View Full Version : Rule of burning iron in combat?

13-10-2007, 14:54
Hey, sorry if this topic has already come up but I could not find it with the search function. I was wondering if rule of burning iron could be used on models in close combat? My opponents are not quite sure whether to treat it as a magic missile, or whether it can be cast on units in combat as long as you have line of sight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


13-10-2007, 15:03
The spell description does not explicitly state that it can be cast into close combat (p. 113), therefore it cannot: "Wizards cannot cast spells at units engaged in close combat, unless (...) the spell's description specifies otherwise." (p. 107)


13-10-2007, 16:52
cool, thanks a lot for clearing that up for us. :-)