View Full Version : Terror and screaming banner mix?

Old One 83
08-10-2007, 14:56
I played in a tournament yesterday and one vampire player had an unit of grave guard with the screaming banner and a wraith in it. HE claimed that all terror tests caused by the wraith in the unit had to be made with the negatief motifer of the screaming banner. WIch is roll 3ds6 and pich highest two.

He claimed that terror test were a form of fear tested.
And het also claimed that the wraith was part of the unti so his terror counted als part of the unti so the banner effected that as well.

Would it work if the unit had the screaming banner and the terrro banner in the same unit?

08-10-2007, 15:27
Terror and Fear tests are two different tests that produce different results. While Fear and Terror are linked, they are not the same.

The Screamng Banner applies only when causing Fear tests.


Jan Skarthen
08-10-2007, 15:35
This thread for some reason reminds me of the old combination an opponent used to take which involved a flying terror causing monster with a BSB carrying the Hell Banner (original version), he just flew around making my units flee of the table due to terror tests at -2 ld.

08-10-2007, 18:32
Nothing stops the terror causer combining the effects against fear causing models though.
As he'de then cause fear against them and the banner would then take effect.

Old One 83
09-10-2007, 11:34
Thanks for the reactions.

The reason i wasn't sure that this combo didn't work was because the entire club thought it was correct and that the player in question has used it for many years lucky i played wood elves with many dryads so i still won the battle.