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11-10-2007, 05:13
I'm trying to make a tourny list that is versatile and will be able to deal with any type of situation. Me and my buddy are looking to get back into the competitive world of table top gaming (we were pretty into 40k and even went to a GT in Houston). My friend and I know quiet a bit about the 40k tournament world and how to construct a list, but as far as fantasy we really can only talk statistics, and are really unsure of how a REAL tourny works and what armies are taken. One thing that I concluded about my days gaming in 40k is that a versatile army is what wins tournaments. I love the figs of the Lizardmen army, I have a 2k+ O&G army but the figs are terrible! Lizards are also very quick and versatile, especially with the Slann Mage and being able to change my spell list according to the army I'm playing. Enough talking >_> now my list.

Slan Mage-Priest
Plaque of Tepok, Dispell scroll, Plague of Dominion -415

Saurus Scar-Vet
GW, LA, Shield, Mark of Sotek and Huanchi, Charm of the Jaguar -153

Skink priest lvl 2
2x Dispell scroll -150

2 x 25 Saurus
Full Command
Spawning of Huanchi

2 x 15 Skink Skirmishers
Javelin and Shield -90ea.

2 x 12 skinks
scouts and blowpipes -84ea.
3 Terradons - 105

3 Kroxigors -174
3 Salamanders - 195

total 2247

I have lots of room for burst Magic defense and a fairly good Magic Offense with 9PD and 6DD and 3 scrolls. The JSOD to counter chariots, other powerful melee characters, etc... The skink to be the eyes of my slann, so my Slann can hide behind trees the whole time. Skinks with shields and Javalens to be shields for the Krox, Saurus, and Sallies and the skinks with blowpipes to harass (there seemed to be a concess on the lizardmen tactica that javalin + shield = meat shield and blowpipes = harrasment). The two meaty saurus units that can travel through rough terrain, which only adds to my versatility. The terradons because I LOVE fast cav and Teradons are the only thing that come close to a standard Lizzies army. Kroxigors for anit-dragon and flank support. The Sallies for awesome shooting :D, and everywhere else I looked everyone says they are well worth their points.

The only problem I see if a real lack of troops, because on paper there seems to be so few. I would REALLY like to squeeze in another skink priest, even if it's a first lvl skink, but ionno. I would also like to take more terradons and more skinks. The only thing I could consider dropping would be the slan mage, and then I would have to add in another scroll cady for Magic defense, and I would loose a lot of versatility and shooting. The slann allows me to deal with more types of armies, because like I said I get to have a more selected spell list. Lore of metal seems very appealing to snipe out unit champions and the like.

Again Im am not sure what is being brought to GT's and Rogue traders (the local following in my home town is small, pretty much me, my buddy, and two other guys). I guess I'm really conserned about Dragons, Tzeench, Dwarf Slayers, and that stupid Anvil of Doom special character in the back of the Dwarf book who gets on a 3+ re-rollable D3 squads get hit with 2d6 s4 hits anywhere on the table. How often are Cheesy armies seen at tournies? what is a cheesy army (besides dwarf slayers)? How important are Rank and File guys? it seems to me, from browsing this site and a couple of others, people either tend to go ALL saurus or very little. How much magic defense is enough?

Much thanks from you tourny players out there who can help me out :)

Edit: Forgot, there also seemed to be an agreement about Slann mages NOT taking the Plaque of Protection. Many of the tourny players I have read said they didn't take one and the lone Slann does just fine. Taking Temple Guard are ABSOLUTLY out of the question. They are way to many points for a shield for my slann. The tourny players say that most people just assume the Slann has a 2+ ward save so they leave him alone.

11-10-2007, 09:44
With your heroes as they stand you should have enough magic defence. I always personally take the Diadem, since you can have 2 extra power or dispel dice as needed. I personally avoid Saurus warriors, finding a faster army more competitive.

11-10-2007, 09:54
nice list, but one thing you really should do is make the slann at least a 4th gen so he cant miscast, as its pos that he can miscast them just disappear into darkness, meaning a 1/4 of your army just went, so protect him s bit.

loose 1 saurus warrior, and put scar vet in there, thus giving u the ability to spring a nice trap, as if an enemy unit comes near and its fairly weak, like small 10 man units, the scar vet can charge out on his own, at 18", and with a bit of extra stuff he can have 5 S7 atacks and a good save and ward in combat.

2 priests are fun, but you have a solid magic def as it is, with 3 scrolls, 6 DD and plus one to dispel attempts.

if you know your playing heavy terrianed battle fields use huanchi, else consider quetzl, meaning 3+ save in combat for your warriors. and a 2+ with ur scar vet.

if enough points reamin, pos give your slann, diadem of power meaning he can store dispel dice, so against dwarfs useful as it gives u to more power dice to cast spells with next turn.

11-10-2007, 20:32
Problem with the diadem is it's only good, or useful, against low defense or low offense magical armies. Any kind of medium really screws it over, because you will be using all your dice for offense (that's the point of taking a slann mage) and most likely all your dice for dispells.

The reason I want to have another skink, is so that my slann will have another set of eyes, so I can keep him well hidden.

BTW: I'm taking the Huanchi army (if it wasn't obvious) and so my skink priest take the lore of shadows, which I think is kinda nice, steed of shadows is kinda meh for this list, but everything else is great >_>

12-10-2007, 00:18
For this army steed is great. You can fly your sking priest into the heart of the army and then use the Slaan's short range spells from there. I would drop the terradons. I'm pretty sure that steed is the #1 spell on the lore. Therefore I would take another priest lvl1 (the only spell he needs is steed which he gets defacto) and a 4th generation slaan mage