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07-10-2007, 21:14
Welcome to my thread!

This is my first project log. Partly its an attempt to add pictures to a post, nut once I get a digital camera for crimbo, the pics should be better and the thread should go ahead as planned. Anyway enough of my incoherent talking.

The army I am trying to show you is a nurgle army called "The Infected". Fluff wise, they are basically a normal space marine army that has been infected by nurglesque parasites. They are led by "Black Death". The central consciousness of the parasite.

If anyone has any fluff they would like to add, please do so on the thread, or PM me.


yes the picture (if its there) is pretty sucky but Im using a webcam at the moment so lay off!

07-10-2007, 21:18

well theres my possessed squad. They all have green stuff arms. Dont get me wrong, the new possessed are cool, but perhaps too cool for a mere elites choice.

Again sorry about the crappy pics. Should be better after crimbo now I know how to post them, courtesey of Hiveminion ;)

07-10-2007, 21:19
Woops! Didnt know you could only have four images. Heres the fith.


over and out

07-10-2007, 21:32
Whipaliocous :D

08-10-2007, 05:50
cool models- bad pics :O

sounds like a nice theme maybe i'll think up some fluff if I remember ;)

08-12-2007, 23:02
This thread kinda got ran over, probably because of the awesomely crap pics.

Anyway, until I get my camera I will go over the painting technique im using:

1- I spray the model with chaos black

2- Dyrbush all over with goblin green

3- Drybrush again with knarloc green

4- Paint tentacleswith red ink

5- Add details as needed

Please note my tendency to use drybrushing on everything. I've tried other styles but none are quicker and more pleasing than it.

In other not very interesting news, a Night Lords Hero (that I was supposed to recieve, like, a month ago or something arrived today, and Ive been busy hiding all the batwing insignia with pustules and rot. He will probably join the armies kick-ass elite team, the Black Guard.

No pics yet, but when christmas comes, I can get some on I promise!

08-12-2007, 23:28
A little fluff for your reading enjoyment,

Brother Octus stepped backwards, over the tattered chunks of Parasites that had failed in their endeavour to capture him. He moved his Bolter from target to target with robot like movements, pumping Bolter rounds into the encroaching swarm of infested space marines that shambled towards him.

It was supposed to have been an easy task. His superiors had told him that the risk in this incursion would be low, if there was any at all. All he had to do was enter the missile silo, plant the bomb and escape. His entire squad had been killed or worse and he was lost deep within the silo’s corridors. The mines beneath Petros VII had been swarming with the filthy Xenos, and the shambling corpses that were their hosts. They must have entered through a tunnel or breach of some description, since reports prior to the mission indicated a low density of hostiles.

Octus knew that beneath the dirty, green armour was a space marine. The most loyal of the Emperors servants reduced to little more than a walking corpse. Octus spotted another group of Infested swarm out of a large hole in the Rockrete wall, arms stretched out, clawing towards him.

The Space Marine tried to react, but they were over him in seconds. They pinned him to the floor with sheer weight of numbers, pulling his helmet from his head. Octus struggled with all his ferocity, but he could not escape their hold. It was then that he noticed the Parasite moving up his chest towards his face, its arachnid limbs moving it swiftly forward. Octus wanted to scream, but the Xenos had already pounced, and darkness covered the Space Marines thoughts as the psyche of the Parasite devoured his mind.