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05-09-2005, 16:19
The problem is this, my opponent keeps fielding a huge unit of beasts (frontage of 8, 5 rows), he uses Khorne, so these beasts are frenzied, he has a hundred dispel dices, the unit has got additional hand weapon and a banner that gives him an extra attack, so this unit is very irritating. And the worse is this is not a mega-expensive unit, so he still has his compoliment of minotaurs, dragon ogres, etc.
Any ideas on how to deal with this unit taking into account that magic is not really an option, the unit can't really be avoided, and there is a lot of nasty units too?

05-09-2005, 18:21
By your description, it sounds like those are Khorngors, but Khorngors HAVE to have great weapons, so that should reduce their attacks. And the banner (I'm thinking is the Beastbanner) only gives them +1 attack when they charge, and so only in the first round. And if he is taking that, it has to be on his battle standard bearer, as it's too expensive for the unit to take normally.

If he is sticking a BSB in there, it's a lot of points. At the very cheapest, it's 700 points for the hero and the unit, with full command, and the Beastbanner. That means you have 700 points to toy with to deal with him, and you only have to beat him once to get rid of Frenzy. Unless he throws the Banner of Rage on the unit's standard, but that's 750 points you get to toy with to beat him.

I'd suggest flanking with at least 3 spirit host bases, as then he can't hurt you, and you should tie him up for the rest of the game with a much cheaper unit, leaving the rest of your army to mess up his other 1300 points. Vanhel's is great for that, and if he's playing Khorne, you don't really have to worry about magic hurting them.

Alternatively, you could try a big unit of zombies who just tie him up while you flank him with black knights or something with a bit of punch. Heck, another zombie unit with just a thrall might do the trick.

Hope that helps.

05-09-2005, 21:21
Nope, they aren't Khorngors, he also has one of those by the way, but the banner rings a bell so in that you may be right; I'll try the spirit hosts trick, although they have to get there without magic, since this guy completely shuts down my magic phase with all the dispel dice he gets for the marked units

Muffin Man
05-09-2005, 22:23
Nope, they aren't Khorngors, he also has one of those by the way, but the banner rings a bell so in that you may be right; I'll try the spirit hosts trick, although they have to get there without magic, since this guy completely shuts down my magic phase with all the dispel dice he gets for the marked units

Um, bestigors are the only beastmen that can get a mark (er, of the little ones i mean). Plus, Mark of Khorne if I remember right, grants magic resistance, not dispel dice, but I could be wrong.

In any case spirit hosts would be really nasty since he has to declare a charge if he can, so it won't be that easy for him to avoid your hosts.

05-09-2005, 23:34
no, the mark genrats dispel dice, i think it's deamons your getting mixed up with, and the hosts would be great, while another unit flanks them like a unit black knights with a hero would defantly pack a punch like §ilent§torm said and would have a greater chance of cuting down.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
06-09-2005, 12:02
khorngor aren't very manoverable. tyr the ghouls in the wood trick, that'll get rid of them. i do like the spirit host idea, does the general have a magic weapon?

06-09-2005, 16:45
You shouldn't be facing an outrageous amount of dispel dice, as most Beast armies are more undivided than anything, due to bestigors being the only core choice that can have a mark, and only one of those in the army can be marked. An average Khorne beast list will have about 7-8 dispel dice, which is more than most, but a pair of necros and a count are an equal match to that, and more than a match if you take a Power Familiar and bound items. Throw in the Black Periapt and the Sword of Unholy Power on the count, and you should have no trouble getting at least a couple spells off a turn.

The BSB can't have a magic weapon, seeing as he's been given the Beastbanner. So spirit hosts in the flank should mess him up for the rest of the game, just be sure to cover your ghosts with other support units, making sure they themselves don't get flanked/rear charged. Basic zombies should do the trick, just use Invocation to keep them there.

I'm still confused as to what this unit is- a basic beast herd doesn't rank up and can't have a mark of chaos, but they're the only ones with additional hand weapons. Generic herds are easily dealt with with just skeletons- the fear alone is almost enough to break them. They just can't always do enough wounds to skeletons with light armor, hand weapon and shield, and it hurts them a lot when they don't have outnumber and a third rank ever. If he only gets 4 into base, with champion, he averages 1.5 wounds per turn, so your bonus of outnumber and a third rank should normally be enough to break them, since they aren't frenzied and so not immune to psychology. And even if he rolls well one turn, you're unbreakable so just hold up until the next round.

07-09-2005, 03:16
It sounds like this unit is either a Khonegor unit, beastherd or a Bloodletter unit. If it is a Khongegor, the unit must strike last and has poor armor. Gouls are good for this trick. A black coach is also a nice piece to use on a combined attack.

If it a beast herd, he cannot take a mark with that unit. So fear an terror (black coach) will help. Again, poor armor and poison makes a big difference.

If it is a bloodletter unit, these are demons that happen to look like Khornegors. The BSB cannot join this unit. But they have weapons that can hurt spirit hosts. Again armor is poor but they can strike with initiative (halberds).

Perhaps you need to ensure that your opponent is fielding a points/character/unit appropriate/legal unit.

07-09-2005, 17:11
I think I'll have to check the legal use of the unit, I am not sure if they were khorngors after what you guys have told me, but I am sure they had the mark, and two hand weapons, plus the standard bearer with the banner that gives them 1 plus attack, and they were in ranks not skirmishing so I guess that takes out the possibility they were a beastherd; thanks for all the advice and interest! :)
Oh, and they were not bloodletters, those guys I do recognize ;)