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Commander Lance
16-10-2007, 05:50
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the LATD having something in the Apoclyapse setting? I heard their was going to be a LATD datasheet in this book and was dispointed not to find one.

Plus, if one is not coming out how do people feel if I would just pretty much make datasheets of LATD using the list in the back of the Witch Hunter book?

16-10-2007, 06:17
I was wondering this myself.

16-10-2007, 06:26
There will probably be a datasheet online in the near future.

And if not: Apoc is about playing with your collection and gamers consent. SO talk to your buddies about how they feel if you use the WH variant. I wouldn't have a problem if anybody used the once official LatD list. You'd have to fiddle a bit to make the CSM champions working, but other than that it should work.

16-10-2007, 06:27
Wasn't there a rumor that they'd get a Datasheet? Something about "As long as you take 3 squads of mutants you can take..."

I dunno, I've not seen any confirmation, merely that rumor. >.<

16-10-2007, 07:09
The LATD datasheet will be either on the website or in white dwarf. Basically, it is new rules for mutants and when I asked about traitor guard, I was told to use IG and the mutant weapon/icon upgrades.

16-10-2007, 11:36
there is one, I have seen it. Thats all for the moment, check out the rumour section for new datasheets and i'll try and add some mroe info there when i can