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Blood God
15-10-2007, 05:44
Are minataurs best armed with great weapons or 2 hand weapons?
I will be facing no particular armies but I will be using the minatuars on my flanks with my Khorne knights , and for safety they will both be screened by hounds.

15-10-2007, 11:37
Go for great weapons. One extra attack st4 is hardy as good as wounding most stuff on 2+ with no save.

Extra handweapons are only better against T3 units with 6+ armour or worse. Don't think your khorne guys would have much troble with them anyway.

15-10-2007, 16:54
Skank is right but one situation where you very well may need extra hand weapons is against skaven. You'll face endless blocks of T3 clanrats with 3 ranks, banner, and unit strength. Against those types of foes, extra hand weapons appear to work better.

I switch back and forth entirely based upon which enemy I am facing.

Although an enemy like high elves is also all T3, they don't bring many ranks to bear and you are usually dealing with Silver Helms and chariots with minotaurs, not blocks of infantry.

15-10-2007, 20:15
Even against enemys with toughness 3 and an armor save of 6+ (or no armor at all) the extra handweapon will only work a little better (1,33 wounds per model with extra handweapons and 1,25 wounds per model with great weapons).

In all other cases, even against elves with 5+ amor save, the great weapons, will be better.

16-10-2007, 10:22
Clanrats have a 4+ save so greatweapons are still much better.

9 attacks Greatweapon so 6 hits=5 dead rats
12 attack with handweapons so 8 hits, 5.3 wounds=3.5 dead rats

Check out this thread on Herdstone (great site)

16-10-2007, 16:03
Go for Great Weapons, it kills much easier with them then an other S4 attack

16-10-2007, 17:16
I would go for GW too, but just a side question, I was wondering what would be better? 3 or 4 minotaurs, 4 makes the units maybe a bit too wide but extra attacks are always good.

Also I was wondering if a bloodkine or SB would be good on minotaurs?

And it is also good to take a mark on them (khorne for example)?

16-10-2007, 17:36
Great weapons.
20pts for a bloodkine?pfft that standard bearer is the same cost and gives a guaranteed +1 combat res.

Khorne on minotaurs is scary, just be wary of gettting baited.
Nurgle with light armour is another great choice as you get a decent save.

Remember that minotaurs are only allowed the mark of the general.
So no khornate minotaurs in an undivided army.

16-10-2007, 21:04
20 points for another attack is a bit steep and you don't usually want to get challenged so i'd leave the bloodkine.
4 minotaurs could take a standard but personally i'd not, and definatly not 3 mino flanking units.

Khorne minos are great but you need a khorne general.

17-10-2007, 03:18
Generally speaking I'd join the choire here and advice you to go with the Great Weapons. However, bear in mind that there are other differences between the two then simply attack strength and number of attacks. Statistically, Great Weapons will inflict the most damage against the vast majority of enemies, and the exceptions are so negligible and few that you're probably better off with the Great Weapon anyway, for flexibility.

However, Great Weapons always strike last, and Minotaurs are quite soft. Against extremely light and hard hitting infantry with enough static CR to be difficult to break on a charge, it might be a good idea to have additional hand weapons, just so you can strike first and lose less Minotaurs. This scenario, while not unheard of, is still so rare that I'd advice you go with Great Weapons in all but a dedicated Minotaur army, though.

The Standard Bearer isn't a waste of points, but it's not a must-have either. It depends largely on your preferences. There's no avoiding the fact that it's quite expensive.

The Bloodkine I'd normally avoid, except in Minotaur armies. The option to issue a challenge with a 4-attack Strength 6 model is very valuable in an army with no readily available combat heroies. It can, of course, be a liability as well, especially against fast armies (where you're less certain to get the charge, and thus risk losing your Bloodkine in a challenge where you don't strike first).

18-10-2007, 13:43
It's a personnal preference, really ...

Great Weapons might be a bit better overall, and much better against heavily armoured foes, but in my Khornate Army of Cows (almost all minotaurs, two small units of Flesh Hounds and a Doombull as general), I use additional hand weapons on all my units ... just for the "fluff" factor : for me, frenzied berserkers have a weapon in each hand and let fly with abandon :p

That said, a small unit of 3 minos with a Bloodkine, Mark of Khorne and 2 hand weapons can dish a good number of attacks (16 WS 4 S4 attacks for 3 minis), and that scares my usual opponents ...

18-10-2007, 13:54
Or they can dish out 13 ST 6 attacks... with great weapons.

18-10-2007, 15:54
Or they can dish out 13 ST 6 attacks... with great weapons.


Don't ask me why, but my usual opponents find that less scary ... might be related to the fact that when I need 2s to wound I can't roll higher than 1 ... strangely, when I need 4s to wound, I do roll 8~9 wounds on 12 dices ...

Still, I'm not playing "theoryhammer", I know that statistically Great Weapons are better, but my fluffy 2-weapons minos have never failed me.

18-10-2007, 17:33
proxy em for dragon ogres and use great weapons. +1 move and immunity to lightning is a GREAT asset. +1s also. and if you can (i dont know how) take a wizard with the lore of life and hope you get urnons thunderbolt. cast it on your own guys and watch 16 s7 attacks fly. ws4, t4, and a 4+ save, is also nothing to scoff at. keep em by a bsb and they're golden. chariots also fear them terribly. can't say the same for minotaurs