View Full Version : How many points? Other Advice?

14-10-2007, 09:47
If I bashed together say a Space Marine Megaforce, a Chaos Marine Battle Force, and a Chaos Marine Terminator Lord using the new dex about how many points would you say it would turn out to be if I didnt run max upgrades?

All in all I think that would include what:
Termy Lord
Normal Lord (Leutenant/Chosen Asp Champ)
5 Man Command Squad (Chosen or Other)
38-40 Marines Various special weapons
2 Rhinos (using the Razorback as one)
1 Predator
1 Dreadnaught
5 Jetpack Troops
Unknown use for Scouts

Im not planning on making a tournament winning army but I will definatly compete in them with this one. I want to use only plastics and I want to incorporate all of the models Ive enjoyed over the years, this project may very well carry over into a renegade guard at some point but for now what you see is what Im planning on to start with. Depending on how many points that will come out to or what I feel its missing once its under way I wont hesitate to add to it. This will be my final army (Allies and All) so I want it to be my best and just feel right to play with. Again no Min/Max or no "But these perform so much better."

Im thinking something along the lines of Mercenarys/Scavengers. My main source of inspiration would be 13th company so use of a mix of Chaos/Loyalist armor will be used. Try my hand at GSing Furs, Leathers, Tattered Robes and Cloaks. Using primarily Missle Launchers as they are low maintenance, though other "Gifts" from past jobs and stuff bought off the black market will still be present.

Any other ideas on how to give a "Battle Hardened" "Low Budget Merc" feel to some Spikey Marines?