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Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 16:34
I've let The Conclave help me out with my Inquisitors background and stats for the INQ game and I thought I'd share the latest version of him here for a wider audience of 41st millennium fans to comment on him. Thanks in advance for any comments and advice!

Inquisitor Aidan Vernius of the Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Aidan Vernius began life as an orphan in the Schola Progenium, his mother having died giving birth and his father on one of the battlefields of the Cadian Gate. In his early evaluations it was determined that he had the faith and ability that would be best used in the Commissariat. Aidan excelled in his training and looked forward to bring his faith and fury to the battlefield. Unfortunately as is often the case with exceptional individuals is was determined that his best use would be as a Commissar Cadet instructor, rather than let one of his skill be killed needlessly at the front lines and so shortly after becoming a full Commissar, Aidan was re-tasked as a Commissar Drill Abbot. Though dampened by this turn of events Aidan nevertheless held firm in his duty and had faith the Emperor had a plan for him.

Aidan’s time as an instructor did not prevent him from seeing active combat, as it is part of Commissar Cadet training for the new recruits to prove themselves on the field of battle. During one such field deployment his platoon of Cadets was inducted into the service of Inquisitor Quentin Oleksy. The Inquisitor had been rooting out a cult that he suspected was attempting to summon a daemon from the warp. A battle was raging on the world and it seemed the forces of the arch-enemy were turning to the daemonic to aid them. Normally his own personal retinue of Cadian Guardsmen would have sufficed, however the cult’s infiltration of the local PDF had given them more manpower and firepower than his few troops could handle. Believing that a regular Imperial Guard unit may not have the faith and strength of will needed to face such an abomination, Inquisitor Oleksy turned to the Commissar Cadets who had been deployed to the war zone, and ordered them to assist in his assault on the cult. As he had fear the cult was nearing completion of the required rituals and Inquisitor Oleksy and his young Commissars began their attack just as the daemon was materializing. After a horrendous battle in which most of the Cadets were killed and Inquisitor Oleksy himself suffered horrible injuries, the cult and daemon were destroyed.

Commissar Drill Abbot Vernius played a major role in the banishing of the daemon as it was his faith that had given the daemon pause when it attacked him. Bellowing praise to the Emperor as he attacked it, Vernius had halted the daemon long enough for Inquisitor Oleksy to recover his bearings and complete his banishment ritual. Inquisitor Oleksy knew that Vernius had been lucky to have survived his encounter with the daemon. While the daemon had the potential to become a powerful entity, so close to its summoning it did not have a strong hold on reality. It was during this time of weakness that words of faith could still harm the beast and Aidan had the faith and will strong enough to slow the beast down. Believing that Aidan would make an excellent member of his retinue, Inquisitor Oleksy requested that Aidan join his band. The CommissarDrill Abbot could hardly refuse the offer as it would be akin to turning down a request from the Emperor Himself; such is the station of an Inquisitor. At first Quentin thought that Aidan would be merely a useful asset to his warband, however Aidan was a quick learner in the ways of the Inquisition. His training as a political officer gave him insight into dealing with others and gauging their reactions and his faith gave him the strength to face the daemonic in battle. Within a few short years it was clear to the Inquisitor that Aidan had great potential. Quentin formally took on Aidan as his Interrogator and began his training.

Decades went by and Interrogator Aidan Vernius learned much about the Ordo Malleus and combating daemonic creatures. One thing about his master always bothered the Interrogator however. It seemed that the Inquisitor spent most of his time at study, reading many of the texts they had captured despite Aidan’s desire to burn them. Aidan was cautioned that failing to understand the nature of the foe would be his undoing as faith alone is not always enough. This bothered the Interrogator to no end but he trusted his master and slowly began to join him in study.

Then came the fateful investigation of the Cardinal of Gloria Prime. Inquisitor Oleksy gave orders for Interrogator Vernius to investigate the Ecclesiarchy of that world, as word had spread the Cardinal had become reclusive and strange sights had been reported in and around the cathedral where he resided. Rumours of mutation had spread throughout the world however the Inquisitor suspected daemonic possession to be the cause, though how he had come to that conclusion he would not disclose. After a lengthy investigation Interrogator Vernius brought his evidence to the Inquisitor’s attention. Quentin had spent nearly the entire time locked in his personal study, not allowing anyone entrance. While this was odd it was not entirely out of character so Aidan had nothing of it as they prepared to confront the daemonically possessed Cardinal.

The battle between the daemon Cardinals fanatical followers and Oleksy’s men was fierce and lengthy, most of the Cadian Guardsmen that Inquisitor Oleksy had inducted years ago, all experienced veterans, were killed in the first moments of combat. The battle slowly turned in their favour and Sergeant Kiryk rallied the Guardsmen that had survived thus far. They blasted their way into the Cardinals personal chambers and it seemed that victory was assured. It was then that Quentin revealed what he had learned in his study. As the possessed Cardinal began to attack the Inquisitor, Oleksy began to utter words unknown to Aidan. The Cardinal’s body started to twist and deform, the daemon began screaming with rage as it realized that Inquisitor Oleksy had begun to bind it into its current host body and slowly started over powering it. Aidan could not believe his eyes; his master whom he had always believed to be a pious servant of the Emperor was creating a daemonhost, binding the daemon into the Cardinals body! The Interrogator immediately demanded that his master destroy the creature before it could break loose of the weak hold the ritual had created. Quentin began to ramble on about the power and knowledge they could gain through binding and studying this daemon but Aidan heard none of the words. Over come with fury at what his master did Aidan turned his bolt pistol on the venerable Inquisitor and pulled the trigger. As Quentin Oleksy died the creature broke free from his hold over it and fled from the cathedral.

Deeply troubled Aidan summoned the Conclave of Pisentius to give his report. Aidan had only met of few of these Inquisitors during his time with Oleksy, working alongside Inquisitor Hamelen during his time as an Interrogator. The others he did not know except from the stories he was told by Quentin of their accomplishments and the means in which to summon them together. What he did know was that these were the Inquisitors that he should inform of his masters fall. Upon hearing of the events at the cathedral the Conclave was in uproar. These men had known Quentin for over a century and did not believe that a dedicated champion of the Emperor had fallen so. They subjected Aidan to mind probes and tests of faith as well as the others who were there. The conclave saw that Aidan spoke the truth and began a review of his progress and work as an Interrogator. After the review of his work was complete it was determined that Aidan Vernius was indeed pure and untouched by his masters corruption and in fact was worthy of much praise. The conclave presented Aidan with his Inquisitorial Rosette and full Inquisitor status. Inquisitor Vernius’ first duty as a full Inquisitor was to hunt down and destroy the daemon his master had failed to control, both the act a penance for allowing it to escape as well as to prove he was truly worthy of the rank he now held.

After many years of searching Inquisitor Aidan Vernius was able to track down the daemon to a back water world well beyond the Cadian Gate. By this time his warband had grown from the few Guard veterans that survived the battle in the cathedral to include several others most notably the Sanctioned Pysker Krystyn, a veteran of the Cadian Gate who was inducted by the Inquisitor during a previous encounter with his quarry. Krystyn’s ability to detect the presence of the daemon allowed Inquisitor Vernius to track the creature as it left the world they were on and had proved invaluable from that time on in tracking the creature as it went from world to world attempting to escape. This time the daemon was prepared to make a stand against the Inquisitor. It had gathered many minions around itself and the battle was not unlike their first encounter in the cathedral. Though the Guardsmen were able to destroy the minions the daemon itself was more powerful than they were able to handle. Inquisitor Vernius and the Pysker Krystyn advanced upon the creature and began a physical and psychic assault on the beast. Just when it seemed as though they had won, the daemon unleashed a power psychic blast at Krystyn. Much to the daemon’s surprise the Pysker did not explode messily as had similar men before him; instead Krystyn’s eyes glowed brightly as he turned the power back on the daemon! Aidan took the chance and swung his chainsword at the creatures head while bellowing praise to the Emperor. The daemon realizing its doom began to laugh as it focused its power into one final attack against the Inquisitor. Instead of blasting him with the intent to kill the daemon instead showed Aidan a glimpse into the warp.

What Aidan saw shook him to the very core. As the daemon began to dissolve under the attack from Krystyn and the Guardsmen, Aidan slumped to his knees and dropped his weapons. With the daemon destroyed his friend Sergeant Kiryk picked the Inquisitor up and dragged him away as the daemons stronghold began to collapse, the powers holding it together having been banished.

What the daemon had shown Aidan was the Emperor on the Golden Throne weak and useless. It showed him the warp and the Astronomican, and how it used all of the Emperor’s power just to hold that one beacon in place. It showed him how futile his faith in his ‘God’ was and that Aidan was truly alone in the universe and doomed to be a pawn of the dark gods. This alone would not have brought much grief to Aidan seeing as he was a pious servant of the Emperor and could not trust the word of a daemon. However the events at the cathedral still haunted him, how could one such as a Cardinal become pawn to a daemon, surely his faith should have kept him pure? His old master, the damned Inquisitor Oleksy, he too was a faithful servant for so long, how too did the Emperor let him fall? If the Emperor could not spare his power for the faithful, where did Aidan’s own power over daemons come from? Worse still the touch of the warp lingered in Aidan’s mind. He could feel the warp around him now and began to pick up on his follower’s feelings. He consulted with Krystyn, who also had begun to feel the warp stronger since their battle with the daemon, manifesting a startling new level of ability. Was this the work of the daemon’s power? These questions haunted Aidan in his dreams, dreams which became more tormented with each passing night.

In his quest for answers Aidan turned to his old master’s library, a source of knowledge that he had become too attached to, and had been unable to destroy despite Oleksy’s fall from grace. After months of study he discovered the key to his puzzle. Chaos only became powerful when it was worshipped by mortal followers; the gods were given strength in the warp through the souls of the living. So to it could be reasoned if the Chaos gods could gain power from their faithful so too could a creature in the warp gain power from the prayers of the Emperor’s faithful. Perhaps the was another god in the warp that had been fueled by humanities faith in the Emperor, maybe a new god, a mirror of the undying Emperor of the Golden Throne but given form in the warp by souls of the faithful! It would explain his new senses and the increased power of his faithful Pysker. They had been infused with the power of the ‘Emperor of the Warp’ as reward for their faith and duty in his name. This revelation took hold of Aidan and he began a quest to bring power to his ‘new’ Emperor, the warp twin of the one whom he had devoted his entire life thus far to.

With his new agenda Inquisitor Vernius continued his hunt of the cults of Chaos and the battle against the daemonic. Now he not only acted in shadows but also in the light of the Ecclesiarchy, encouraging the faithful to root out those unclean around them and to give praise for their salvation from the powers of the warp. Though he felt the renewed faith of the people whom he saved Inquisitor Vernius did not believe that it was generating enough power to feed the ‘Emperor of the Warp’. It was not enough for humanity to simply pray and believe, for though that gave the Emperor sustenance he could not grow with it. Aidan needed greater mobilization and so set his eyes on a new target: the Alien.

While the daemon provided cause for concern, the ordinary citizen did not understand enough about the subject to generate the fear and piety the Inquisitor Vernius sought after. Having witness the fever amongst the population that was generated by a crusade against a threatening Ork empire, Inquisitor Vernius saw a new way forward. He began going from world to world looking for evidence of alien influence. When he discovered a Genestealer cult on Hiacyntus IV he lead the population to believe it was an Ork infiltration and produced enough hysteria that a crusade against the nearby Ork empire of Mork Ead’s was called for by the Ecclesiarchy resulting in the mobilization of thousands of Guardsmen and a call for the faithful to purge the vile beasts from the Emperor’s domain.

Now Inquisitor Aidan Vernius and his faithful warband move from sector to sector looking for evidence of alien interference (real or fabricated) and use it to raise the population to arms and to renew their faith in the Emperor. By bringing war to the people Aidan believes that it will bring the faithful to victory and strengthen the Emperor, while those unworthy of the Emperor’s blessing suffer defeat, their prayers not strong enough to feed Him in the Warp.

05-10-2007, 17:16
I read this in the link you posted, and it's really good stuff. I think the idea of an Inquisitor provoking Crusades to strengthen the faith of the Imperials is brilliant, really. Good writing, keep it up- I'll move on to read about the henchmen soon.

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 17:55
Thanks Imperialis_Dominatus! I've never really done any creative writing before and had a lot of fun creating this character and his war band. Inquisitor (the game) has really got my creative juices flowing!

05-10-2007, 20:42
Wow. This is the best Inquisitorial fluff I have ever read. I love the idea of an Inquisitor being a former Commissar, as well as the idea of an "Emperor in the Warp". Very Thorian.

Excellent. You have a talent for creative writing. I wouldn't mind reading a short story or two concerning Vernius' Inquisitorial exploits.

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 21:51
Thanks for the votes of confidence so far. I'll be writing up some stories later on, but not for a while. I'm working on a campaign for Inquisitor that I'll be playing with a friend when I get home (I'm on a contract in the arctic right now, a little far away from my stuff). Once that starts going I'll have the inspiration for writing out some of Aidan's exploits.

05-10-2007, 22:08
Quentin, the concept of the former-Commissar Inquisitor is actually quite common on forums more devoted to Inquisitorial characters. However, the Emperor in the Warp part is more original.

Well done, CotW. You've taken my advice from the Conclave already, I believe.

05-10-2007, 22:56
Quentin, the concept of the former-Commissar Inquisitor is actually quite common on forums more devoted to Inquisitorial characters. However, the Emperor in the Warp part is more original.

Well done, CotW. You've taken my advice from the Conclave already, I believe.

Meh. I don't follow Inquisitorial stuff much. I like the idea anyway.

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 23:22
Quentin, the concept of the former-Commissar Inquisitor is actually quite common on forums more devoted to Inquisitorial characters. However, the Emperor in the Warp part is more original.

Well done, CotW. You've taken my advice from the Conclave already, I believe.

That I have, and I thank you again for your help. The whole former Commissar thing being common is why I changed Aidan slightly; he was never an active Commissar (he only held the rank on his grad parade). What he became was a Commissar Drill Abbot, still very close and identical origins of normal Commissar, but I at least tried to make him a little different (without removing the Commissar imagery since I'm very fond of it) and of course I also added my own vision of the Emperor to the mix too.

06-10-2007, 10:54
Actually, this is certainly one of the better efforts I've ever seen. Not too wordy, logical, complete and original - the fact that he was a Commissar Cadet Instructor is an excellent touch and the approach towards a "fall", following the final encounter with the daemon, that turns back towards an increasing outward purity (but inwardly what would be considered a terrible heresy) is excellently done.

I'm not usually a fan of "Star Child" references in INQ backgrounds, but this is handled with rare sense.

Now make a model for him!


Cry of the Wind
06-10-2007, 11:25
Well thank you precinctomega, *fails nerve test and ducks behind cover*, I promise you'll have a picture of the model soon enough. I just need to get out of the arctic and back home before that can happen. I'm grounded up here for weather more often than not and I have a lot of spare time to write things but have none of my models or anything up here with me.

07-10-2007, 00:06
sounds awesome
finally an alien hunting inq- most of the ones i hear about lean towards malleus of hereticus

07-10-2007, 06:29
sounds awesome
finally an alien hunting inq- most of the ones i hear about lean towards malleus of hereticus

Well, the distinct lack of an Ordo Xenos Codex would lead to that. Damn you GW! Damn you! *shakes fist in anger*