View Full Version : Eny One Here From Wales, Carmarthenshire?

14-10-2007, 16:47
Im lookoing for a gaming club or somthing near me in wales, carmarthenshire coz its getting annoying treking all the way to swansea to play a decant game.
p.s I play warhammer 40,000.

17-10-2007, 00:34
I don't believe this. I really, do not believe this.

7 years of living in carmarthenshire and i meet two gamers, the moment i leave i find another!

Where abouts are you in Carmartheshire mate? I used to live near Llansteffan. I still pop down there about once a month for a few games (Live in north wales now).

There's four of us down there that meet up at least once a month, PM me if yoru interested in a few games ;)

17-10-2007, 18:47
wat army u collect?

17-10-2007, 18:49
I live in Carmarthen It self, do your mates still live in Llansteffan? I might kno them lots of peeps from there go to my school.