but FW is under a lot of strain right now with everyone wanting some fancy new FW models to bring to Apoc when it's released. I think it's supposed to be a relatively small operation too, so I can only assume your complaint hasn't been ignored, just lost amongst all the mail, electronic and paper, that must be flying in right now.

Brother Loki
04-10-2007, 00:54
They only have a very few staff (none of whom are actually dedicated to answering emails), and they're working 7 days a week at the moment to try to keep up with demand, as everything they make is hand cast. I have no idea why they didn't answer the phone though as that's highly unusual, unless it was simply a fault on the line or something. (you did call between 9 and 5 British Summer Time right?)

04-10-2007, 01:17
Yeah ive had no problems with them in the past, but with Gamesday and Apocalypse they are probably a little swamped, and having to relay through war store probably hasnt helped either... And Loki has a point, after work in Florida is middle of the night in the UK...

Xenocidal Maniac
04-10-2007, 03:14
Poor customer service is unforgivable, but, unfortunately, as the other posters mentioned, FW is a pretty small operation that is under a tremendous amount of strain right now what with Apoc and all. I might be a little more forgiving of delays and the like now. I'm sure you will get your stuff soon enough.

04-10-2007, 04:05
I have looked at the forgeworld stuff on warstore before, but to me it just didn't seem like a good idea to order something from a mail order company that has to mail order the item from someone else to sell it. I just go straight to the source and order from there. That being said, I'm waiting on my big order as well, they sent me a little bit of it, but the lions share is still waiting.

I can wait a while tho, its not like I don't have enough to paint already.

Captain Brown
04-10-2007, 04:12
Never had a problem with them, including a couple of calls from Canada when I was trying to decipher the invoice when I thought a whole load of items were missing, found out that they shipped the orders in two lots to fill a couple of back-ordered items. Which is much better than some vendors who make you wait until the entire order is ready.


04-10-2007, 04:13
Have you guys not read the notice on their webpage concerning shipping difficulties with Royal mail? Could this not be the reason? I saw that warning there way back in August as well.

04-10-2007, 04:38
I'm told that FW conists of a total of 10 people, and that only due a somewhat recent doubling of their staff.
They don't keep up a stock as such. Most things are: you order and we'll get right on casting one for you.
What little stock they had, they took to the recent gamesday and most of their casters are busy due to the combination of Apocalypse and christmas that I call: Apocalystmas.

Remember: 10 guys trying to cast for the entire world (I realize less than 1% of the world actually orders from them, but it's still a lot!)

04-10-2007, 05:39
Neal himself has been trying to get the part for you? man he sounds like a businessman who knows what's up.

04-10-2007, 07:28
OK, not sure if this is the section for this but here goes. Forge World. Great items but GREAT customer service.
Fixed that for you. FW has an almost impeachable customer service record, and right now, I hear they're getting slammed pretty hard. How many other people do you think are ordering turrets right now, especially those who have also ordered the great big Fist tank squandron? They do have a pretty poor e-mail response record, but that's mainly a question of the volume they receive. Finally, if the call wouldn't connect, then that means you probably made the mistake while placing the international call. It sucks that you're having all this trouble, but this is an exception, not the norm.

Neal himself has been trying to get the part for you? man he sounds like a businessman who knows what's up.
It's a small operation. He's usually the one who answers the phone when I call to place an order too.

04-10-2007, 08:22
Fixed that for you. FW has an almost impeachable customer service record, and right now, I hear they're getting slammed pretty hard.

Impeachable (adjective)
1. making one subject to impeachment, as misconduct in office.
2. liable to be impeached

I do believe you meant impeccable.
1. faultless; flawless; irreproachable: impeccable manners.
2. not liable to sin; incapable of sin.

04-10-2007, 09:51
Well ive ordered a fair number of items from FW over the years and ive never had any problems, had problems with my local UPS but not with FW.

It must have, as others have suggested, to do with the high demand atm for the apoc release.

Cry of the Wind
04-10-2007, 13:21
Yeah, I wouldn't be too harsh on those poor FW guys right now. I've never had problems with them in the past besides a few missing burst cannons on my Epic Manta and Barracuda for A.I., and even then I was given all the missing burst cannons within a week, no questions asked. Like others are pointing out, they are a small group who are probably being hammered with Apoc related orders right now (not to mention a lot of new A.I. stuff coming out which is very popular as is the DKoK range).

Busty Titanium
04-10-2007, 13:43
You can't write to FW; you have to call them. Emails get lost and with them being such a small operation, I imagine it's quite difficult to keep up with them. Especially with the current pressure that they're under.

FW are great when you get them on the phone. If you're missing parts (which happens often) they are apologetic and quick to replace anything that was missing.

However, two months is a long time and I would be fuming as well if I were you. The Royal Mail strike has been ongoing for the past couple of months but it shouldn't have held your order up for this long.

I would call FW (during their business hours) and explain to them what's happened. I'd be surprised if they weren't supportive.

Good luck. Hope you get your turret soon. :)


The Borgal Rantipol
04-10-2007, 13:45
I wrote a letter of complaint to FW after finally having enough of calling their customer service line to request missing components or having to chase up orders that they hadn't sent out. As they never answer email I figured a snail mail might actually get their attention. I didn't even receive an acknowledgment. My complaint was completely ignored.

Now, I know they are a small team and really busy, but surely being so busy means they must be raking it in and therefore can afford to hire more staff to deal with the heavy work load.

Hopefully their recent doubling of staff (mentioned above) will allow them to provide a little more customer care in the future.


M1A2 Commander
05-10-2007, 08:43
Neal emailed me today. No turret and he refunded my $$$. Anyone know who has any Vanguisher turrets in stock besides FW?

Thanks for the reply guys. Still, with all the money they are making, you would think they would hire more staff to sell even more and provide better customer service to increase profits even more. I guess they failed economics 101 in college. :confused: