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05-09-2005, 20:36
Like many people, I assume, most of my gaming group Have Morheim Warbands corresponding to our regular Warhammer armies (Chaos/Possesed - Skaven/Clan Eshin - Empire/Mercs - etc.) ... And we thought it'd be cool to be able to combine our campaigns so that we could include our Warbands as DoW regiment for our armies,

Just wondering if anyone has worked on using Mordheim warbands in regular games? - a lot of the rules transfer fairly easy but points cost can be tricky

Cheers for anyone's help...


Kensai X
05-09-2005, 21:35
Here's something close to what you want written by Raza...

Bringing Your Role Playing Group on to the Tabletop

In the rough and tumble lands of the Warhammer World, there are those who have fire in their heart and a thirst for high adventure. Many of these explorers and adventurers often form bands and set out on their own personal epic. These bands find lost treasures, explore forgotten ruins, and battle against unknown foes. Many do not live to tell their tale, but those that do return theirs are the sagas told in the taverns years to come.

0-1 Adventurer Band
Human Adventurer Points/Models: 13
Dwarf Adventurer Points/Models: 15
Elf Adventurer Points/Models: 18
Halfling Adventurer Points/Models: 10

M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
Human Adventurer 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 2 8
Dwarf Adventurer 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 2 8
Elf Adventurer 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 2 8
Hallfling Adventurer 4 3 4 2 2 1 5 2 8

Unit Size: 1 Ė 10 Models

Weapons and Armor: Hand Weapon and Light armor


∑ Every models must buy a class, Prices are listed below
∑ Any model may buy Experience (+1 to Wounds) for 5 points a model. If one model buys Experience, the other models do not have too.

Special Rules:
Heroes in there own right: Every model in the Adventurer Band counts as a Unit Champion.

Skirmishers: Adventurer Bands are not professional soldiers and they often fight in loose formations, to represent this, Adventurer Bands Skirmish as described in the Main Rulebook.

Mixed Unit: Adventurer Bands are made up of a mix of races, skills and armor. When an Adventurer Band takes fire from Missiles, like bow fire, Magic Missiles and so on, you work out the hits similar to the way you would determine the missile hits on a monster or a war machine. Since the Adventurer Band may, have different toughness values you want to randomize the shots based the amount of different toughness values you have in the unit. You would randomize the shots on a D6. A roll of 1-4 means the majority toughness is hit. On a roll of 5-6, the minority toughness is hit. In case there are two different Minority toughness roll another D6 to see which model is hit. If there is ever an equal number of toughness value or all the models in the band share the same toughness value, the controlling player chooses the model hit.

In hand to hand combat, the models in the enemy unit can only strike the Adventurers that are in base-to-base contact with the unit. If the Adventurer is slain, you remove the Adventurer from combat as causality and move an unengaged Adventurer to fill the fallen Adventurers space. In the case of Impact Hits, or excessive wounds, the wounds spill over on to the other models in the band, removing the Majority toughness first even if this is not the toughness of the slain Adventurer in base to base with the enemy unit.

Dogs Of War: Adventurer Band tend to fall in with what ever army happens to be near by, usually to get a free ride to their next adventure. To represent this Adventurer Bands can be hired by an Empire, High Elf, Wood Elf, Dwarf, Ogre Kingdoms or Bretonnia (even thou they are not normally allowed Dogs of War) army as a Rare Choice. A Dogs of War army may hire an Adventurer Band as a Special Choice.

NOTE: For all intents and purposes, the Band that includes a Dwarf Adventurer the whole Band will Hate Greenskins and if the Band includes a Elf Adventurer the whole Band will be Hated by the Dark Elves. (It is very difficult to tell the difference between Wood Eves and High Elves when they are in a mixed unit.)

Adventurer Classes
Every Adventurer comes from any occupation and social class that is in the Warhammer World, ranging from wealthy Nobles to lowly Cutpurse thieves. Every Class has two effects, one to the model and one to the unit. In addition, every class will have it own weapons and equipment that is rather characteristic to the class the model represents. You may only take one class per model, but you may have more then one of the same class in the unit, unless other wise stated.

The Warrior 8 Points per model
The most common Adventurer is the Warrior. The Warrior is stout fighter that has spent many years as a soldier, a mercenary, or as a pit fighter. These years has granted the Warrior heightened combat skills. The Adventurer that takes the Warrior Class may be equipped with a Great Weapon, Two Hand Weapons or a Shield and a Hand Weapon for no additional point cost. The Warrior gains a +1 to their Weapon Skill and Strength. Since the Warrior is a veteran of countless battles, his cool under fire allows the band to ignore the event happening around them, to represent this the Band is Immune to Panic as long as there is a Warrior in the Band.

0-1 The Wanderer 10 Points per model
The Wanderer is a very rare Adventurer. The Wanderer is mysterious figure that commands respect and awe with his very presence. Beings like Elvin Swordmasters, Dwarf Slayers, Dragon Monks, and Nipponese Samurai are mere example of what a wanderer could represent while he is traveling on their own personal mission. The Adventurer that takes the Wanderer Class is a warrior of unmatched skill the like of which is rarely seen, to represent this skill the Wanderer always hits and wounds on a 4+ and has a Ward Save of 5+. Having a Wanderer in the band has a hardening effect on the others in the band, to represent this effect the Wanderer counts as a Standard Bearer as long as he is with the Band.

The Rogue 6 Points per model
The Rogue is a dreadful product of the underlying world that lies just beneath the civilized world. Underworld figures like the Thief, the Assassin, the Bounty Hunter and the Highwayman are very dangerous in the urban element, but many are looking for that last big pay off so that they can escape from their life of darkness for one with a brighter horizon. The Adventurer that takes the Rogue Class carries two hand weapons and throwing knives, a Human or Dwarf may exchange the two hand weapons and throwing knives for a Pistol for no additional cost. The Rogue has become quite an expert at throwing knives over time, to represent this skill a Rogue that uses throwing knives has the Multiple Shot x 2 rule when shooting with their throwing knives. Rogues are very crafty and the Band benefits from the Rogueís Stealth skill, to represent this any enemy suffers a Ė1 to hit when shooting at the Band as long as there is a Rogue in the Band.

The Mystic 9 Points per model
The Mystic is another common Adventurer. Mystics are often looking for lost knowledge and forgotten texts that will help them grow their arcane powers. While a Mystic is not as powerful as a trained wizard, their meager skills allow then to become Enchanters, Alchemists, Illusionists, and Hedge Magicians. Some Mystics that show they have talent try to become a Wizardís Apprentice or attend a Collage of Magic in the Empire. The Adventurer that takes the Mystic Class is not a wizard and they use their powers through items and parchments, to represent this he counts as being equipped with Throwing Knives and a Hand Weapon. At the beginning of both of the playerís turns, the Mystic must decide whether he wants his attacks or thrown attacks to be Magical, Flaming, Poisonous, or Armor Piecing. All the Mystics in the group must choose the same kind of attack. Many Band members are very happy to have a Mystic among them because of his magical/ healing skills, meager as they are, to represent this, once per battle one member of the Band may re-roll one failed armor save. You may have one Re-roll per Mystic.

The Noble 8 Points per model
The Noble is a well off member of their society. The Noble joins Adventurer Bands mostly to play hero or go treasure hunting. The Noble is often an Aristocratís or a Merchantís son or daughter that is looking to rebel against their parents or their social status. The Adventurer that takes the Noble Class wears a suit of Heavy Armor and may carry one of the fallowing exotic weapons in place of his hand weapon: Cathayan Longsword (+1 WS, +1 I, Armor Piercing) + 5 Points, Cavalry Hammer (Counts as Halberd) + 4 points, or a Rapier (+1 to save in close combat) +3 points. In addition, the Noble may have his weapons Enchanted (Counts as Fiery and Magical attacks) or Envenomed (Poisonous attacks) for an additional 5 points. Do to the wealth of the Noble; the Band does not need to worry about supplies. To represent this lack of worry, the Band count as having a Leadership of 9 as long as there is a Noble in the Band.

The Ranger 6 Points per model
The Ranger is a child of the land and knows the wilderness like the back of his hand. Trackers, Scouts, and Game Wardens are also serving as Rangers in the wilderness of which they live. The Adventurer that takes the Ranger Class is equipped with a bow and a hand weapon. A Dwarf Ranger carries a Crossbow in place of a bow for no additional cost. A Human Ranger may exchange his bow for a crossbow for 5 additional points. The Ranger gains a +1 to their Ballistic Skill and can move and shoot with out penalty when armed with a Bow. A Ranger armed with a Crossbow may move and shoot, but normal rules apply (IE. Ė1 to hit for Moving and Shooting). To represent the Rangerís knowledge of the land, the Band may Scout. Since this ability is used prior to the start of the battle, it cannot be lost during the course of the game.

Kensai X
05-09-2005, 21:36
The Zealot 7 Points per model
The Zealot is warrior of their god and uses their faith as a weapon. Be it a Paladin, Witch Hunter, Cleric, Shaman or a Warrior Priest in their zealous pursuit of their gods will. This goal drives them body and mind to stand at the gates of hell, when the rational man would run. The Adventurer that takes the Zealot Class may be equipped with a Great Weapon, Two Hand Weapons or a Shield and a Hand Weapon for no additional point cost. The Human or Dwarf Zealot may exchange their weapons for a Hand Weapon and a Pistol for 5 additional points. The Zealot focuses his faith through his weapons to deliver their godís will on the heathen they are fighting, to represent this all of the Zealotís attacks and Pistol Shots count as Magical Attacks. A Zealotís faith is so strong that it can protect the Band from the forces of darkness, to represent this the Band has a Magic Resistance (1) as long as there is a Zealot in the Band.

The Technologist 10 Points per model
The Technologist is person that seeks enlightenment through invention and discovery, instead of though magic. These Engineers, Inventers, Clockwork Machinists, and Geniuses search for ancient machines and/or new testing ground for their crazy gadgets when they travel. The Technologist Class can only be given to a Dwarf or Human Adventurer. The Technologist may be equipped with a Hand Weapon and a Handgun or a Brace of Pistols. The Technologist has modified his equipment in some way or another, to represent this modification roll a D6 before the start of the game.

1-2 Rapid Fire: The Technologist now gains Multiple Shot x 3 on his Handgun or Pistols.

3-4 Wonder Cutter: The Technologistís Hand Weapon has been modified to cut through armor, now all of his attacks in close combat count as Armor Piercing attacks.

5-6 Blunderbuss: The Technologist has changed their Handgun in to a Blunderbuss, and it now fallows all of the rules for Grapeshot (found in the cannon section in the main rulebook. In case of a misfire, the Technologist is slain).

The Technologist can Move and Shoot with their weapons. Do to the Technologist knowledge of mathematics they are able to save the Band form a shot from a cannon or a Stone Thrower, to represent this ability the Band has a 5+ Ward Save against all template weapons, Cannons, Bolt throwers, and other artillery as long as there is a Technologist in the Band.

The Entertainer 6 Points per model
The Entertainer is a traveler that knows no borders, a jack-of-all-trades, a guest of Lords and peasants alike. Beings like Bards, Musicians, Actors, Jesters, Dancers and Gypsies find they often as comfortable in the court of a powerful count or duke as they are in the tavern on the corner. The Adventurer that takes the Entertainer Class counts as being equipped with Two Hand Weapons. The Entertainer will use their skills to distract the enemy; to represent this skill one enemy unit with in 8" of the Entertainer must take a Stupidity test at the start of the opponents turn. This skill has no effect on any model that is Immune to Psychology. The enemy unit only needs to test once a turn for each Entertainer in the Band. The skills of the Entertainer can also have a rallying effect on the other members in the band, to represent this the Entertainer counts as a Musician as long their with the Band.