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04-10-2007, 17:59
2000 (1999/2/2/167)

Skarsnik and Gobbla 205
Black orc big boss with the horn of Urgok, light armour and shield 131
Black orc big boss with Nibbla's itty ring, light armour and shield 111
Savage orc big boss on boar with spear, light armour and shield 97
24 night goblins with spears, full command and 2 fanatics 166
24 night goblins with spears, full command and 2 fanatics 166
18 night goblins with full command and 2 fantaics 124
23 orc boyz with additional choppas and full command 191
20 orc boyz with additional choppas and full command 170
5 squig herds 150
10 squig hoppers 150
9 savage orc boar boyz with spears, shields and full command 263
Goblin rock lobber with orc bully 75

The genral idea is to have the sword gobbos with Skarsnik and Gobbla in in the center of the board, with the spear gobbos beside them, and the choppa orcs beside them. On one flank will be the boar boyz, and the other both sets of squigs. The rock lobber is there just to take out a few things comabt can't always sort out, and to thin numbers, making the fights easier, or taking out some kick ass, uber combat units eg. great swords.

The 3 bound spells are there to keep my mmagic phase ticking, as skipping a phase means your wasting a phase, so I just wanted to throw them in to keep a little spice, along with a simple shooting phase, inbetween the movement and combat phases.

Any CnC?

04-10-2007, 19:57
Imo you are going to get hammered by magic. Sorry to sound harsh but with just 2 dispel dice a turn and no dispel scrolls in sight you will get completey splattered with it, and woe betide comming across a magic heavy army.

Also whats the point in 3 bound items and no magic support? you will never get one off as since most have a power lvl of 3 or so they will easily be dispelled.

I maybe very wrong but thats just my opinion

04-10-2007, 20:52
an average magic army has either one scroll cady or 2 mages, so will get 4 dispell dice.

I have a bound 5, bound 5 and bound 3, meaning on average I should get 1 off a turn unless the opponent has 3 or more mages in his army (or a way of getting 5 or more dispell dice).

I do see your point though, but OnGs can't get any more bound spells than what I have, and since Skarsnik and Gobbla can't get rid of theirs and I have to pay points for it, it's a bit of a waste to not try and use it (since it will save my ass against monsters like giants, or heavy cavalry). Would you think removing one of the black orc bosses and replacing him with a lv2 goblin shaman with the staff of sneaky stealin would work better, and also maybe add Mork's Spirit totem (which means I'd nead to cut 124 points, which seams to be exactly the points of that third gobo unit that would house Skarsnik and Gobbla)

So what do you think, worth it?:

- a black orc big boss and 18 gobos
+ a level 2 gobo shaman with staff of sneaky stealing and Mork's spirit totem to the remaining black orc big boss