View Full Version : 2000pts Dwarf list - Anvil, all-comers

10-10-2007, 12:00
So I played another game against my High Elf opponent yesterday as practice for the GT heat (seriously need to play some more armies, but can't be helped at the moment), battle report coming soon, just thought i'd post the list here for comments/criticism:

Runelord, shield, RoStone, RoPreservation, Anvil of Doom - 341
Thane, BsB, MroGromril, RoFurnace - 120
Master Engineer, brace of pistols, RoStone - 85

15 Warriors, shields, full command - 160
15 Warriors, shields, full command - 160
15 Longbeards, shields, full command - 205
10 Quarrellers, shields - 120

15 Hammerers, shields, full command - 225
Cannon, RoForging - 125
Bolt Thrower, engineer, RoPenetrating, RoBurning - 90
8 Miners - 88

Gyrocopter - 140
Flame Cannon - 140

Total: 1999

(That's from memory, so if I'm out by a little forgive me - but it was legal last night :))

The list is meant as an all comers. Last night I knew pretty much what I would be facing, but I resisted the urge to tailor it, with the possible exception of the cannon + ME - I knew there would be a Griffon, so I wanted something to back up the Bolt Thrower against it. However, as big fliers are one of the main things I'm worried about, I think this is just plain good sense, rather than excessive tailoring. Plus, the ME can join the BT instead if I choose, the cannon will almost never be useless, and the entrenchment is a nice bonus. The Flame Cannon was purely for fun, and to see what it could do. I think in the final list I'll swap it for an Organ Gun and use the spare points for Runes and such.

The battle report when it's done will give a better idea of deployment ideas/tactics (or lack thereof :)), but the basic deployment last night was:

Quarrellers, Warriors, Cannon + ME, Longbeards + BsB, Flame Cannon, Hammerers, Warriors, Bolt Thrower. The Gyrocopter lurked, and the Anvil hid as best it could.

Things I like about the list:

- 4 units, plus the Quarrellers in an emergency, to give options for the Anvil
- the Hammerers, one of my favourite Dwarf units, that I normally can't fit into lists
- guess range weapons, as they're fun to use

Things I'm concerned about:

- the units are all on the small side
- lack of runic banners seems like a waste, and a possible weakness - especially RoCourage

Things I'm already thinking of changing:

- shrinking one Warrior unit to 10-12 and giving them GWs to be a more 'hitty' detachment, beefing the other one up to 20
- shrinking the LBs down to 10-12 in the same way instead, making the Warriors more the holding units
- making the hammerers larger, with a wider frontage, with the RoCourage (this could be tricky, as due to my dislike of the models I'm converting the majority of mine from slayers and warriors, which takes a while, and the heat is in november....)

So anyway, any and all thoughts/advice would be much appreciated