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08-10-2007, 16:54
Khorne Themed Army:

1x Exalted Champion: (174pts) Khorne, Enchanted Shield, Grt Wpn, Helm of Many Eyes
1x Exalted Daemon: (305pts) Khorne, Daemonic, Soul Hunger, Might of Khorne

8x Knights of Chaos: (319pts) Khorne, Musician
16x Warriors of Chaos: (315pts) Khorne, Shields, FC
1x Chariot of Chaos: (150pts) Khorne, Scythed
1x Chariot of Chaos: (150pts) Khorne, Scythed

8x Flesh Hounds of Khorne: (128pts) Daemonic, Fast Cav
16x Bloodletters of Khorne: (291pts) Daemonic, FC
16x Beast Herd: (123pts) 8 Gors, Shields, FC/8 Ungors, Spears
16x Khorngors: (292pts) FC, Vitriolic Totem

Power Dice: 2
Dispel Dice: 9

And I face off against my buddy Joey and his damn Skaven...

1x Grey Seer: Screaming Bell, Eye Horned Rat, Warpstone Charm, 5+ Ward Save
1x Warlock Engineer: Tooled up, Storm Daemon, Dispel Scroll
1x Warlock Enginner: Tooled up, 1x Dispel Scroll
1x Warlock Enginner: Tooled up, 1x Dispel Scroll

20x Slaves: Musician
20x Slaves: Musician
25x Clan Rats: Shields, Spears, FC, Ratlin Gun
25x Clan Rats: Shields, FC, Ratlin Gun
20x Storm Vermin: FC, War Banner
4x Gutter Runners; Tunneling Team
4x Gutter Runners; Tunneling Team
20x Plague Monks: Xtra Wpns, FC, Banner Burning Hatred
10x Warplock Jezzail Teams:
10x Plague Censor Bearers

We kept it simple...a small building on the far Left (his side), a Woods just to the right of it at the edge of his Deployment Zone, and a Hill on the Right of his side, in his Deployment Zone.

My side had a Hill on my Left directly accross from his Woods, and a Woods on my Right directly accross from his Hill.

From my Left, I had nothing on that side, in the Center I had Flesh Hounds (tail to nose, single file line facing my Woods) which partially screened my Chaos Warriors w/Exalted Champ, then fully screened the Khorngors and Bloodletters who were by my Woods. Both Chariots went to the right of the Woods on my Right, and then the Knights went to their right, almost hugging my Right Table edge. Exalted Daemon went behind the Knights, I put my Herd in my Woods.

Looking from left, I saw his 1st Clan Rats w/Ratlin Gun just to the right of his Woods, on their right went the Censor Bearers screening the Plague Monks which faced my Chaos Warriors. To the right of the Clan Pestilens units went his 1st Slave unit, then the Stormvermin w/Bell and Grey Seer. On his Hill went the 2nd Clan Rat unit w/Ratlin Gun, which faced my Woods. To their right trying to hold his Flank was the Jezzails and a lone Warlock Engineer.

With a shifty smile, Joey quickly takes the first turn! He moves up both Slave units, about 8" each, while the rest of his Army stays stagnant. Magic Phaze begins, and his hands start to twitch while he rolls for the Eye of the Horned Rat...he gets a '3' and gains an extra Power Dice . First Warplock Engineer in the 1st Clan Rat unit by his Woods on my left (facing kitty-corner to my Chaos Warriors) casts Warplightning at 9 Casting, aiming at the partially exposed Warriors (Flesh Hounds couldn't quite cover them via my mistake). He rolls 3 dice, and gets a '3', a '1' and another '1' as I'm chanting "Miscast!"!!! He laughs a little, and as Joey gets ready to roll on the Miscast Table I ask him to "please roll a 5 bro"...first dice comes up a '2' and the next one a '3'!!! All the models in Base-to-Base contact including the mage take a S(2) hit which wounds him! The Magic phase ends as quickly as it began! "Lord Khorne laughs upon the Winds of Magic!" I proclaim. Joey is not that amused! Shooting starts, and his Jezzails take aim at my Knights, killing off just 1, and actually taking one of his own models out!

So my turn starts with a passed Stupidity Test, and the Herd behaves. Knights march up their full 14" heading right for the Jezzails. Herd marches out of my Woods and "threatens" the Ratlin Gun and 2nd Clan Rat unit with 2nd Warlock Engineer. Flesh Hounds march/reform to face his 1st Clan Rats and Plague Monks, Warriors, Khorngors and Bloodletters all move up 8" each controling the Center of the table. Exalted Daemon takes a risk, and plops down as close as possible to his 3rd Warlock Engineer on my far Right nearby the Jezzails. Both chariots head their 7" towards the 2nd Clan Rat unit.

Joey is already feeling nervous and skittish I believe, and his turn starts with a failed Terror test by his 3rd Warlock Engineer! YES!!! 1st Tunneling Team Misfires and roll a '1'!!! Plaguemonks pass their Hatred Banner test, and he moves up just slightly with everything, except the Slaves, both of which head to force my Army Frenzied Charges. Magic time again, and again the air begins to sizzle...Joey rolls for the Eye of the Horned Rat and gets a '1' this time! HAHAHAHAHA! He looses one Power Dice! Warplightining from 2nd Engineer aims at my Chariot, but I Dispel it. Same Engineer unleashes his Storm Daemon at the Chariot, and I let it go, it fails to do a wound. 1st Engineer casts Warplighting at the oncoming Flesh Hounds, and between their MR(2) and my extra Dispel Dice I stop it. Grey Seer attempts Warplightning on the Khorngors, but I Dispel it as well...he then fails to cast both Plague and Vermin Tide. Shooting time... ...2nd Ratlin Gun fires on my Herd, kills 7 of the Ungors and 1 Gor, they fail their Panic test and end up right back in my Woods. Jezzails decide the Knights are a far bigger threat then the Exalted Daemon, and take out just 1 more! (I still have 5 left)

Well, that wasn't so bad! Flesh Hounds charge his 1st Clan Rats w/1st Engineer (who's already lost a wound) and end up hitting his 1st Ratlin Gun and the nearby Plaguemonks! (I was 8 models wide) Ratlin Gun fails Fear test and Flees! Knights charge Jezzails, Exalted Daemon charges the already Fleeing 3rd Warlock Engineer (I need to get rid of as much Magic as possible!) Khorngors hit his 1st Slave unit. Forgot to roll for Stupidity, but pass anyways. Chariots move up, as do my Warriors and Bloodletters. Flesh Hounds direct 4 attacks at his 1st Engineer, killing him, and then take down 3 Clan Rats as well as 2 Plague Monks! I'm pretty happy with this, until his Clan Rats and Plaguemonks swing back. I end up loosing 6 out of the 8 Flesh Hounds! Failed Instability with double '6's and the Khorne doggies head back to the Warp, but still did their job! Joey's Jezzails opted for Stand & Shoot, actually killing 3 of my 5 remaining charging Knights! Those 2 remaining Knights kill 3 Jezzails, and win CC by 2, Break them and rund them off the board, barely staying on themselves. Exalted Daemon ran the 3rd Warlock Engineer down, but didn't make it off the board. Khorngors kills 8 (CHOSEN NUMBER!) Slaves on the charge, break them but the Slaves easily get away, bouncing through nearby Plaguemonks, and stopping 1" from his own Table Edge. My pursuit was pitiful, a whole 2"...

Joey needs redemption, 2nd Tunneling Team pops on the table, and moves over by my Chariots, while he happily combo charges (via Frenzy) his Plaguemonks and Censor Bearers into the front of my Khorngors. Slaves fail to Rally, and run off the board. His Army agains stays stagnant, and the shifty eyes of Joey reveal it's time for Magic...Eye of Horned Rat again grants him another Power Dice. 2nd Warlock Engineer fires on my 1st Chariot, Miscasts and allows me to Cast a Spell for free... ...unleashes the Storm Daemon again on the same Chariot, and I let it go, and 1 wound is done. Grey Seer hits it with Warplightning, at power level 9, but I Dispel it. He then fires Vermintide on my Bloodletters, and gets a '13' for the casting number... . Can't stop Irresistable Force, and then he rolls the Hits, and gets a '6', another '6' and a '5'! WHOLLY CR^P!!! Wounding on 5's+ he kills off 7 of my Bloodletters. Joey again is happy! 1st Ratlin Gun that was Fleeing Rallies, and the 2nd one fires on my 2nd Chariot, putting just 1 wound on it as well. Close Combat time! His damn Censor Bearers take out my unit Champ, and the front 4 models with him! He looses 2 back, then between them and the Plaguemonks a few more models die, I fail Insane Courage and run 12", getting away! His Plaguemonks hit the front of my general's unit, but his Censor Bearers just barely miss my Flank! Again, Joey is happy!

Ouch, that was painful! Chariots combo Charge his 2nd Clan Rat unit, Bloodletters march up to face his Stormvermin w/Grey Seer and Bell. Herd behaves, while the Khorngors Rally and I have them form a long, single file line facing his Censor Bearers who captured their standard. Chaos Knights turn around and head towards the Rear of his his 2nd Clan Rats, while I Fly my Exalted Daemon over inbetween them and the 2nd Ratlin Gun and the Stormvermin. (time for more Terror tests!) I issue a Personal Challenge with my unit Champ in the Warriors, he accepts with his unit Champ, then my Exalted general lays out 4 Plague Monks! His unit Champ does 2 wounds to mine, but I make both 3+ Armor Saves, and then inflict 1 wound back! Other 3 Warriors wiff a bit, killing just 2 more Plague Monks, I win CC by a landslide and he fails Insane Courage, I break him and cut him down, going 11" and stopping in front of his 1st Clan Rat unit. Chariots maul the 2nd Clan Rat unit, killing 12 models in total, break the unit and run it down easily, both Chariots stopping at my nearby Knights. Joey doesn't look like he's feeling well right now...

Joey's dreading the next few Terror Tests...2nd Ratlin Gun fails, and runs towards his Gutter Runners. Stormvermin w/Grey Seer pass. 1st Clan Rats are forced to charge me (or be charged next turn), but instead he opts to not charge and hopes that the nearby Jezzail can unload on me. Grey Seer turns his unit to face the Knights and my Chariots all muddled up. Censor Bearers steer away from the Khorngors, and instead Flank Charge my Bloodletters. Magic time again, and the Eye of the Horned Rat still provides another dice. Warp Lightning is Dispelled, as is Plague, but he gets off Vermin Tide again, and hits both Chariots and the Knights with it....they all pass the Armor Saves required after his wounds. Ratlin Gun fires on my Warriors, but kills only 2 models thanks to T(4)! He rings the Bell again (has had little effect thus far) and rolls double '6's! His Grey Seer takes a wound! Censor Bearers wipe out my poor Bloodletters, sending them back to the Warp as well, and capture yet another Standard! They're starting to get on my nerves...

Ok, I pass Stupidity, and Charging time! Warriors into the Clan Rats, and Exalted Daemon into the Fleeing Ratlin Gun, which catches it and allows me to hit the nearby Gutter Runners who actually pass Terror! I reposition/face my Knights and Chariots to get ready for a big Turn 5 combo Charge on his Stormvermin unit. Exalted Champ cuts down 3 Clan Rats, my unit champ chops up his, and the Warriors kill 4 more! He fails do do any wounds back, and fails his Insane Courage roll, and I break him, cutting him down easily capturing another Standard and Panicking the 1st Jezzail off the board! Exalted Daemon cuts down 3 of the 4 Gutter Runners, the remaining model fails to hit, then fails Insane Courage and I run him down...

Things are looking bleak for the Army of the UnderEmpire but Joey fights on...Censor Bearers move towards the Hill his Stormvermin are holding, while his Slaves attempt to angle and protect his Rear from my oncoming Warriors. Magic starts up, the air again fills with electricity, and he bravely eats a Warpstone Token to cast Warplighting on my Exalted Daemon! I fail to Dispel it, but he gets only 5 hits, and does just 1 wound! Vermin Tide is cast again, but he gets a Miscast this time, and takes a S(6) hit! HAHAHAHA! He takes another wound, and has just 1 left. He again attempts to cast Plague, and uses another Warpstone Token, but it rolls a '1' and his Grey Seer dies!!! Joey can't believe how bad his dice are rolling, while I again imitate Lord Khorne's laughter..."BWAH-HA-HA-HA!".

General passes Stupidity, Herd behaves and I combo charge my 2 Chariots into the Front and the 2 Knights remaining in his Flank (too bad I didn't have 1 more left in the unit! ). Warriors w/General hit the Slaves, while my Khorngors moved to capture my Left Flank Table Quarter and the Herd holds my Right Flank Table Quarter hiding in my Woods. Exalted Daemon plops down to face his Censor Bearers...Impact Hits and attacks kill off 15 Stormvermin, which forces the Insane Courage roll and it's not made. Easily cut down, with my Chariots both hitting the Rear of his poor Slaves! Between all my Impact Hits, attacks, etc., only 4 Slaves out of 20 remain (I killed 16!!!). The run and are caught by the Warriors w/general.

Only thing Joey has left is the Censor Bearers who go ahead and head towards my soon to be coming Exalted Daemon...

My general fails Stupidity, and the Herd fails Unruly! Almost forced to charge the damn Censor Bearers, but they're just out of range! Exalted Daemon takes a wound from the stupid Pestilens Vapors, then cuts down 4 models, breaks the unit and re-takes my lost Standards...

A massive victory for the followers of Khorne, and a good whoopin' for the squeaky Rats!

Hope ya'll enjoyed!

09-10-2007, 02:04
Ouch! That Skaven player seemed to have BRUTAL dice luck!

09-10-2007, 07:13
The army of Zap will always rely on the good magic phase. Sounds like a good game though, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

09-10-2007, 09:43
hahaha! Skaven at its best, like it says in the book "when your units fry themselves, see the funny side"
Good thing he had those dispel scrolls though, Khorne magic is nasty :D

maze ironheart
09-10-2007, 14:42
Great battle report I too have faced a list almost the same as this as me and my cousin both play warhammer and he plays as skaven.

10-10-2007, 05:20
Sorry for the late reply to the replys!

TheSanityAssassin: :cries: Yeah, that's how Joey felt! When he got that first Turn Miscast that ended the whole Magic Phase, he was already in big trouble...and from their it was just a bad downward spiral spin for the Rats...

BigRob: Very true, with the poor preformance during the Magic phases, the list was unable to do much, expcept for the *******' Censor Bearers!!!

SevenSins: Most definitely! When things go bad, alls you can do is laugh, otherwise you'll just get frustrated...no worries for him, Rats multiply fast!:D

maze ironheart: Not the funnest of games to play when this kind of Skaven list is "humming" well during the Magic Phase...and even worse when their Shooting is going well! I got really lucky throughout most of the game, and thus can't take a lot of credit for the win, just in the right place at the right time.

01-11-2007, 05:49
Out of interest, did the Skaven guy know he was going to be playing against Khorne or just chaos? It looks like he was tooled up ready to fight quiet a different army.

Dispel scrolls not just cost him 75 points, but stopped him getting other nice gear on the warlocks. Personally against Khorne I would put my faith in shooting rather than magic. I suspect he did not realise he was going to be facing 9 dispel dice.

In the end though, with that luck I don't think it would have made any difference to him.

01-11-2007, 13:46
Nice job. But I concur with the others above. That skaven player relied too much on magic phase and sometimes when you do that you have bad luck. Even so well played, I like how you use your deamon in cooperation with the rest of your units. It keeps him from being a main target, because they have other things to worry about.

Keep it up.


01-11-2007, 16:11
Much thanks once again guys for the replys!

Unwise: Neither of us were pre-set to play one another, it was a pick up game with any list we had. Most of the time, the 3 Dispel Scrolls would be very useful for him, but against me, it was a waste...

eagletsi1: Most agreed! Joey will try a different list type here and there, and against us guys it's the best thing to do, instead of last minute at a Tournament or something similiar (League Game). The Exalted Daemon is a serious threat if used in tandem with other fast units such as Furies, Knights, etc.