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Sideros Peltarion
14-10-2007, 13:45
I'm planning to build a new army from my old Hordes of Chaos army which would be based on the Saxons/Vikings with hitorical and mythologicval aspects to it. Ive put the list in below and as you can see its based on the Hordes of Chaos book so it isn't an illegal army. It just uses counts as which I believe is legal yes?
Anyway, here it is. Any advice or whatever would be appreciated. Thanks.

*edit removed statlines.
Its basically mortal infantry units with shields, except Chosen who have great weapons, Screamers and Spawn.
Thanks Maldred2

14-10-2007, 14:35
Posting statlines from a GW copyrighted book is a strikable offence.

Please read the forum rules before posting:

Strikeable offences:
Rule 9: No violation of copyright or intellectual property. (For example this would include posting statlines or rules quoted directly from rule books.)

edit: you prolly didn't know this. Please delete the copyrighted material and just state wich model in the hordes of chaos book you are basing it on, we can all look up the rules ourselves in our books, or buy the Armybook if we want to know :)

By the way, i really like the theme and yes, the HoC book lends itself wonderfully for conversions like this.

14-10-2007, 14:47
Whats the point in typing all that out anyway.
You have changed all the unit names... thats all.

My advice would be.
It really doesn't matter what you call your units as long as they use a legal list.

Master Kain
14-10-2007, 23:13
That sounds like a good idea :D

The Vikings and Saxon militaries, as well as their mythos, were similar, so it is possible to include elements from both. Arm your marauders with either GWs or HWs and shields, just not flails, and if you field CWs, you could arm them with GWs to represent saxon housecarls/huscarls. You may also want to give them shields anyway, as not only is this in keeping with your historical theme, but it gives the unit some much needed protection against missile fire.

Avoid lots of mounted units - saxons and vikings made little use of cavarly, although marauder horsemen would be fine as outriders or scouts. Chariots are a no-go:D (unfortunately)

Giants featured prominently in norse mythology, and would be able to support your infantry well. The same goes for Shaggoths.

Everything else in the HoC list should be fine - some marks of khorne here and there could represent norse berzerkers....its all up to your preferences, really. Good luck!