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The Black Knight
05-09-2005, 21:38
I am playing a 3,000 point seige battle against Khermi and Beastmen

I have decided to take Kroak and two units of saurus cavalry. Where I play they allow to substitute models for other ones eg. Bat swarms for Tomb swarms (one of them uses a garden tortoise for a scraplauncher!)

Could you give any advice? :confused:

06-09-2005, 07:34
if you are the attacker then the saurus cav is not going to do much good. they will have a hard time ever reaching combat, unless you do manage to knock down a wall with Kroak. And Kroak really is to many points. a 2nd gen slann will be just as useful to you while not eating up 1/3 of your points.
the regular saurus would be a good choice for storming walls. all those attacks will mean you actually hit something. A siege tower or 2 could posibly let you sweep the walls clear.
Terradons to eat those skull catapalts.
stay away from salamanders if you want to keep it a fun game. the auto hits are just silly when someone relies on that hard cover and pays half is army to get it. they just clear the walls to easily.

07-09-2005, 00:01
I believe in having at least one backup plan if at all possible.

To that end I'd suggest taking one unit of Salamander Hunting Packs - whether you take one, two or three is up to you. They're the only reliable thing Lizards have to make enemy archers or defenders keep their heads down, and said attackers will get at least one round of shooting in before the Salamander Packs come up. Plus the Khemri defenders can get put back together if all of them aren't wiped out - and I very rarely wipe out a complete unit with Salamanders when that complete unit isn't a wounded Ogre or a few Elfs. I'd also ditch the Saurus Cavalry in favor of Kroxigor - they won't do much to the walls, but they could easily plow through the gate. Terradon Riders can fly over the walls and make nuisances of themselves - don't leave home without at least one unit of them.

07-09-2005, 03:19
Kroxigors are the king for this stuff. At strength 7 (5+2) they can cary a battering ram or push a siege tower, this is good. Also, a skink screen can protect them. Causing fear is nice too.

07-09-2005, 20:13
Well, as the numpty can't explain himself, I'll give you some details of the battle.

This is part of an ongoing Lustria campaign, in which the fortress at Hexoatl is under the control of 1,500 points of beastmen, but has simultaneously come under attack by 3000 points worth of Lizardmen AND 3000 points of Khermi. It is NOT a combined force but a 3 way battle, with the winner storming the castle.

In theory Baldrick has to either concentrate on taking the castle, destroying the Tomb Kings, or using a split strategy. His 'plan' was to rely on Ruination of Cities and other Slann magics via a skink priest with a cloak of feathers, and maybe a unit of terradons to break the defending force, while diverting much of his other forces toward the scallywags.

07-09-2005, 21:26
And Kroak really is to many points. a 2nd gen slann will be just as useful to you while not eating up 1/3 of your points.
Have you even read Kroak's rules? he's designed for seiges!!!

08-09-2005, 15:36
while it is a very good spell it also scatters. you may miss walls with it. and he just does not leave much room in the rest of your army. think how much you could do with the 400+ points you save by getting the very powerful 2nd gen slann. that is enough room for an oldblood to clear walls and beasts and you would still have a very powerful magic phase.
also as a 3 way battle there will be alot of dispell dice floating around on your turn as well as scrolls. he might not even get to cast the spell you are paying 400pnt for.

08-09-2005, 22:12
Here's a hint I learned playing a seige today: Steed of Shadows + killy character = Fun.

The Black Knight
09-09-2005, 22:13
Hello me here lost the battle your advice was great. The slaan's spells were dispelled, terrodons got shot and Kroxigors got beat by chariots(the kroxigors failed to do any damage!!) Beastmen won in the end

10-09-2005, 02:19
I think that you may have been trying to do too many things at once. Perhaps you should have picked one style and stuck with it. When I played a siege with Lizardmen (against VC) I begged borrowed and stole as many Krox models as I could find. I had 16 (4x4) units on the battle. I gave them screens and they smashed down the opponents walls like they were tinder. So I didn't have any terradons or cavalry, but all I wanted them for was to beat down those walls so that my large units of saurus warriors could run them through when I got in. Krox are str7 and should smash those chariots to bits.

The Black Knight
10-09-2005, 10:24
I know they should but I think I was rolling a D1

White Tiger
10-09-2005, 20:45
Here's what I use for seige games.
The beast alone is at least 600 pts. and can't really be used in a game of less than 3000 pts.

11-09-2005, 05:45
you could also just have it count as a very cool siege tower.

although that is less fun then having a T-Rex eating guys on the walls.

White Tiger
11-09-2005, 18:07
Thats why it's made to do both heh. ;)