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15-10-2007, 12:31
I am new to fantasy and to the dwarfs. How many units shouldi have in a 1000p game? 2000p? How many shooting units are good? About how many cannons?
Thanks for any tips.
I'v been in a couple of 400p games, mostly getting my ass handed to me. So any tips on tactics are welcome too.

15-10-2007, 21:30
Been playing dwarfs for almost 15 years (All the way back to 4th eddition) so I have some experience. I used to like small 500pt games but more and more I am realizing that you need 1,000 to have a good fair game. Some armies just overwhelm at 500pts, Orcs and Goblins in particular.

For 1,000 points I have a 2-2-2 ratio which is a good way to go. 2 melee units (20 2H warriors) 2 missile units (10 thunderers and 10 crossbows), and 3 warmachines ( 1 cannon and 2 bolt throwers with engineers, I count the 2 BTs as 1 choice). I go very character light in my armies just 1 lord with shield hand weapon and a 5 point rune of stone to get his armour save up to 1+. I try to use him agains oposing generals and challenge them. Not because I can win but because I can absorb their attacks. Better to have a high power character hitting a T5 1+ save model than a T4 5+ save model.