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Since I posted Aidan here I thought I'd make another thread for his war band as well. Comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

Imperial Guard Veteran Lieutenant Dymitr Kiryk

Veteran Sergeant Kiryk began life as all do on the world of Cadia. Trained from birth to be a soldier he always believed his destiny would be to die on one of the many battlefields of the Cadian Gate. This most likely would have been so if it were not for the actions of an Inquisitor by the name of Quentin Oleksy.

On what appeared to be a routine deployment to put down a local rebellion, Dymitr’s platoon was to become involved in a much more sinister development. Inquisitor Oleksy had been on the world for several months already deeply involved in tracking down the leader of the rebellion. It was his belief that the sudden surge of rebel activity signified a new motivating factor in the rebel leadership. This factor may be daemonic in origin as this world has required more visits from the Black Ships than normal due to the high number of psykers that appeared on the world. The Inquisitor believed that this concentration of psykers had attracted the attention of the creatures of the warp and perhaps the leader of the rebels had become their pawn.

After infiltrating the rebels for weeks Inquisitor Oleksy and his team were ready to make their move against the rebel leader. Having found his hideout out Oleksy prepared an assault. However his own retinue was too small to make a full military attack on the rebel stronghold so the Inquisitor inducted a newly arrived platoon of Imperial Guard from Cadia. Kiryk was only a corporal at this time and was excited at the prospect of serving under an Inquisitor. His sergeant was not so keen, as a veteran of many campaigns the old man had seen action along the Inquisition before and knew the dangers they were about to be exposed to. The sergeant’s unease did not sit well with the men of Kiryk’s squad but they had little time to dwell on it.

The attack went according to the Inquisitor’s plan with the Guardsmen providing a frontal assault while Oleksy’s team made a more covert entrance under the cover of battle. The rebels fought like men possessed, seemingly not feeling the pain and suffering the Guardsmen’s weapons inflicted upon them and Cadians lost several men before they made entrance to the stronghold. What greeted them there was a sight unlike anything they had ever seen before and for most it would be the last thing they ever saw. The rebel leader was the most beautiful creature they had ever laid their eyes upon. Immediately they ceased fire, entranced by the creature’s beauty. The Inquisitor and his team reached the room at this time and began to attack the creature. This snapped Kiryk out of his trance and he picked his discarded lasgun off the ground and began to fire at the creature. The other Cadians joined his fire and the creature began to strike back. A claw came down towards Kiryk, but a second before it disembowelled him he felt himself pushed out of the way. His sergeant had saved him, though the old man’s body had been ripped asunder in the process. Picking up the sergeants’ fallen shotgun Kiryk began to fall back, fire shell after shell into the foul daemon. This distraction had given Oleksy the time needed to begin the ritual of banishment and the final moments of the battle were between the two powerful beings. Kiryk rallied the men together and they watched as the Inquisitor sliced off the daemons head with his sword and intoned the final rights of banishment.

After the battle Inquisitor Oleksy approached Dymitr and congratulated him and his men for their valour and courage in the face of the abomination. As no other ranking members of the platoon survived Oleksy granted Dymitr a field promotion to sergeant and command of the remaining Guardsmen. The Inquisitor had been impressed by Kiryk and his men and made arrangements for them to join his warband permanently. These men would follow Oleksy from world to world bringing their skill and firepower to bear when the Inquisitor required a more direct solution to remove the taint of the daemon. New recruits to ‘Kiryk’s Killers’ as they had named themselves, were added in each war zone they travelled to.

It was in one such war zone that Dymitr first met the man who would become Inquisitor Vernius. By this time ‘Kiryk’s Killers’ were only at squad strength and the coming battle would require more bodies. As normal Oleksy inducted another unit to bolster his fighting strength, though because of cult activity in the PDF and no Imperial Guard presence, he took command of a platoon of Commissar Cadets led by Aidan Vernius. During the course of the battle Aidan’s actions earned the respect of Dymitr and the two became fast friends after Aidan was granted a permanent position within Oleksy’s band.

During Vernius’ time as an Interrogator he and Dymitr worked closely on many occasions and Vernius found his friend to be as useful in smaller actions as he was in open battle. Dymitr would follow his friend and master wherever he was lead and many a daemon were banished by their combined actions. After that fateful day in the cathedral Dymitr showed his true loyalty to Vernius as he was interrogated mercilessly by the Inquisitor Conclave. He came through the trials broken in body but not is spirit and joined his new Inquisitor in the hunt for the daemon which had caused him such pain. It was Dymitr who rescued the Inquisitor after the stronghold of the daemon began to collapse and after the battle he was the last surviving original member of ‘Kiryk’s Killers’.

Dymitr still trains and leads the Guardsmen that Inquisitor Vernius inducts into his war band, and as this number of men has increased the Inquisitor promoted him to Lieutenant and member of the Inquisitions Storm Trooper force. Although over the years he has begun to suffer under all the injuries he has sustained in the line of duty, his tough determined spirit allows him to push past the pain that even the best medicae surgeries and juvenant procedures cannot cure. Dymitr has strong faith in his friend Aidan and rarely leaves his side during their more recent battles with the various xenos spawn the Inquisitor has taken to hunting. It is this loyalty to his friend that allows him to ignore some of the more questionable actions the Inquisitor has taken in recent years for Dymitr knows his place is in battle, not the back room sneaking and politicking as Aidan has begun to do more regularly. Whenever the Inquisitor is found in more dangerous situations Dymitr is always there with him, shotgun in hand ready to take on whatever monsters need vanquishing next…

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 18:01
Sanctioned Psyker Krystyn

Krystyn’s life began no different than most pyskers born on Cadia. He was taken as a young child to be evaluated by one of the many Black Ships that regularly visit the world. After his initial evaluations it was determined that he would be well suited to becoming a sanctioned psyker attached to the Imperial Guard of Cadia. His talents were such that Krystyn could feel the warp signatures of those around him and determine their location in the real world. This made him a valuable addition to field commanders and after his extensive training was complete he was attached to the command squad of Lt. Pollock.

His career in the Imperial Guard was fairly uneventful prior to Lt. Pollock’s platoons induction into Inquisitor Vernius’ war band. The Inquisitor was tracking an elusive daemon which had escaped after his master’s failed attempt to bind the beast as a daemon host. Of course this information was not given to Lt. Pollock or his men until they had been issued their orders to attack a rather unremarkable country inn on a rather dreary agri-world on the edge of the Cadian Gate. Krystyn could feel the daemon’s presence long before this information was passed down to the Guardsmen and he informed the lieutenant of his concern regarding the mission. Thus Inquisitor Vernius was surprised when Lt. Pollock was aware of the daemonic presence when he gave his briefing to the Guardsmen. Intrigued by Krystyn’s abilities the Inquisitor did not have time to question him until after the daemon was confronted.

The battle did not go well for the brave men of Lt. Pollock’s platoon. Despite being joined by some of the notorious ‘Kiryk’s Killers’ most of the men including Lt. Pollock were killed in action. The daemon managed to escape during the confusion of the battle leaving the Inquisitor with his mission unaccomplished. As sergeant Kiryk went about replacing the losses of his own men with the survivors of Pollock’s platoon, Inquisitor Vernius was given the chance to meet with Krystyn. The Inquisitor asked Krystyn if he was still able to feel the daemons presence and if he would be able to help track the creature down. Krystyn was able to do one better, after a moment’s concentration he was able to pinpoint the creatures’ presence on a small flyer that was on route to the planets only star port. Intrigued, Vernius requested that Krystyn become a member of his retinue, an offer that could in practice not be refused.

After joining the Inquisitor’s retinue, Krystyn was given access to many texts on combating the daemonic and during one stay on Nemesis Tessera he was given specific training on combating the daemonic. During that time his powers as a psyker were improved upon and he became adept at using his warp powers to aid in the banishing of daemons. He put these skills to good use several times against Vernius’ quarry as well as several other lesser daemons prior to Inquisitor Vernius’ final encounter with the daemon from the cathedral.

It was during that cataclysmic clash that Krystyn became the truly powerful psyker he is today. At the peak of the battle Krystyn, with two other sanction psykers who had been requested by the Inquisitor, began a psychic assault on the daemon. Their combined rites of banishment began to hurt the daemon, but the attack also enraged the beast. It turned its considerable powers against the psykers and both of the other men were torn apart from within. Their gory remains splattered over Krystyn, and the daemon smiled as it turn its attention towards him. Krystyn could feel his mind and body being ripped apart from the inside and focused all his power into resisting the assault. As his defences were quickly being broken down, Krystyn felt something snap in his mind and a new raw energy begin to build within him. In his desperation he directed his thoughts into channelling this new force towards the daemon. The resulting blast of released psychic energy sent Krystyn sprawling and the daemon too was thrown back, its powers broken for the moment. Inquisitor Vernius took the opportunity to make a desperate attack on the daemon, shouting the rites of banishment and praise to the Emperor he brought his chainsword down on the beasts head. With the daemon banished and its stronghold collapsing, Krystyn fled with the rest of the Inquisitors war band, Vernius himself unconscious after the destabilizing daemons last attack against him.

The next few months were a great struggle for Krystyn. It is well known that pyskers are prone to suffering nightmares and other such tortures of the mind. What Krystyn experienced was all of that and more. He could feel the warp much stronger than before, it was as if the daemons assault on him broke open a barrier within his mind that had held his true power in check. Krystyn spent his time in study with his master Inquisitor Vernius. The Inquisitor was deep into study of ancient and some forbidden lore from his damned old master Oleksy’s library. He spoke to Krystyn of the things he had seen in the warp thanks to the vision granted to him by the daemon and of the questions that plagued his mind. The Inquisitor seemed to have a much greater understanding and sense of the warp since his epiphany and Krystyn shared what insight he could with him. With their minds working together they unlocked what they believed to be the secret of Krystyn’s newfound power and Vernius’ new insight into the warp. Their study concluded was an Emperor apart from the husk on the Golden Throne, an ‘Emperor of the Warp’.

While Vernius had found what he needed in the libraries of his old master, Krystyn still struggled the new strength of his connection to the warp. While he found a greater ability to manipulate the warp, conjuring bolts of warp power or throwing objects through the air, he also found it much harder to control. He had never felt like he did not have control over his power before, his training with the Inquisition and in his early years had given him great confidence in his ability to handle his talent. Now he found himself blacking out and not remembering what happened. He became more and more distant from the rest of Vernius’ followers, rarely even speaking with the Inquisitor.

Krystyn has become more reluctant to use his warp talents in the field as it takes all of his control and discipline to keep the daemons out of his head while still keeping his power in check. He has been spending most of his time searching Oleksy’s library for some knowledge that may help him in his struggle. This has not gone unnoticed by Vernius and thus the Inquisitor only request Krystyn for the most sensitive of missions. When Krystyn does take to the field though he is a force to be reckoned with, tossing those in his way like they with rag dolls or ripping out their minds with bolts of warp energy. Still it is only a matter of time before Krystyn pushes it too far and loses either his sanity or even his soul.

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 18:02
Tech-Priest Elvorix

Elvorix was once a respected member of the Explorators. His Forge World of Fulvius VI had dispatched his Explorator Fleet to the region of space where the Q’orl have recently been active in hopes of recovering artefacts from lost colonies. The Magos in charge was also a staunch anti-xeno advocate and wished to see the influence of that race of creatures diminished.

Upon reaching the world of Dacien the fleet discovered the ruins of a Human colony. However they were not the first to set up camp there. Q’orl scouts had already identified the world as a suitable new world to colonize. When the Explorators landed they were greeted by weapon fire coming from the ruins. The Magos order combat-servitors deployed and a battle between the Q’orl warriors and the Skitarii ensued. The Q’orl could not match the might of the Skitarii and were pushed back and into retreat.

The Tech-Priest entered the ruins and began their search for lost technology. They found nothing as members of the Q’orl worker caste had already removed anything of value. Elvorix was one of the Tech-Priests assigned to search the ruins for anything of value. This excited him more than any other task he had been given by his masters. It gave him a chance to examine first hand the technology of the Q’orl as they had left their equipment behind as they retreated from the unexpected assault. Elvorix had also been interested in examining xeno technology however with his Magos was a firm believer in fact that xenos have no technology superior to man, and in fact an abomination and perversion of the Machine-God, Elvorix had never had the chance before.

After determining that there was nothing of value in the colony and with the threat of the Q’orl returning the Explorators boarded their ships and left the planet. Unknown to the others Elvorix had taken several examples of the Q’orl technology back with him, rather than destroying it all as he had been ordered. One of the items he recovered was a small xeno data processor of unknown xeno origin. After learning how to access it Elvorix learned everything he could from it and became obsessed with discovering more. After investigating several more worlds and several more encounters with the Q’orl, Elvorix had gathered quite the stash of illegal artefacts. It was not long before he caught the attention of some of the other, less alien friendly Tech-Priests.

Realizing that there was growing suspicion about him, Elvorix made a plan to escape the Explorator Fleet at the next opportunity. Lucky for Elvorix the Explorator Fleet encountered a Rogue Trader plying the trade lanes between Stygies VIII and Hydraphur. A delegation from the Explorators including Elvorix launched a shuttle to meet with the Rogue Trader and attempt to acquire any technology that he may have discovered. As events turned out the Rogue Trader had technology on board, though not want the Magos had expected to find. It would seem that this Rogue Trader had been dealing with several xenos species and had many illegal artefacts onboard. Elvorix interfaced with a communication console to warn the captain that his colleagues were unsympathetic to those who dealt with xeno forms and would likely take action against his ship. Just as the Magos was about the threaten the captain with Inquisitorial investigation and Adeptus Mechanicus sanctions he found himself looking down the barrels of several shotguns. The ship lurched as the crew brought the vessel to all ahead full and proceeded to flee the Explorator Fleet. After a quick firefight the only member of the delegation standing was Elvorix.

Presumed dead by the Explorators, Elvorix sated his lust for alien technology aboard the Rogue Trader for several years. He took leave of them on the planet of Opilio as he had heard rumours of a small Hrud infestation on that world. It would seem that small was an understatement and soon the world was in a full scale war against the Hrud. It was during this time that he first encountered Inquisitor Vernius. Using his skills with interfacing with machine spirits Elvorix had faked his way into an Enginseer position in the local PDF. This allowed him close access to the front lines and thus access to Hrud technology. His unit had been seconded to the Inquisitors own inducted Guard unit and he was discovered looting a dead Hrud by the Inquisitor himself. This was one of Inquisitor Vernius’ early dabbling with the Ordo Xenos and he was still in the process of learning the nature of the enemy. Intrigued by this Enginseer’s apparent knowledge of the xenos creatures, Vernius asked Elvorix to join his war band.

Inquisitor Vernius promised to give access to the alien technology to Elvorix if in exchange he would work on ways to capture and study the xenos creatures they were battling. Vernius could sense that the Enginseer was not all he appeared to be but did not push the issue as a man with knowledge about xenos was of more use to the Inquisitor than another secondary investigation. After several years of working together there have been many secrets kept between the two. Elvorix has expanded his knowledge of xenos technology far beyond his wildest dreams, all behind the closed doors of his research station aboard Vernius’ vessel. The Inquisitor does not pry into the Tech-Priests chambers nor dose he explain the purposes of the devices he request Elvorix create for him.

Over the recent years Elvorix has noticed strange behaviour from the Inquisitor. He has been requested to create devices to capture live xenos though for what purpose he has been unable to ascertain as he has no longer been requested to dissect the captured creatures. On occasion Elvorix has been called into action by the Inquisitor to assist in accessing the machine spirits of xenos networks in the field as well as those of the local government and Ecclesiarchy. This has not settled well with Elvorix as he still believes he is a faithful follower of the Machine-God despite the actions he has been forced to take and tampering with those machine spirits that of loyal institutions seems to be odd for a man as pious as the Inquisitor. Elvorix has not voiced these concerns however as he does not wish to displease his new master, and potentially have his own secrets revealed. Elvorix knows he is living dangerously with any contact with legitimate members of the Adeptus Mechanicus possible of revealing his true past and his own experiments may damn him in the eyes of the Inquisitor were they discovered. It will all be worth it though if he can find a Magos whom he can confide in and spread what he has learned in the Quest for Knowledge.

Cry of the Wind
05-10-2007, 18:03
Bounty Hunter Julian Rusi

Julian Rusi is one of the newest additions to Inquisitor Vernius’ personal retinue. The method in which he came into contact with the Inquisitor was no less unusual than many of the others who are members of Vernius’ team.

Born on Necromunda into the Van Saar house, Julian was destined as a child to become one of the many workers under the Van Saar banner. This did not sit well with Julian in his younger years and he made himself a promise that he would escape that life and leave Necromunda behind no matter what it took. It was not long before Julian found himself as a juve in one of the larger gangs in his region of the hive, life on the production line not providing the excitement he craved. Years went by and slowly but surely Julian rose through the ranks until eventually he was the leader of his own smaller Van Saar gang. This would lead to the opportunity for him to fulfill his childhood dream of leaving Necromunda and exploring the galaxy.

Most gang leaders in Necromunda are more concerned with acquiring credits and equipment for their gangs as well as expand their influence. Julian set about finding rare and expensive arceotech to earn enough credits to buy a ticket off world. His gangers grew more and more frustrated with their leader’s apparent lack of ambition and it was not long before his leadership was challenged. Julian used the unrest in his gang to cover his tracks as he took the most expensive items they had collected and fled towards the space port.

While most of his credits were stashed away for his escape Julian did not scrimp on equipping himself with the best gear Van Saar produced. His personal armour and weapons were of the highest quality and he had even procured a Servo-Skull equipped with various auspexes. This equipment combined with his years of living in the under hive allowed Julian to outmanoeuvre his perusing gang, an indeed many of those who gave chase were stopped in their tracks by a well placed man-stopped round from Julian’s prized autogun. Upon reaching the space port he was able to gain passage on a bulk carrier that was heading towards Yaris Prime.

When he reached Yaris Prime Julian quickly found work as a bounty hunter, his advanced Hunter-Skull and experience from the under hive proving exceptionally useful in tracking down and apprehending those he hunted. He continued in this line of work moving from planet to planet, sector to sector earning just enough money to move onto the next world. Julian had never been happier with his life and figured he would spend the rest of his days traveling the galaxy chasing one bounty or another. That was until he got his assignment on the world of His Triumph. This Ecclesiarch controlled world had recently been thrown into upheaval by a recent surge of faith in the population. Normally this would be greeted with great joy on a world such as this; however the faithful had turned the focus of their worship towards the destruction of a nearby Ork Empire. The cardinal in charge of the world did not relish the idea of leading a crusade as his world and those nearby in the sector did not have the resources for a battle with the Orks. The cardinal feared that if a crusade was called his world would be bankrupted and his own considerable assets would be seized to aid in the war effort.

Thus the cardinal looked to have the man who was known to be agitating the crowds ‘removed’. Through many back channels and secret meetings Julian was hired to take this man down. It was believed that if the agitator was removed the crowds with loose their enthusiasm for war and would go back to their peaceful productive lives. Unfortunately for the cardinal, the man he sought to remove was Inquisitor Aidan Vernius.

Julian did not anticipate any complications with this new contract, sure his employer was unusual however the target was merely a citizen with some charisma and an anti-xeno streak, he didn’t even need to bring this one in alive. He couldn’t have been more wrong in his assessment. Julian was able to track down the bolt hole that the agitator had set up his headquarters in and prepared to move in for the kill. He had made it all the way to his quarries quarters when he heard a shotgun rack behind him and was then pushed to the ground by an invisible force. Krystyn had detected his presence hours before he had even reached the hideout, Julian’s murderous intentions acting like a beacon to draw Krystyn’s attention.

This would prove to be Julian’s lucky day, if his target had been who he expected to find he would have been dead by now. However the Inquisitor was impressed with the skill in infiltration that Julian had demonstrated and thus gave the bounty hunter a unique proposal. Revealing his Inquisitorial identity he offered Julian his life, and payment equal to the cardinals’ offer, if he would simply switch his target to his previous employer. Julian, knowing a good deal when he saw it, quickly accepted. Vernius had one request of Julian in the method of the kill. The cardinal needed to die, however it would be much more useful to the Inquisitor if the death could be attributed to alien terrorists. The Inquisitor gave Julian a modified Ork Slugga to make the kill with.

This time Julian was able to make the kill with little interference, the cardinal was most surprised to see Julian in full combat gear appear in his personal office, especially when Julian pulled the pistol out and shot him in the chest. The modified Slugga’s quite report made escape all the easier for Julian as the guards didn’t find the corpse until the next morning when the cardinal didn’t arrive for his breakfast.

As the Inquisitor had hoped the people were outraged that an ‘Ork’ had managed to infiltrate their world and assassinate one of their leaders. It was not long before the intern cardinal was forced to declare a crusade and Vernius’ goal was completed. Inquisitor Vernius saw the value of having a man under his employ who could not be traced back to him in the event of capture and who would not baulk at completing tasks such as the assassination of ranking members of the Imperium. Vernius offered to extend his contract with Julian and the bounty hunter accepted. Having an Inquisitor as a backer would provide him with financial security and a useful ally to fall back on if things got out of hand. He now follows the Inquisitor as he travels from sector to sector, happier than ever with his new found place in the Imperium and his ever growing pay check.

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I'll just say what I posted in your other fluff thread. Excellent characters. Incredible fluff.

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Thanks for the compliment!

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