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09-10-2007, 09:35
Sorry if being really nagging, but I'm really keen on getting as good list as possible for the tourney coming up:).
Trying to get a balanced list which can do good against most opponents.
This is what I'm thinking:


Lord 276 pts
- GW
- shieldbearers
- Ro fury
- Ro stone
- Ro resistance
- Mro challenge
- Mro kragg the grim

Thane 115 pts
- bsb
- Mro of gromril

Runesmith 151 pts
- GW
- shield
- Mro balance
- Ro spellbreaking

Master engineer 105 pts
- handgun
- Mro swiftness


19 Longbeards 303 pts
- shields
- FC
- Ro battle
- Ro stoicism

19 Longbeards 303pts
- shields
- FC
- War banner
- Ro stoicism

10 Thunderers 155 pts
- shields
- musician


18 Hamerers 271 pts
- FC
- Ro battle

- Ro forging
- Mro defense
- ME goes here for monster/character killing

Grudge Thrower
- Engineer
- Ro accuracy
- Ro penetrating


Organ gun
- entrenched


Total pts on army 2249

Plan is to deploy on hills and in a corner, then fire away with all my firepower till the enemy comes. Then my three melee blocks engages, with the thunderes as flankers. My guns, except from the GT, are wekk protected, so I hope they'll survive quite a time, at least long enough to force the enemy closer. None of my units should have problems with outnubering and fear, and my lord and BSB will make sure I pass my break tests ok. One of my fears is to be outshot...But I believe almost every list in a tourney are balanced:confused:, and dwarves are amongst the best to make "balanced shooty lists:evilgrin:".

Now, bring it on

warlord hack'a
09-10-2007, 11:45
well, it's a very small force for a 2250 points army: only 7 deployment choices including your characters. You are in serious danger of getting outflanked.. suppose you do not get a hill or not a hill in a corner? and what is the role of the gyrocopter in the otherwise rather static list? you can not send it out on it's own..

09-10-2007, 12:03
You are quite right, I might be outflanked, but thats why I'm deploying in a corner. About the hills: If I dont get hills, I place my WM's in between my main force. As two of them are well covered I need not to be afraid of shooting (unless my opponent are really lucky, in which case I'm buggered anyways...).
The gyrocopter will act as marchblocker and bait...Hopefully any nasty shooting goes towards the copter at the start... Course it'll prolly die quite fast, but will most likley do some good. I'm considering dropping some runes for a block of miners..But for now I like this..Will test it out as soon as possible...

warlord hack'a
09-10-2007, 12:09
well for a force deployed in a corner this is a good force, but that is hardly good generalship: get some well armored guys, give them some big guns, deploy them in a corner..

You know what you will get: a draw.. Every time.. If I were to face your force with my 2250 O&G force (16 deployment choices) you will have deployed your entire army and I have put donw only some snotlings, a singel troll and my fast cav. By that time I think I will decide to hide the rest of my force on the other side of the board, safely behind a forest and wait for the 6 turns to have passed..

I am not saying this is a bad force, I am just saying it is doubtful whether it will be fun to play against, or with for that matter..

static grass
11-10-2007, 11:48
Someone posts a balanced list with tactics and gets shot down for it! I wish GW would open their forums again.

There is a problem with balanced dwarf lists and that's they are hard to beat and hard to win with. I really recommend strollaz rune. It's only a six inch move but the look of shock is amazing. Take this rune and you will start to have fun and your army will start to win games.

Given that most people start dwarfs without fully grasping how lopsided the dwarf army book is it is not surprising the tactics that evolve to compensate.

11-10-2007, 12:51
Thanks for the support static grass! The Strollaz rune I thought about, and I will try to squeeze it in, most likley dropping some other runes off my WMs...
I realised quite early that making a balanced army would make me stuck in a corner yes...Can't actually rely on charging into open battle unless I have the anvil, and with the anvil it's dificult to get a balanced list :mad:..

Again thanks for support and advice! Tourney still a bit far away, so counting on an occasion to playtest my list first. Will post BR asap afterwards

static grass
12-10-2007, 15:01
Hey no problem, I take 5 CC units and secure my flanks with slayers one side and long beards on the other with an oath stone. It is not perfect it is a WIP (I have no hammers yet) but it did beat WE in a tourney game and claim the one objective (A hill :D ) worth 500 vps.

12-10-2007, 17:29
He he would have liked to see the face on that WE-player:evilgrin:
Would you reccomend this instead of anvil list???

warlord hack'a
12-10-2007, 20:18
sorry guys, you are right, got carried away by the ' oh my god another dwarf army with guns hiding on the hill' but indeed this is a viable dwarf tactic. However, do not get stuck on your low move: you can get a very competitive dwarf army by simply taking the charge of whatever comes at you and then flanking it in your turn, even the short dwarf legs have enough move in them to reach the flank of an enemy in combat with their neighbours ;-). I mean you have T4, a big armour save and high ld and sturbborn and unbreakable troops, if there s 1 army that can take the chage and hold and is not undead then it is the dwarves.