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03-09-2005, 14:00
Simple background. Take dead Chaos army, twist in to Vampires, let them loose. Khornate inspired for imagery and modelling.

Vampire Count [321]
Barded Nightmare, Shield, Sword of Unholy Power, Red Fury, Master Strike

Necromancer [150]
Hand Weapon, Level 2, Power Familiar

Vampire Thrall [126]
Flayed Hauberk, Honour or Death, Great Weapon

Wight Lord [116]
Heavy Armour, Shield, Battle Standard, Sword of Kings

30 Skeletons [335]
Light Armour, Spears, Shields

20 Zombies [120]

20 Zombies [120]

5 Dire Wolves inc Doom Wolf [60]

14 Grave Guard [212]
Heavy Armour, Shields, Hand Weapons, Full Command

14 Grave Guard [212]
Heavy Armour, Shields, Hand Weapons, Full Command

6 Black Knights [230]
Hand Weapon, Lance, Shield, Barded Nightmare, Full Command, Screaming Banner

1997 Total

Tactics are simple at this time.
* The Count goes with the Black Knights, screened by the Dire Wolves
* Wight Lord is with the first Grave Guard
* Thrall is with the Second Unit of Grave Guard
* Necromancer lurks with Skeletons. Since it's a fairly substantial unit, and should be able to keep the Necro alive
* Zombies are the expendable tie up units (duh)

I must admit I am partially inspired by models. Archaon will be modified in to the Count, the Khorne Champ on foot will be the thrall. I'm trying to decide between either a Necrach sans fangs or the Chaos Sorc for my Necromancer. The Grave Guard and Black Knights will be Chaos Warriors/Knights. Finally, the Zombies are going to be Marauders and Zombie pieces thrown together.

I am flexible though, and I can drop some of these units, I just feel it's good to see the logic (or lack thereof) behind my army now.

Jabs with big sharp sticks welcome :)

03-09-2005, 14:36
Just a quick remark: You can't give your battle standard bearer a shield (he holds the banner in that hand).

03-09-2005, 19:13
drop sword on count, drop wight lord add a 2nd necro. drop skels to 25 ^.^

normally its a bad idea to fully upgrade a large unit of skels since you can summon them and save points.

04-09-2005, 00:48
@Arnizipal - Ah yes, that's right, they knocked those rules in some time ago. It's been a while since I last played (4th Ed anyone?)

@fubukii - What is the issue with the sword? It's a low magic army, so a bit of assistance in that area is a bonus I would have thought. The Archaon blade is just screaming for magic item as well ;)

I contemplated another Necro, but it didn't seem very Blood Dragon at all. I can't think of any reason for a former Khorne Champion to be accompanied by two Necros.

I can't see an issue with the Wight atm. As far as I can gather it's because he's not a Necro though, yeah? It just felt like an ideal character to have with the Grave Guard, with the Standard and a ******* useful sword.

The Skellies I might drop to 25. The Light Armour may not be a good idea, I agree with you on that. That would free up a few more points for something.