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13-04-2005, 03:07
Ok, this is a really basic question, but I've lost count of how many times I've thought I had it down, only to realize that wait-no-it's-the-other-way-around.

So here it is: A unit of clanrats is in close combat with one enemy unit. My ratling gun decides to fire into the combat.

What is the chance of any given hit actually hitting the intended target?

A) 50%
B) 75%
C) Other

13-04-2005, 05:55
50%. If you fire into a combat between a Clanrat unit and another enemy unit, you'll hit the enemy on a 4-6. On a 1-3, you hit a "randomly determined unit among those in close combat with the intended target". Since there's only one unit in close combat with the intended target (ie the Clanrats), they'll take any hits for which you roll a 1-3.

If there were more Skaven units in combat with the enemy (ie a Clanrat unit and a Night Runner unit both in combat with some Swordsmen), you'd hit the Swordsmen on a 4+ and one of the Skaven units in combat with them on a 1-3. You'd have to randomise any hits on the Skaven units (ie rolls of 1-3) again to see whether each hit goes on the Clanrats or the Night Runners.

13-04-2005, 13:23
it's 75%, im sure there was an FAQ somewhere, ill see if i can find and report back :)

EDIT: Bah im wrong, the 2004 chronicles say it's somehwta 50%, the rules is stupidly written, and it's the same in the 2003 so maybe GW should write rules clearer :rolleyes: clear up all this crap

13-04-2005, 17:58
Thank you! Now I can have some of my sanity back.