View Full Version : Get some chaos stuff but don't know what to do

I <3 W
13-10-2007, 06:02
Well I've acquired a little more than 1k points of chaos guys (I haven't acquired the NEW codex yet). Anyways This is what I have: A land raider, a defiler, 3 termies ( I think they're old (they have 25mm bases and they stuff looks abit strange)), a normal lord in power armour, 12 Khorne Berzerkers, 9 Slaeneshi noise marines (2 with some special "noise weapons (whatever that is), 1 aspiring champion and a tenth that I was randomly painting at a GW store. and an armless nurgle greater deamon.
as you can see I don't know too much abou tchaos and yes, I will be getting new/2 more termies

Anyways what should I do?
I posted this in project logs 'cause I'll be projecterizing it when I have an idea of what to do. I don't even know any chaos chapters.

PS: I've coverd the vehicles in GS that looks like some sort of deamonic infestation (mainly to cover up the guy who gave em to me's horrrrriiiibbbbblllleee vehicle makin' skills). Will post pics when I get a camera