View Full Version : Dark Elves list need to free up some points

Imperial Dragon
08-10-2007, 01:36
*Dark Elf highborn, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, Heartseeker 168pts

Sorceress, level 2 DS 155pts

Sorceress, level 1 DS DS 140pts

20 Dark elf warriors, shields with musician and standard bearer 175pts

20 Dark elf warriors, shields with musician and standard bearer 175pts

*19 Corsairs full commanded 215pts

10 Dark elf warriors with repeater crossbows with musician 115pts

5 Dark riders repeater crossbows and musician 127pts

5 Cold one knights with musician and standard bearer 172pts

8 Shades 112pts

2 Reaper bolt throwers 200pts

10 Black Guard Full commended 195pts

i want to take the dread banner on the Black Guard but i need to free up 25pts points to do so so i get rid of the DS on my level 2 Sorceress? or should i not worry about it and give the knights the dread knight etc . . . ?

also this is my first dark elves list so im not sure if i got everything right.

andthing else you think might make this army better please tell me . . . thanks

Johan Chill
08-10-2007, 04:00
I wouldnt worry bout it.
In fact I'd get rid of the Guard altogether and get some more Dark Riders or a unit of elite flankers, but that's a different story :P

08-10-2007, 20:37
Of i would drop the FC on the black guard, since they are not really going for combat rez....
I do not see the point of only have 10 BG, with the dread banner, you are not going to outnumber alot with that unit, and to be immune to fear for 75pts, is alot.

Little Aaad
08-10-2007, 21:14
Ok I would drop the 10 RXB Warriors as i do not see any purpose for them. Also I would drop the BG unit as executioners could do their job just as well for cheaper.

Now I am guessing but you should be able to buy a WarHydra and level 2 for your second mage. Dropping one spearman from both units and exess points you might also be able to buy a second scroll. The Hydra will cause problems in their lines when it smashes it and they can be backed up by your RBT's