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15-10-2007, 17:46
Alright guys and girls, im looking for the background wizards to please help me out a little on the history of the Exorcist Space Marine Chapter.

Found this through the power of google-fu:

The Exorcists were founded during the 36th millennium, some time before the Age of Apostasy. They were created through secret Inquisition experiments in which test subjects were deliberately allowed to be possessed by daemons for a time before the daemons were banished by daemon hunters. There were casualties, but the majority of test subjects survived and were versed in the ways of combating daemonkind. The test subjects, two companies strong (200 Space Marines) were released onto a daemon-infested planet where they displayed extremely impressive results. They have since been sanctioned as an official Chapter and are often involved in operations overseen by the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition. They wear red power armour with black trim. The chapter's symbol is a horned skull.

The Exorcists participated in the Badab War, the Gothic War, the Third War for Armageddon and in the defence against the Thirteenth Black Crusade.

But as you can see my power are yet weak and need bolstering with additional information. :p

I also know their colour scheme thanks to my copy of Insignum Astartes, so at least i can paint some stuff.

Any help people can give would be awesome, and much appreciated. :)

15-10-2007, 17:55
One thing I can remember is that upon the daemon world they got a 97:1 kill ratio, which is outstanding against daemons. There was also a strike cruiser of Grey Knights in orbit incase **** hit the fan.

16-10-2007, 10:20
The excorcists scheme sound like word bearers :o !!!!

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Similar i guess.


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i think but cant be sure but did they not fight in the badab wars as part of the loylest task for of chapters, im sure they did but will go and make sure just in case

Leftenant Gashrog
16-10-2007, 13:12
Theres conflicting fluff regarding their founding, their fluff on the Armageddon3 site was an in-character message that had a date of 013.m36, but specifically referred to them as being a part of the thirteenth founding, both facts cannot be true but theres no real evidence to say which it should be ~ some people prefer to go by the date, others prefer the founding (I lean towards the Founding as GW have been known to have trouble with dates), the 'Emperors Shield' IA article gave their founding date as M40, but that article has issues (it also listed the Angels of Vigilance as being M40 whilst the Armageddon3 site said they were believed to be a 2nd Founding Chapter, and it also credited a Space Wolf Grey Hunter shoulderpad as being a Long Fang)

Battlefleet Gothic Armada gives some fluff regarding their fleet, at the time of the Gothic War (circa 150.m41) the Exorcist fleet included the Strike Cruisers Hunter, Eternal Defiance and Captain Augusta, and the Battle Barges Punisher and Redeemer

The original Badab War IA article specifically noted of the end of the fall of Badab "..only a contingent of some two hundred fought their way through the Exorcists blockade and escaped into deep space"

During their participation in the Third Armageddon War they deployed 12 companies ~ which sortof calls into question how they denote company using a colour.. and there is no info as to whether this comprised the entirety of the chapter.

The Emperors Shield IA noted that they were engaged in heavy fighting around the warp jump points in the Armageddon system in attempts to stem the flow of ork reinforcements to Armageddon, however they were also noted in EPIC Armageddon and Imperial Armour vol 2 as suffering notable losses on Armageddon itself when their Anti-Aircraft Whirlwinds failed to engage Ork Aircraft (they were using standard Whirlwinds fitted with AA Missiles rather than specialised Whirlwind Hyperii or Hunters).

19-10-2007, 15:04
What? I go on a vacation to Edinburgh for five days, and no one fills in for me in my self-appointed holy mission of pointing everyone who asks about fluff for semi-obscure Space Marine Chapters to the respective Lexicanum article? :p

Here (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Exorcists) you go. Every piece of published canon tends to end up on Lexicanum eventually. Sources are also listed.


EDIT: Note the link to a GW PDF listing Chapter Traits.

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Thanks to you both for the info and ill be sure to check out that link.

Thanks again. :)

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For some reason, I can imagine the conversation if the Grey Knights ever found out about the..erm...'unorthodox' recruitment practices.

Inq: Ah, Justicar, meet the Captain of the Exorcists company you'll be working with.

Justicar: An honour to meet you Captain.

Inq: Yes yes, of course. We've high hopes for this new Chapter against daemons. In particular, if the theories about posession are correct, they should be completely immune!

J: Most impressive. How did you achieve it - hypnotherapy, intense indoctrination?

Inq: um...well...actually we allowed them to be possessed and then we exorcised them.


Inq:Well, it was under very tight security and there was no way the daemon could get out. Actually I'm quite proud of what we've achieved. By the way, why are you loading your storm bolter?

J: Inquisitor, for the crimes of daemonancy and heresy to which you have confessed, I declare thee extremis diabolus and do sentence thee to death. May the Emperor have mercy on thy soul, corrupt and blackened as it is, for I will have none upon thy worthless carcass.

Inq Wha? No, wait, I'm an Inquisitor, you can't..*bang*.

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Short version: They're shake'n'bake Grey Knights. Grey Knights take a long time to train and produce, even by the standards of the Adeptus Astartes. Exorcists produce at the same rate as normal Marines. They possess high resistance to the daemonic, and boast improved combat abilities, especially versus daemons. Whether they were intended as a Radical answer to Grey Knights or Grey Knight support troops, to bolster their limited numbers, is up to you, the reader.