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Rich 123
03-09-2005, 17:05
Hey there.

Some of you may have been following my assault marine thread here in the painting and terrain forum here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10407) . Well for the 5th anf final trooper I was thinking mk8 armour would be fun- for the same reason I did one in mk4 armour really, because the dont often show up at all let alone as assault marines.

So, I know that mk8 armour involves the raised collar on the armour as well as armour over the ribbing on the abs. Also there was some sort of ankle thing that I have since forgotten.

Could anyone fill me in on what exactly constitutes mk8 armour other than the collar and abs please? I like my marine to be accurate and not to share armour parts with other marks.

Pictures would be a great help.

03-09-2005, 17:30
Its not really much more 'visually' than you've already described. The MKVII ‘Aquila’ was the finished result of Astartes Power Armour’s evolution. The MKVIII was just a ‘touch up’.

Jes Goodwin's sketchbook The Gothic & the Eldritch, had some drawings of his concept for where it was going:

Raised collar guard.
Armoured stomach umbilical.
'ankle gyro-stabiliser cover' is what his notes describe the spherical area over the ankle, although I've only seen it on the Ragnar Blackmane model.
The 'stabiliser-jets' of the backpack have also been armoured with a sheath covering.

03-09-2005, 18:05
Track down Kage2020, he's the true Tech buff around here.

03-09-2005, 19:14
The MK 8 has only one non-customised depiction without modification, found in model form here:

A model by The Man of GW miniatures, who also designed it (the sketch matches). Note the ankle.

03-09-2005, 20:27
Errant is, for me, the 'coolest' version of APA. I love it! Unfortunately there seems little justification in making it that different to Mk VII. Less chance of 'critical' hits through the 'bendium' of the neck and, perhaps, an upgrade to some of the electronics but that's about it.

Then again I'm more interested in modelling APA than talking strictly about the 'fluff' and that, and the means that I achieve it, often shade my thinking on such matters.


Rich 123
03-09-2005, 20:29
Thnaks for the info all fo you.

That is the only only 'vanilla' image I had seen too minister. It is those era models that I was basing the other alternative armour varients I have made on. Though wanted to bring them up to date a bit at the same time.

Thanks - well, Ill start converting an assault marine in mk8 armour tomorrow.

03-09-2005, 21:28
Marines have stabilising jets? :wtf:

03-09-2005, 21:41

The areas marked by the red circles are supposedly stabilising jets, allowing Space Marines to push themselves along and such, in zero-G environments, and possibly underwater. No practical use on earth-like battlefields.

03-09-2005, 22:33
Originally (Kage2020 or Brusilov can correct me if I'm in error) those provided lift for short hops. The (current) *jump pack* was actually a *flight pack* and the current *backpack* was actually a *jump pack*.

With the passing of years, they were downgraded to the current capabilities which are primarily venting heat.

04-09-2005, 06:07
uhm, I remember the stabilising jets being there to make a marine more balanced as far as walking, running and such. Meaning that they can jump and run in "impossible" stances because they are balanced up by the stabilising jets. (i.e. running whilst leaning up to 50% to the side and such).
But I might be wrong...

04-09-2005, 06:12
It is likely that we are all *right* AND *wrong* depending on which edition we are refering to. Marines (like all armies) have evolved significantly since RT, so it depends quite a bit on how long you've been playing.

04-09-2005, 20:21
No, I've got some memory around that suggeted they were jump jets, despite some of the original artwork out of the RT rulebook.


04-09-2005, 22:56
I don't recall that being the case in the RT book, and Jump Packs (and the less common Flight Packs) were definatley in place in the fluff as a specialist item of equipment in an extended backpack (although the newer ones look far better).

04-09-2005, 23:06
Hmmn... maybe. I just remember being surprised when they released Marines with jump packs. Ah well. That's a level of 'fluff' knowledge that is perhaps a tad on the anal side... ;)

Erm, nothing bad meant by that.


Kensai X
05-09-2005, 00:32
Is it just me or do the Mk 8's look like they have a utility belt...?

I'd figure I'd use Mk 8's for my Deathwatch team I'm working on and I myself am working on learning facts about the armor.

04-10-2005, 03:07
I've found a couple of stabaizer jet references but the only one that suggests actual flight capability is a scene from the inferno 'obvious tactics' comic strip.
I always thought that the vents on the backpack were just for heat exchange. after all, the backpack does contain 'a stacked atomic chain' ie a sort of nuclear battery which must produce a lot of heat

04-10-2005, 07:01
Also note the bracers on the fore arm which over lap the back of the hands, as opposed to the mk 7 arms.