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04-09-2005, 15:21
Please help me to do some nasty torture & pain with this babies...
All comments are welcomed, and some tactical ideas also. Please look into my unit's equipment and write everything that is unnecesary or everything that is missing.

Chaos Lord @ 369 Pts = Mark of Slaanesh; General; Great Weapon; Shield; Gaze of the Gods; Armour of Damnation; Helm of Many Eyes; Steed of Slaanesh
***He's going alone in the carnage, with help of some flanking unit***

Exalted Chaos Champion @ 220 Pts (On 50x50 base) = Mark of Slaanesh; Chaos Armour; Berserker Sword; Enchanted Shield; Daemonic Mount
4 Chosen Chaos Knights of Pleasure @ 290 Pts = Mark of Slaanesh; Chosen Unit; Shield; Standard; Rapturous Standard; Champion

Wargor @ 132 Pts = Mark of Slaanesh; Shield; Chaos Armour; The Dark Heart; Scimitar of Skultar
3 Chaos Trolls @ 165 Pts

Bray Shaman @ 151 Pts = Mark of Slaanesh; Magic Level 1; Lore of Slaanesh; Braystaff; Dispel Scroll X 2
***I could drop mark on this one and take something else in the army, but I don't know what. Any ideas???***

1 Chaos Chariot of Pleasure @ 130 Pts = Mark Of Slaanesh (Is this smart??? I mean it can't flee, but the idea of Slaanesh is to be happy when dealing with pain in both ways)

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 86 Pts = Spear; Shield; Musician

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 81 Pts = Shield; Musician
***Those can maim opponent, catch weak units,wizards,warmachines, flank weaker units, claim table 1/4s and so...***

10 Chaos Furies @ 150 Pts

5 Mounted Daemonettes @ 150 Pts

4 Chaos Ogres @ 176 Pts = Great Weapon; Heavy Armour

2 Fiend of Slaanesh @ 150 Pts

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 47
Total Army Cost: 2250

Please, don't leave me hanging. Thanks

04-09-2005, 22:42
My thoughts:

Lord = too expensive - ditch Helm of Many Eyes at least, plus he needs a unit to go with or in conjunction with, otherwise he will probably lose combat res against most units.

Take 1-2 more chaos knights - 4 is too easy to be whittled to nothing, even with exalted. Ditch the champion, take a musician.

Dont' know enough about wargors to comment...

Bray Shaman - no point spending 20 point on MOS on a Lvl1 scroll caddie.

MOS on chariot is uneccessary.

Give maurader horseman flails and musician, (I also give mine champions) for maximum efficiency. Spear and shield if you want ot do something different.

10 Furies is probably over the top - 6 is the number of Slaneesh and will kill warmachines just as well.

5 mounted daemonettes - can't be used in this army except with opponents permission in friendly games - they are daemonic legion.

Chaos ogres - these are fine (I take musican and standard with mine).

OVERALL - too much on expensive characters. Not enough solid bashing units (just chosen (weak as you have them), ogres, and trolls (only 3?).

04-09-2005, 23:29
IMO one of the great strengths of slannesh is the magic. especially the "you'll move wherever the hell i want" spell i think you need some more casters.
as was already said, i think the knight unit could be a bit bigger.

i think you also need a big strong ranked up unit like marauders or warriors (depending on what you want)

also a bit of a rules Q. does the mark of slannesh (ie immunity to psychology) make you immune to the stupidity of the helm? i always thought it did but i'm never sure.
if so i think that lord is a really powerful combo.

04-09-2005, 23:56
Didn't Mounted Daemonettes get a Chronicles article making them standard-list legal?

Nothing overcomes the stupidity of the Helm - the best you can do is go for the Mark of Chaos Undivided and get a re-roll.

I agree that the Lord does sport a very powerful combo... but since this is a Slaanesh list I feel obligated to offer up my favourite combo in the entire game. Blade of Blood and Pendant of Slaanesh - this means you get an extra attack each time you lose a wound... and the Blade of Blood allows you to regain lost wounds. This can potentially send your Lord's attacks through the roof! It's unreliable and not as powerful as what you've got there, but it is a great laugh (and 45pts cheaper).

05-09-2005, 04:02
Didn't Mounted Daemonettes get a Chronicles article making them standard-list legal?

(Checks) - yes so they did! I take back my comment. However as he has a mortal general he will have one too many special choices if he includes these dameonettes (Furies, Daemonettes, Trolls, Ogres).

05-09-2005, 08:10
arnt they rare? basicly DOW...

05-09-2005, 10:04
arnt they rare? basicly DOW...

In mortal or beast armies they are special, in daemonic they are core. Check out the list of FAQ's in the FAQ section here. (Mounted Daemonettes from 2003 Annual)

05-09-2005, 12:07
Slaanesh magic is the nastiest I've seen... I'd even consider starting a Slaanesh army purely for their magic, I'd seriously consider getting more magic if I were you.

I'd replace the wargor and exhalted champ with 2 lvl 2 mages and upgrade the lvl 1 to a lvl 2 with power familiar and 3 dispel scrolls for the others. All beastmen mages seeing as they are cheaper.