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05-10-2007, 17:45
The good news is that I just bought a five bedroom home with a living room and a huge family room. I now have time and enough room to finally have a permenent gaming table set up. I can also have my own private room for all my models to be painted and stored (yes, I need and entire room just for that).

The bad news, I REALLY don't want to move my collection. Due to a number of factors I will need to move all our stuff and clean our apartment (I want the deposit) in less than 48 hours. With the speed we will be moving I just know something expensive with break.

Has anyone else had this happen? How do you insure that thousands of dollars of resin, pewter, and plastic don't turn into a pile of rubble at the hands of your "trusted" friends you bribed with beer to help you?

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 17:54
Whenever I have to move my models be it to the gaming table or to a new display case or whatever, I always handle them myself. I was lucky the last time that I moved homes because most of my stuff was already safely packed in army cases (I didn't have the huge collection I do now...).

As for your situation...I'm guessing the deal happened faster than you expected, otherwise why didn't you pack up in advance... Still the solution I've had for any moving is lots and lots of paper towel/toilet paper. Just take cardboard boxes and fill them with paper, and wrap each model in some to prevent them from scratching each other. Also be sure to use the paper to make any oddly shaped and delicate models into a box shape (i.e. fill in the gaps between delicate parts with paper). It's very crude but it gets the job done in a hurry.

05-10-2007, 17:55
1. Faith in the Emperor.

2. Bubblewrap.

But seriously - move the minis yourself, in your own car. Let the conscripts handle the less important stuff (like family photo albums, computers, fine china, etc)

05-10-2007, 17:56
Easy, have them do the unimportant stuff like clothes and furniture whilst you get on with individually bubble-wrapping each mini in your collection.

This is actually the other reason why I magnetise models so they can be broken down into more regular shapes for transport....

05-10-2007, 17:58
moving ones collection can be very troublesum

when i got evicted from my flat for being a naughty boy i had to move back to my parents house which ment not only was there no room for my gaming board but i also had to somehow move the board to a diff location... hefting a giant board through a busy town to get it to a mates house whilst playing dodge the cars/ vans and old people wasnt very fun

boxs and bubble wrap is what you need :)

05-10-2007, 18:00
since collecting warhammer i have moved house 4 times and yes things break but not alot... i used foam in a moving box to store alot of models

i myself have a whole room for my models with a gaming table and work top for all my gaming needs.

05-10-2007, 18:00
and yes dont give the models to any removal people i always had them personally

1 drop and thats it

10 weeks of solid glueing

05-10-2007, 18:03
The vast majority of my collection is in cases. I am just worried about my all my titans (7 of them). I would move everythign myself, but I have A LOT of it. Plus, being the biggest guy in the group, I will be needed to lift the heavy things (deep freeze, widescreen TV, couch, aquarium, ect.).

05-10-2007, 18:03
also...if you break something urself...its only on ur head...u dont wanna throw a fit at some random moving guy cos he chipped a grot....they will lock u up :P

05-10-2007, 18:07
7 titans GOD DAMNNN !!! you have 2 much money in ur wallet

if its 2 much then ill come and get a few and take them off your hands

nah seriously just dont worry, take it easy..... people move million pound art and glass fine ..... just use lots foam and bubblewrap and secure boxs

Dren Krelar
05-10-2007, 18:09
How do you insure that thousands of dollars of resin, pewter, and plastic don't turn into a pile of rubble at the hands of your "trusted" friends you bribed with beer to help you?

Hire a professional moving company. :p

I'd suggest using either strofoam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or packing paper to warp your models in. I'd also suggest using small boxes no bigger than 1 or 2 cubic feet.

Other than that... writing the word FRAGILE or BREAKABLE in big red letters on all the boxes that have your models in them.

Good luck with your move! :D

05-10-2007, 18:18
Well i packed my models by myself and took them to my new house the day i got the keys and put them at the top of the house in the attic. They where the first things to go in the house the trouble was i then had a mountain of crap to climb over when i wanted to sort them out! and like you i have my own games room too

05-10-2007, 18:21
Bubble wrap, and small boxes. You want to stop things moving about to stop them breaking. Then pack those small boxes into a big one, with Fragile in very big letters on it, so you only have one box to keep an eye on.

Emperor's Grace
05-10-2007, 18:33
7 titans GOD DAMNNN !!! you have 2 much money in ur wallet

Shouldn't that be "had too much" :p

Seriously, get plastic storage bins and a large roll of bubblewrap.

Wrap titan, lay in bin, stuff up the voids with any handy packing material (newspaper, bubblewrap, foam peanuts, etc...), and snap on the lid.

The plastic bin will take a lot more damage than a cardboard box and it has handles.

05-10-2007, 19:32
Just went through your scenario 3 years ago... I packed my own stuff in a large box, using pillows and foam to cusion my models. Did break a few anyway, but hey, thats what glue is for :)

Congrats BTW, where'd you buy the house? I got mine in PA (5 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage detached, 1.65 acres, HUGE basement and 3 stall coop/stable (was used for both purposes by previous owners).

05-10-2007, 20:42
when i transport a assembled model (I live overseas so i do this alot) i wrap it in tissue paper so that it cannot move around and is well padded then I put them in sealable plastic bags. The paint doesnt get scratched up and the models are mostly intact. This is for normal sized models. For larger sizes I would just put them as safely as possible into your car or in a box. From the sound of things you have a lot of stuff to move. Good Luck.

Light of the Emperor
05-10-2007, 20:51
I've moved three times with my whole collection. All my armies get packed in their cases and come with me, not the movers.

An easy way to pack models is via a huge tupperware bin and foam bedding/sheets. Put down a layer of foam and place as many models as you can. Then throw another sheet of foam on top and repeat. You want to fill the bin completely and even have a bit of foam extending above the rim. When you close it, the pressure will keep everything snug. Throw it in a box and you should be good to go.

05-10-2007, 21:21
As I know I have to move regularly as part of my job I invest in very good figure cases (I use Feldherr, but as you're in the States then there may be other suggestions - I know some of your countrymen suggest gun cases from walmart), and do all the packing myself, then put the cases in to a proper packing case.

On top of that, as other posters have said, invest in bubble wrap (and, if your collection is as big as you say, can you wait a bit until I have a chance to invest in bubblewrap as well!:))

06-10-2007, 01:45
Pack the minis yourself. If you have lots, start early. If you don`t have the time, live with the losses (and there will be many...), so try to take that time.

My main problem was not packing (though that took every evening of two weeks) but unpacking. I still have some stuff lost somewhere safely packed away now a year after I moved in.

06-10-2007, 09:12
yeah i can relate to this, I moved earlier this year, just take your time and move the mini boxes yourself. There will be the odd breakage but should be easily repaired, I too still have stacks on minis still packed away.

one last thing, prepare to be amazed at just how many minis you have! (you'll uncover some gems you had forgotten you had).

06-10-2007, 17:39
You say you "will have" to clear out within 48 hours. Does that mean you have the space of 48 hrs to move from 1 place to the other, but this will only start happening in a week or so? Or that you have to clear out by this Monday?

If (A), I'd ship all your minis to your parents'/sister's/trusted friend's houses, or even your work if your boss is cool with it. Do it while you have the luxury of time.

If (B), bubble wrap is great but time consuming. A fast alternative is packing chips. If you don't have insider access to these, ask nicely at a supermarket or white goods/electrical store.

All breakages can be fixed with pinning and superglue. Celebrate your new house with your latest hobby project - fixing up and painting over breakages!

Oh, and tell your friends they only get the beer after all your stuff arrives in one piece!!