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06-10-2007, 15:40
I need some advice on my Empire army. Which State Troops are better: Halbediers or Spearmen? I like the S4 for the Halbediers but 2 ranks of spearmen against chargers (like Knights and calvalry) is very appealing also.


06-10-2007, 16:02
Halberdier detachments work extremely well, too. A good idea might be to take a large spearmen block and manuever a halberdier detachment to be able to counter-charge, but not be charged itself.

Jan Skarthen
06-10-2007, 18:01
Spearmen parent unit with halberdiers as detachment. Alternately swordmen with a halberdier detachment. The halberds work best in support of a unit which can take some damage, the spearmen with 2 ranks fighting or the swordmen with a 4+ armour save. The extra attacks due to ranks or extra point weapon skill plus add save means either of these units are good parent units, whilst halberdiers seem to die in droves.

Personally my favourite fit is handgunner detachment, swordmen, halberdier detachment.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
06-10-2007, 18:09
I usually field both
usually the spearmen are a 20 strong block and the halberders a smaller unit of 15 or 10.
because like you say both are useful elements to have.

06-10-2007, 18:12
Both are good. I like spearmen for guarding my flanks against fast cav and halberds are great detachments. The counter charge at strength 4 is really good.

06-10-2007, 18:15
Have to agree totally. The halberdiers unit is a far better support detachment unit than spears as they have that bit of extra punch, whilst the spearmen in the second rank and wasted on the first turn of the charge when you need them to make the difference. Go for swordsmen as the parent units as the save and extra WS makes all the difference.

09-10-2007, 12:43

I've seen this issue debated so many times....

It's generally accepted these days thet the best Empire unit is Swordsmen, followed closely by spearmen, with Halberds coming a distant third, which kind of sucks seeing as Halberdiers 'fluff-wise' are supposed to be the backbone of the Empire military.

That being said they do make good detatchments, and as parent blocks they are still o.k.

On a side note I must admit that I always field a unit despite better options being available, Empire and Halberdiers just go together!

Edit: Also remember that spearmen can opt to use their hand weapon and shield in hth combat rather than the spear, giving them the extra armour save.

Crazy Harborc
09-10-2007, 23:55
I normally use a block of 20 spears(full command) with 2 detachments of 10 each of swords. A detachment of shooters once in a while can mess with an opponent's mind.

10-10-2007, 01:23
As above

Spearmen as main block Halberds as detachments

However if you want a small unit of 10 men to fill a core, be used as a combat fodder or to redirect charges, Halberds are good for that.

Never give shields Halberds (they can't use them in combat). Spearmen are good with or with sheild (depends on enermy)

I think for Halberds to be even considered for a large main unit they need the option of heavy armour.

10-10-2007, 07:28
I use 1 unit a 28 spearmen 7 wide and 4 deep(, I'm actually going to drop it down to 3 deep) and I run a detachment of 8 Helbards to it's side.

Thats 15 attacks and 4 str4 attacks from the side. The unit goes after medium to soft units thats been targeted by shooting and have lost a rank or two.

It's a unit that can break soft units in the opponents own turn.

The main sreason I choose them over swordsmen(which are the better general choice), is that their a cheeper niche unit that I've choosen to do a certain job within the armylist ... target soft units.