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04-09-2005, 08:18
Characters: 1166pts

Lord of chaos: General, The black maul, Armour of damnation, shield, daemonic mount (353pts)-joins knights or goes on own
Exalted Sorcerer: lvl4, barded steed, MoS, power familiar, gaze of the gods (374)

Sorcerer: lvl2, dispel scroll (145pts)
Sorcerer: lvl2 dispel scroll (145pts)
Exalted champion: great weapon, helm of many eyes (129pts)-joins marauders

Core: 1537pts

8 chosen knights: full command (410pts)
16 chosen warriors: MoS, shields, full command (386pts)
10 warriors: 2 hand weapons, full command (200pts)
10 warriors: 2 hand weapons, full command (200pts)
24 marauders: light armour shields, full command (193pts)
5 marauder horsemen: flails, shields, champion, musician (103pts)


Hellcannon: diabolic splendour (290pts)

Total points: 2993
Power dice: 11
Dispel dice: 7+two scrolls

That leaves me with 7 points to do something. I was thinking give my exalted champion incase thereís something that can pick out individual models.

My deployment will be in a line; hereís the order from left to right: Marauder horsemen, marauders, 10 man warriors unit, chosen warriors, the last warrior unit, chosen knights.
The hellcannon will be put in a corner most likely the corner where the marauder will be, because I do not want my hell cannon charging my expensive knights or warriors because that would just suck.
The wizards will be deployed like this: The lvl 4 will be put in between the knights and the 10 man warrior squad, A lvl2 will be deployed between the marauder units and one will be between the big warrior squad and the inside 10 man warrior squad. Iím thinking of using shadow for my lvl two mages and I have no choice in which lore I use for my lvl4, not that I have a problem using the best lore in the game, I really hope I get luxurious torment so I can cast it on my knights first turn :skull: :evilgrin: :skull: Khorne anyone? :cheese:

I only have a couple units right now, I have a unit of warriors a unit of marauder, 5 knights and a couple characters. Iím going to buy the Archaonís siege army box, the archaon model, and two foot wizards. Iím not that far off from being able to afford it all, and with Chanukah coming up Iíll have those two wizards and possibly Archaon, The siege box Iíll have to buy. Sorry for Trailing off there. Give me all the Info you can on this list, rip it up, tear it I want an army able to beat anyone and also ideas for strategies and such that will help me do just that! Thx

04-09-2005, 09:54
So, what is stopping the enemy from just enveloping you and hitting your flanks? :)

If you are going to go with that few models in 3000 pts, you better make them damn fast, because a slow force like that will get march blocked and destroyed piecemeal.

I'd expect to see at least a few beast herds and some flyers in a 3000 pts chaos list. I would also recommend a giant, since you can easily fit him in when playing with so many points, and he is good for securing a flank or drawing fire away from your slow infantry blocks.

I don't know anything about the hellcannon. Guess you better hope that you don't roll misfire and get the result where all magic users take a wound. I'd suspect that it wouldn't live very long against any army that can field cannons either...

My advice would be to drop the chosen upgrades and either get a dragon in there, or load up on supporting units that can complement your slow infantry blocks. Because an unsupported infantry block is a dead infantry block.

What an enemy would need to do is to focus all ranged fire on your marauder unit and the 16-strong warrior unit. When they are worn down (won't take long when facing the shooting and magic from a 3000 pts army) you only have the knights left who can win combat on their own, and they cannot possibly earn their points back. They just won't have time, and especially not if they are march blocked and fed throwaway units.

Then you of course have your magic and the hellcannon, but they will not net you enough VP to win the game. A couple of small counter-charge units (say knights) from the enemy will be enough to flatten your two supporting warrior units and earn muchos VP. And this is of course providing that your magic offense works and stops the enemy cavalry and flyers from moving around your flanks.

Basically, I would say that you need to diversify your army. 3000 pts is no joke, and I do not honestly think your army is equipped to deal with the multitude of threats you are likely to face at that points level. Consider, for example, fanatics. What will you do? You cannot spring every fanatic with your lone unit of horsemen. In fact, when facing 3000 pts of O&G, chances are that since it is your only fast throwaway unit, it will be the first unit to go. After that, it's marchblocking time with wolfriders and you're gonna need buckets to catch the incoming fire from warmachines and magic in.

04-09-2005, 16:40
well on the subject of orcs and gobbos here's a list i found in an old white dwarf, plz tell me how i would beat this army. It's seems to have everything you don't think mine has.

Azhag the slaughterer

Lvl 4 great shaman: Buzgob's knobbly staff, dispel scroll, power stone
Orc big boss: boar, porko's pigstikka, light armour, shield

Night goblin big boss: light armour, shield, madcap mushrooms

Grizza orc big boss battle standard bearer: light armour, warbanner

29 night goblins: spears, shield full command, 3 fanatics

24 night goblins: bows, full command, 3 fanatics

20 orcs boys: choppas, shields, full command

19 orcs big'uns:2 hand weapons, full command

5 wolf riders: shields, spears

5 wolf riders: shields, spears

20 black orcs: 2hand weapons, full command

1 goblin chariot

1 goblin chariot: extra wolf

2 spear chuckas: orc bully

11 boar boys: full command

pump wagon

doom diver


Also keep in mind I want to buy the archaon's siege force.

05-09-2005, 03:26
Alright I thought of a way to put some skirmishers into my army without really changing how my army works.

I can take away my exalted sorcerer and exchange him for a great bray shaman with a beastheard. and maybe give the shaman a gore tooth to give him a little edge in combat as I have no doubt that this unit will get into combat.

05-09-2005, 03:41
Okay, I posted, where's my Lotto winnings? :confused:

As an Orc General, I hate that Greenskin list. If I recall correctly it's just whatever the Studio had lying around. :eyebrows: That said, I'd focus the warmachines on your Chosen Knights to whittle them down for the Boarboyz, send the fast units after the 'Cannon and wait for the rest to hit my lines (Okay, I'd *try* to time a charge, but these are *orcs* we're talking about here :rolleyes: ).

I'm not sure that you *could* counter this list with your planned army. :( They trump you in Mobility and Shooty, so it would come down to hammering them with the 'Cannon and Magic and hoping that enough of their army is gone and enough of yours survives.

I fear that Sanjuro is correct in his concerns about your speed, but I think that the Beasts could help correct that. If you can get them in the flanks/rear of your opponent, you can disrupt their plan long enough to get into battle.

Now, about those Lotto winnings?

05-09-2005, 08:55
That army may well be just haphazardly put together, but as Starlight said, I don't think it is possible for you to beat it unless by a lucky fluke. Hell, I would be hard pressed to beat it even if I had the chance to optimize my army. I always have a hard time versus O&G.

05-09-2005, 16:26
I think the army I have now with the addiion of a unit of furies (maybe substituting the marauder horsemen) could definatrly win against that orc and gobbo army. The furies will let me track down his mages, march block, and even cause fear.

The furies would help me but a huge part of the plan is the hell cannon. It's ecspecially useful against an orc and gobbo army. I coan use it to target his warmachines first, even if I don't kill them all, they would have to take a terror test. And we all know that taking leadership tests isn't where the O&Gs specialize.

The main things I'd have to watch out for are, Azhag and I really don't want those boar boys going after my hell cannon. I'm not ecspecially worried about the wolf riders charging my hell cannon however. I think the hell cannon can take them in combat. And the gobbos would have to pass a terror test if they even tried to charge.

other than that I should be fine. I'm pretty certain my units are better than his in combat. Although I'll have to use my knights with the lord to take out the black orcs. My chosen warriors could probably also take them, but I wouldn't want to take a chance with that.

05-09-2005, 22:26
Naturally your units are better than his in combat. Problem is, they will never see combat. They will be march blocked a good deal of the time, and then you are just trotting forward at a nice, comfortable pace of 4" per turn. Meanwhile, he is setting up combined charges with chariots and stuff all over the place.

The hellcannon is good, I will give you that, but it is just not enough to subdue an entire army by itself, and especially not at 3000 pts.

Also, you need to be able to spring those fanatics. Your single unit of marauder horse cannot do that, since it is likely to get shot up and never even get within 8" of a Night gobbo unit. If they are dead, the fastest thing you have left are the knights. And if they are the ones springing the fanatics, then you are in serious trouble. Not only will they stop you from charging (delaying you further and buying time for the greenies), they will also be able to kill off quite a few knights.

I will give you the credit that the O&G army you posted is way low on magic defense, and your magic has the potential to wreak havoc with them. However, any real 3000 pts O&G army (which is not put together by someone on crack) will have at least 3 scrolls and plenty of dispel dice (even more when they reach combat).

06-09-2005, 01:44
Won't reach combat eh? I can't see that or how it would work. Mainly because I don't see how march blocking can work on any army other than dwarves. Because If I'm not mistaken, you can't march with an enemy unit within 8 inches correct? But if they're within 8 inches, can't I charge them? Unless they flee from the charge and make me fail the charge therefore making me move 4'' per turn. But I can't see them doing that every turn. About my horsemen getting shot up, as I've stated my hell cannons first priority is enemy warmachines. That leaves nothing left to shoot me up except a unit of night gobbos with bows. They'd need at least 2 turns if not on a hill to kill my horsemen, and if they are on a hill in their own deployment zone, those fanatics are no real threat to me. Although i agree 1 unit of marauder horsemen cant do all the fast cav stuff themselves which is why I already stated I should probably add in some furies.

06-09-2005, 19:57
I like it! ...and as far as won't reach combat... I'm glad to see a list that isn't all Calvary!!!!

06-09-2005, 20:09
Your being a tad bit optimistic about the Hellcannons abilities...My friend used one against me a few times, and it is still susceptible to misfires...His blew up twice in 3 games...

06-09-2005, 22:33
All right, you will have a decent chance against that particular O&G army.

Now take for example a 3000 pts O&G army put together by a decent player. I guarantee that will be a much tougher matchup.

As far as march blocking goes - you cannot charge what you cannot see (meaning most opponents will put their march blockers out of LoS from yout infantry blocks). And by the way, dwarves cannot be march blocked, ever. :)

Adding furies is a giant step on the way towards a more balanced army. I think you will only be pleased with how they work in the context of your army.

You have to understand that my comments are aimed towards making the game more enjoyable both for yourself and your opponent. As your list stands now, you rely completely that your magic and hellcannon will work they way you want them too. I.e. if they dice roll your way, you win, if they don't, you lose.

I am trying to provide you with some tips on how to make a list that is more well rounded and as such makes for a much more tactical game.

I am not trying to win a pissing contest or something. :)

10-09-2005, 11:54
I really like your idea of taking some beastmen. A chariot would speed up some of your options. I like the bray shaman too- pop him in a beastman chariot. And, if you like khorne upgrades- why not take them so you get them for sure? :) I am saying some of this because I'm trying to take a big herd to go with my troops too. I like that ambush rule.
But, don't trust me toooo much, I haven't tested it yet :D

13-09-2005, 05:07
I'm still waiting for my lottery winnings. :eyebrows:

13-09-2005, 22:07
You've gotta be patient... it takes him a while to engineer these things without arousing suspicion.